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The Royal Treatment Ending Explained

Who hasn’t fantasized about their very own Prince Charming riding in on a noble steed and sweeping them off their feet? After all, this common rom-com stereotype is ingrained in many people’s brains, and while we may not like to acknowledge it in front of a large crowd, some of us have fantasized about what it would be like to be a member of a country’s governing monarchy. ‘The Royal Treatment,’ on the other hand, traverses familiar ground while updating the story for a new age.

When Izzy, a New York City hairdresser, crosses paths with the Lavanian Prince, sparks do not fly. However, when she is hired to work for the royal wedding, the two discover parts of each other they were unaware of. The two realize their genuine sentiments amid the luscious fields of the castle and the harshness of the Uber de Gleise. Will Prince Thomas, however, be able to forego his duty in the name of love? So, we’ve arrived with the answers. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the Royal Treatment Plot

Izzy is a hairstylist who adores her neighborhood and hopes to see the world eventually. She does so by working at her mother’s salon. While in New York, Prince Thomas instructs his valet Walter to schedule a haircut for him. Fate has other ideas, and instead of phoning Belle, a renowned salon in town, Walter contacts Izzy, who offers to cut the prince’s hair for $500. But when Thomas fails to defend a hotel employee, Izzy storms out. To make amends for his bad behavior, he pays a visit to Izzy at the salon, which develops a friendship between the two.

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As a result, when no famous hairstylist is available for the royal wedding, Walter considers bringing Izzy and her crew along. As a result, they decide to visit the Prince’s hometown of Lavania. Thomas and Izzy spend more time together, and even Thomas’ fiancée, Lauren, is unprepared for marriage. However, Lauren’s wealthy father is substantially investing in the country, and the King and Catherine do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Will Thomas, as a prince, rise to the occasion, or will he follow his genuine heart’s desire?

Do Thomas and Izzy End Up Together in The Royal Treatment?

When Ruth LaMott exposes images of Thomas and Izzy casually flirting to the public, the Lavanian monarchs do damage management and order Walter to terminate Izzy immediately. Despite Lauren and Thomas’ reservations about the marriage, Thomas’ parents inform him that they are on the verge of bankruptcy and that the LaMotts’ money is required to save the monarchy. As a result, he chooses to set aside his personal concerns and do what is best for his country.

However, as Thomas prepares for his wedding, Walter tells him of a guy whom the personal valet once loved: Richard. Walter describes how, as a small-town boy who did things no one could have predicted, he had to give up on Richard and their love. However, after receiving all of the world’s material comforts, Walter felt as though it was all for nought because he had no one to share it with. He warns Thomas not to make the same mistake, especially because his parents are adults who will figure out how to get themselves out of the problem they have caused for themselves.

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Meanwhile, back in New York, Izzy finally tells her mother that she no longer wants to be a hairdresser and will instead work as the director of the local community center, something her mother is not happy about but understands. As Izzy steps out onto the balcony, she sees her hero in shining armor riding a horse, similar to the memory of her father she had with Thomas. As he expresses his love for her in Italian, her loved ones express their delight at the couple’s union. They then bike off in a group to buy some gelato.

As a result, at the end of the film, it is clear that Izzy and Thomas are in a relationship. Thomas’ huge romantic gesture speaks volumes about his love for Izzy, and, ironically, she only acquires the courage to follow her heart’s desire – to care for the local children through the community center – after she loses her job in Lavania. It is also evident that the two are not merely compromising to keep people happy, which is exactly what Thomas and Lauren would have done if their marriage had gone through.

Thomas and Izzy have taken agency for their own actions by going through a hard patch but not losing up on their aspirations – something Thomas even emphasizes in the film when he advises Izzy to “be the change” she wishes to see in the world. Furthermore, Thomas recognizes that he has control over the course of his life. It’s very likely that the Prince will move to New York permanently and assist his girlfriend in running the community center, at least for a while. He may also utilize his power, position, and privilege to improve the lives of Izzy’s loved ones, such as her mother and the salon. But for the time being, the fact that the two have chosen each other suffices.

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The Royal Treatment Ending Explained
The Royal Treatment Ending Explained
The Royal Treatment Ending Explained
The Royal Treatment Ending Explained
The Royal Treatment Ending Explained


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