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As the Crow Flies Ending Explained

‘As the Crow Flies’ (formerly ‘Kus Uçusu’) is a Turkic original corporate thriller series created by Meriç Acemi that delves at the ever-changing nature of truth in a world governed by social media. Using the forest as a metaphor, the story follows a bird of prey as she watches a bunch of lions before capturing her meal. She catches up to them by any means necessary. After an accidental meeting with legendary news caster Lale Kiran, Asli lands a job as an intern at the renowned news agency MON5, quickly rising to the top. Personal and professional life converge in the plot, but you must be stunned after what happened in the last minutes of the first season. If that’s the case, let’s decode the image. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Season 1 Recap of As the Crow Flies

Asli Tuna, an aspiring journalist and hoaxer, meets Lale Kiran, the face of the news channel MON5 and the host of its TRP magnet program “The Other Side,” during a lecture session. Lale walks to the restroom, keeping an eye on her assistant. To spend some time with Lale in the restroom, Asli pretends to be pregnant. However, Lale tells Asli to pursue the news rather than the news anchor. As a result, Asli goes to the MON5 office, her ambition intact. She is in fortunate because the company is accepting internship applications. The last man standing in training will make the team.

Despite the fact that Asli does not have an appointment, she enters the internship. While the other interns are speaking with a subordinate member on the team, Asli discovers Muge, the editor-in-office. chief’s Asli feigns meeting Muge at the Venice Film Festival after learning about her presence on social media. In exchange, she receives a hands-on project. Asli does not waste time making her presence known within the company. Meanwhile, Lale speaks with dismissed factory worker Nuri. Nuri, drunk and agitated, hollers a gun on live television while Kenan keeps the camera rolling. Lale, on the other hand, uses a soothing tone to bring the heated situation under control.

When Lale becomes a social media sensation, Asli spews venom on her various social media handles, labeling the affair a marketing scam. The interns encounter the company’s major guns in the following episode. Kenan, the network’s star, is a close buddy of Kenan, the producer. They were in a relationship till Lale married Selim and had two beautiful daughters. In flashbacks, Muge, the editor-in-chief, and Lale were close friends before Lale became famous.

Muge no longer expresses genuine emotions, despite the fact that she is a lower-level employee at the corporation. Lale and Kenan’s contracts are going to expire at the channel. Kenan invites rival media channel owner Faruk Sirmaoglu to Lale’s party to put pressure on CEO Gul. Gul is irritated by the strategy, and reminds Lale that she can only join Faruk after three years because of her brave decision to keep the camera running despite the presence of a pistol in the studio. The case is a breach of contract.

Guliz, the daughter of a company stakeholder, is optimistic about her chances. But Asli hooks her up with the cameraman, and she is relieved once her photo with the cameraperson was leaked on the internet. Asli secures a permanent position in the organization after clearing the field. Meanwhile, a Twitter account called Busbus is spreading misinformation about the group. Kenan has a brief contact with Eda, an office staff. Asli spreads the word that Sinan Boyatli’s boat, a famous actor, has caught fire in Amalfi.

The news travels quickly, but Lale denies saying it on TV before admitting it. Asli comes to Lale’s aid, linking her to the performer himself, who assures the audience that he is well. In the following episode, Asli plots to get rid of Ozge, Lale’s assistant. Despite her impending nuptials, Ozge agrees to pick up the prime-time news from an informant. Ozge quickly leaves, leaving the pen drive on Muge’s table.

Asli takes up the drive right away. When Muge asked the team to view the video stream, she would drop the storage device on Lale’s Americano, experiencing goosebumps. Asli instructs her new boyfriend Yusuf to remove the film, and Yusuf pulls some strings. Ozge had a car accident after being dismissed, leaving him in the hospital. She is keen to meet Lale, but Asli will not let it. Asli remains Lale’s secretary for the time being, as her jealousy approaches a peak. Asli spreads rumors about her and Kenan in order to break up Lale and Selim. Lale believes Asli is onto something.

Season 1 of As the Crow Flies concludes with Asli becoming the new news anchor

For the most of the first season, Asli imagined herself as someone important. When Lale confronts Asli in the locker room, she reveals her true colors. Even Yusuf cannot agree with Asli’s evil tactics, and Asli goes on to have a nocturnal affair with Kenan. Kenan is eager to have a physical meeting with Asli after recovering from Lale’s subtle rejection. However, when Asli suggests that they are a thing the next morning, Kenan shoves her aside and even fires her.

After Asli pays a visit to Lale at her home, the jealousy explodes into an actual fistfight. Lale sends Asli to the Ankara news office as a reporter while concealing the occurrence from her husband. In an unexpected change of events, Asli is summoned to the MON5 headquarters by Gul, who has a proposal for Asli. Asli expresses a desire to take Lale’s place this time, and Gul agrees. Asli’s first act after being reinstated in the organization is to strike a contract with Muge.

Muge, who feels neglected within the firm, is also eager to work with Asli. The editor-in-chief gathers her crew late at night at the workplace for a covert mission to disseminate bogus news. The news of a blunder in the justice department could be damaging to the government, especially after the release of an incriminating document. However, during the broadcast, Lale learns that the news is false and apologizes to the viewers. She also mentions that things are about to change around the office.

What is Asli’s talent? Is Asli choking?

In the series conclusion, Asli is introduced as the new news anchor. She takes Lale’s position on stage. Asli may appear to be untalented, but she possesses exceptional social engineering abilities. She has the ability to infiltrate the pores of the fabric and turn the structure on its head, which speaks volumes about the natural human will for survival in a social Darwinist environment. She is a brilliant manipulator and hacker, and when she is insane, she may get to the top by using deception. On the other hand, Lale, who is burdened by her conscience as well as the stress of being someone in the world, must maintain a system around her.

Asli feels like she’s being stalked in the jungle as she faces the camera. Asli has risen to the top of an unjust world with little genuine work, and the foundations are shaky. She must also be haunted with guilt for assaulting Lale in the latter’s own house. Furthermore, she must be upset because Lale’s TV testimony against her ten-year-old colleagues has garnered her a lot of fans. As a result, while Lale has the instinctive confidence that comes with her impressive resume, Asli has nothing but her fight or flight instinct. As a result, when the camera rolls, Asli chokes and stiffens. While the cliffhanger keeps us hoping for a second season, we also hope that Asli recovers. It will be interesting to observe how Asli’s career develops while we wait to see if Lale returns to her position.

Is Lale Leaving The Company?

Finally, it is unknown whether Lale will leave the company. However, as a prior monologue preaches, the greats know when they are about to collapse. Lale may be able to anticipate her own demise, especially in the absence of Kenan from the office. As we already know, their contracts are soon to expire, and Gul has the right to renew them. Because lions do not fight among themselves, Gul may be able to get along with Lale by keeping her company. She may be demoted as a result of the breakout, while Asli will have the final say in the office in her crucial job. In a third scenario, despite what the haters say, Lale may go ahead and start her own business.

As the Crow Flies Ending Explained
As the Crow Flies Ending Explained


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