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The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Spoilers, & News Updates

HBO has given another new horror-comedy series to their fans, and HBO revealed the new series, The Baby, in 2022. And, after a lengthy wait, the series is about to air, so HBO viewers are interested in the release date and other details regarding The Baby’s latest series.

So, for the fans who have been looking for information on The Baby series, we have produced this article, and this page will provide all of the necessary details on HBO’s most recent series, The Baby.

The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Synopsis

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The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Quick Info

The Baby Season 1 Episode 6

  • Season: The Baby
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • Total Episode: 8 (Season 1)
  • Episode: 6
  • Episode Title: The Rage
  • Writer: Lucy Gaymer
  • Director: Faraz Shariat
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Producer(S): Katie Carpenter, Naomi De Pear
  • Music: Lucrecia Dalt
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: 24 Apr. 2022 (S01 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired: 22 May 2022 (S01 EP05)
  • Next Episode tobe Aired On: 29 May 2022 (S01 EP06)
  • Available On: HBO Max

What Is The Baby Season 1’s Storyline?

Natasha, 38,’s life of doing what she wants, when she wants, changes abruptly when she suddenly becomes a mother. Natasha’s world is turned upside down by the infant, who is intimidating, deceitful, and violent. What is the origin of this? What is it attempting to achieve? How far will Natasha have to go to restore her life? She has no desire to have a child. The infant is pursuing her.

What Happened In The Baby’s Previous Episode?

The Baby, Episode 5

As Natasha and Mrs. Eaves remain imprisoned in Barbara’s summer solstice ritual, details of the baby’s complicated past, relationship with Mrs. Eaves, and tragic journey to Natasha are gradually revealed.

Spoiler for The Baby Season 1 Episode 6

Natasha, Bobbi, and Mrs. Eaves are all desperate to flee the Jupiter House, but their efforts are hampered by the chaos and destruction created by the other children who have suddenly become possessed. Later, Bobbi finally receives the long-awaited call from the social worker.


What can viewers anticipate from the new series The Baby?

Fans have been waiting for so many days to understand what the plotline of the series The Baby will be, and now the day has finally arrived when you can learn about the series The Baby.

The mysterious Baby with controlling and violent powers enters Natasha’s life in the series The Baby. Natasha’s life changes after that, despite the fact that Natasha does not want the Baby. She must continue to be with the Baby since the Baby desires Natasha.

The new HBO series has an interesting premise, and fans will like watching this horror-comedy show. With its unique premise, the series also includes an incredible cast of actors with exceptional acting abilities.

When Will The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Be Released? (Date of Publication)

The Baby is now running. There have been 5 episodes released thus far. More Episodes are being prepared at the same time. The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 will be released on May 29, 2022.

Characters From The Baby Season 1

The Baby, a new HBO series, is now available to watch online. Michelle de Swarte, who will be seen playing Natasha, who unintentionally finds up with the Baby in the series, will be featured in the latest season of The Baby.

And Natasha’s younger sister Bobbi, who is played by actress Amber Grappy. Patrice Naiambana will play Natasha’s father, and Albie Hills and Arthur Hills will play the BabyBaby with mysterious powers that dramatically changes Natasha’s life.

The Baby Season 1 Review And Rating


If you have never seen the series and are interested about its quality, I can assure you that it is rather nice! 5.6 /10 is a decent IMDb rating, while the show has an 80 percent average audience rating on Rottentomatoes. So, yes, this show is in my book. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, read what others had to say about it after you.


Based on the first two episodes alone, I am utterly smitten with this show! One of my favorite genres is comedy/horror, and this show is excellent!! There are a few jump scares, but nothing is excessive. The lead actress is very hilarious!! I’m looking forward to the following week. They should have released at least two or three episodes to get things started, but whatever.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in The Baby Season 1?

The first season of The Baby premiered on April 24, 2022, with the opening episode, “The Arrival,” and HBO has confirmed that the new horror-comedy series The Baby will have eight episodes in season 1.

Where Can You Keep an Eye on the Baby?

The Baby’s original network channel is HBO, so fans can simply watch every episode of Baby on HBO, which will be played every Sunday beginning April 24, 2022. In addition, audiences may watch all of the BabyBaby episodes on the OTT channel Disney Hotstar.

Is Season 1 of The Baby worth watching?

“The Baby,” an HBO Max horror-comedy, was recently released. The story was written by Lucy Gaymer. This series’ narrative is entertaining and enticing to watch. This show’s actors are also giving it their best and working really hard. The first episode of this series is fast-paced and rapidly connects you to the remainder of the series. HBO Max has returned after a long hiatus with a series of this type. As a result, it’s absolutely worth a look.

Is a trailer for The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 available?

There is currently no The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 trailer available, however the developers have released The Baby Season 1 trailer. The trailer is available on our website.


HBO has provided their fans some of the most great shows, and The Baby will be one of them. The Baby series has only recently begun and will have many more seasons in the coming years.

So, if you want to know whether HBO’s new series The Baby will be renewed for another season, be sure to keep checking our website. If you want to learn more about the popular series, check out the other articles on our website Thiruttuvcd.

Frequently Ask Questions About The Baby Season 1 Episode 6

1) When will The Baby episode 6 be released?

The Baby’s fifth episode, “The Rage,” will be released on May 29, 2022.

2) How many episodes will there be in The Baby’s first season?

The Baby’s first season will consist of eight episodes.

3) Where can I see the TV show The Baby?

The new series The Baby is available on Disney Hotstar.

4) What genre is the series The Baby?

The news show The Baby is in the horror-comedy genre.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 30 min


TMDb: 6.9


The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Spoilers, & News Updates
The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Spoilers, & News Updates
The Baby Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Spoilers, & News Updates


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