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F*ck Love Too Ending Explained

To serve its tasty dish, the Dutch-original romantic comedy film ‘F*ck Love Too’ (‘Fck de Liefde 2’) foregoes travel drama, ‘Sex and the City’ type chick flick, and a feel-good attire. The Netflix original film was directed by Appie Boudellah and Aram van de Rest. The film attempts to convey the concept of love from several perspectives while covering several story arcs. While some embrace the new while rejecting the old, others attempt to make their long-term relationship work. While some of the jokes are still incorrect, the varied cast makes the celebration worthwhile. If you want to get a better look at the film’s ending, let us break it down for you. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Plot Synopsis for F*ck Love Too

After a few scenes from Jim and Lisa’s extensive global trip, the film begins with Omie’s funeral. Said mixes up the USB after dropping the phone into Omie’s casket. As a result, he ends up playing a video of Said and Bo having a hot date. Bo breaks up with Said after the mishap. Meanwhile, Lisa introduces us to new individuals, including Angela, Kiki, Cindy, and Jack. Jack ends up with Cindy after cheating on Lisa and impregnating her. Jack departs from his other consort, Monica, to attend the burial. Lisa objects to his presence.

Lisa also runs across Noah, an old school friend who, according to Kiki, looks like a snack. Noah owns a resort in Ibiza, Spain, and he invites the women to spend their vacation there. Kiki is looking forward to her bachelorette party after her engagement. As a result, Kiki, Angela, and Lisa embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Ibiza. They encounter some difficulties at first, as the cabbie removes Lisa’s luggage when she bargains for a lower fare.

Noah offered to bring them up at the airport, but Lisa rejected. Despite the fact that she is missing her suitcase, Lisa is determined to find love and settle down with Mr. Right. While Said tries to persuade Bo to give him another chance, Jack must choose between Monica and Cindy, both of whom are expecting. Angela meets Javier, who turns out to be a sex worker. Kiki, on the other hand, reconsiders her decision to marry and take the enormous jump.

F*ck Love Too Ending: Will Bo and Said Reunite?

Because of the dynamic of both characters, the story arc of Bo and Said remains one of the most memorable in the film. Said is a good-hearted husband who looks after his family, yet he makes too many mistakes. As a result, when Said unintentionally plays the sex tape instead of Omie’s slideshow, it appears to be the final string for Bo. As a result, Said must bid farewell to his 11-year affair with Bo. Said ends up in Jack’s circle after the break-up, and shenanigans ensue.

Given Jack’s difficult existence, full of falsehoods and challenges, Said is more willing to set things right with Bo. Said has even agreed to attend couples counselling with Bo. Meanwhile, Bo’s company has recruited Mooie Max, a rap artist with experience working with youngsters. Max expresses his affections for Bo by kissing her in front of a parking lot. Although Bo dissuades Max after the kiss, the moment is captured by a paparazzi reporter. Later, Jack presents the photo to Said, implying that Bo has moved on.

Said, on the other hand, is willing to give Bo the benefit of the doubt and proceed with the therapy session. As Said’s therapy advances, Bo permits him to enjoy lunch with the family twice a week. Meanwhile, on Jack’s advice, Said sends an unsolicited dick image to the therapist, who happens to be a lesbian. Later that night, they break into the therapist’s residence and attempt to remove the photo. The drill goes horribly wrong. To make matters worse, Jack kisses a police officer and is arrested.

During the weekend, Said visits Bo, who is gradually won over by Said’s beliefs. Max, who also comes to dine with the family, must go to the hospital due to an allergic reaction. When both Cindy and Monica are admitted to the hospital for births at the same time, chaos ensues. Jack tries to pass Said off as Monica’s father, but subsequently admits the truth. Bo invites Said back to the house after being impressed with his calm handling of the incident. As a result, we conclude that they will end up together.

What happens to Lisa?

Lisa has a number of suitors in her life. Lisa has an affair with Jim after breaking up with Jack under dubious circumstances. They travel the world, from Brazil to Italy, but Lisa eventually breaks up with Jim. Lisa meets Noah at the burial, and another relationship blooms. Lisa and Noah flames fly when they arrive at the Ibiza resort. They become intimate, but Lisa remains skeptical. Lisa has learned from a tarot reader that she is on the verge of a storm before things return to normal. Her life is at a crossroads, but she may choose gold over the diamond.

Lisa somehow finds Jim in the hotel after the tarot reading. Jim arrives with an offering of affection, and they kiss. However, Lisa soon returns to Noah, who has built elaborate decorations in order to win Lisa’s heart. Jim leaves the resort after noticing Noah kissing Lisa. Lisa runs into Jim again at the hospital, where he is starting his residency. Lisa eventually decides to take a chance on Jim after he assists with the delivery of Cindy and Monica’s babies. As a result, of all the suitors, Lisa’s connection with Jim appears to be the strongest. We can deduce that Lisa ends up with Jim after they share their farewell kiss beside a cliff.

Will Angela and Javier get together?

Angela and Javier form another story thread in the vast love drama. Javier, the owner of a beachside bar, flirts with Angela by offering her an unique cocktail called “screaming orgasm.” For those who are curious, it is a real cocktail made with milk, Irish cream, and vodka. The cocktail inspires the duo to have a wild affair. The issue arises when Angela learns from Kiki that Javier is a gigolo, or a sex hire. Kiki lavished him with cash in order to entice Angela.

Javier is busy seducing another older woman when the discovery occurs. Angela no longer finds it cute after the exposition. Even when Javier admits to Angela that he needs to perform a second job to keep the bar open, Angela cannot stand the notion that he is a sex worker. The police, ironically, arrest Angela when she is hunting for a cab, thinking her of being a woman of the night. Kiki then gets way too drunk worried about her desire to settle down and ends up on the beach with Javier.

Jim comes across them on the beach, but Javier assures him that they didn’t get it on because Kiki was too inebriated. Angela returns the next morning after spending the night in jail, and Noah is chastised by the cops. Finally, it appears that Javier has left the job, as he spills the beans to Angela. She is relieved to learn that he has received the loan. Angela agrees to meet Javier next week, and the happy conclusion leads us to believe that they will end up together.

F*ck Love Too Ending Explained
F*ck Love Too Ending Explained


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