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Baby Fever Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Nikolaj Feifer and Amalie Naesby Fick collaborated to produce the Danish-original medical drama series ‘Baby Fever’ (‘Skruk’), which is based on a bizarre and perplexing premise. Nana, a fertility doctor, inseminates herself with sperm in the story. Nana tries to remain calm and live in denial following the hospital’s sperm bank break-in. Nana eying former loves and prospects together pushes the story even further off the cliff. Despite its dense and intricate plot, the Netflix original series received plaudits for its humorous script and colorful characters. After witnessing the first season’s hopeful finale, you have to wonder if a sequel is in the works. Allow us to spill the beans in that scenario.

Release Date for Baby Fever Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Baby Fever’ aired on Netflix worldwide on June 8, 2022. The first season contains six episodes ranging in length from 27 to 33 minutes. Let’s talk about the potential for a sophomore season now.

The official network has said nothing about a possible second season. Netflix typically takes two to three months to observe viewership engagement. With a sad mood and a strange premise, the series entices audiences both inside and outside of Denmark. Following the conclusion, various story arcs remain unexplored. As a result, a second season of the Scandinavian medical drama is a distinct possibility. If Netflix renews the series by fall 2022, we can expect season 2 to release in summer 2024.

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Who Could Be in Baby Fever Season 2?

If the show returns for another season, practically all of the core cast members could reprise their roles. Nana will most likely be played by Josephine Park, with Olivia Joof Lewerissa playing Simone. Charlotte Munck (Helle), Mikael Birkkjr (Niels-Anders), Tammi st (Lise Lacour, Nana’s mother), Lui Bernburg (Bastian), Thomas Levin (Jannick), and Morten Jrgensen are among the other notable faces (Carsten). There could be more newcomers, but we can’t go any farther without an official announcement.

What Is the Plot of Baby Fever Season 2?

The entropy of the situation reaches an extreme at the end of the first season, resulting in a butterfly effect. In the end, Simone has give up her career to accommodate Nana’s “break-in.” However, Simone soon finds that Nana was the one who took the sperm from the bank. Simone comes across a tube with the initials M. Dahl written on it, which can only refer to one individual. Meanwhile, Nana’s ex-boyfriend, Mathias, visits her one last time before going for Guatemala. Nana admits to Helle that it was her fault, as she knows she has lost her most valued buddy in the commotion. Nana goes to Simone’s house after reconciling with her mother and requests an apology.

The proposed second season might continue the tale from the end of the first, possibly with a time jump. The story might begin with the birth of Nana’s child, as you know she decides to keep the child. It would also be thrilling to follow a character like Nana through the ordeal of childbirth. We’ll also see if Simone gets the job back after Nana abruptly promises her that she has it. We’ll see if Nana returns to the hospital after accepting responsibility for the media backlash and leaving the premises. Nana may be required to return to work following her maternity leave, at the request of her patients and coworkers. Meanwhile, we hope that Nana finds her life’s purpose in the next second season.

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TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 35 min


TMDb: 8


Baby Fever Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?
Baby Fever Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?


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