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Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar?

For Netflix, Ben Harris crafted the fascinating, slow-burning Nordic noir police drama series ‘Young Wallander.’ Despite being a loose predecessor to Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander books, the detective series is a modern-day reimagining. The second season begins immediately after the conclusion of the first, with young Kurt remaining low-key in the aftermath of Hemberg’s death. He even considers leaving the serious crimes team, but Frida Rask forces him to reassess his options. Frida is concerned about a new hit-and-run case as new head Osei begins his tenure. Wallander believes the mystery is simple, but should he judge a book by its cover? If you’re still haunted by the closing minutes, let us go into the case files. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Young Wallander Season 2

Kurt considers quitting his employment following the death of Hemberg in the first episode of the series. Senior investigator Frida Rask, on the other hand, manages to get him out of his cocoon for a case. What appears to be a conventional hit-and-run scenario becomes increasingly complicated as the storey delves deeper into the rabbit hole. The cops find his name thanks to the kindness of a girl named Katja. Anton Nyberg, a middle-aged ex-convict, was the deceased. However, Anton Nyberg is shown to be an alias for Elias Fagar, a 14-year-old child who completed an eight-year prison sentence. Frida Rask, in her very first case, was the one who placed him behind jail.

Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar? - ThiruttuVCD

To get a better look at the murder, the cops uncover a camera from the club in the front. Katja clearly spoke with the perpetrator before going to Elias, and she may have had a hand in the murder. Kurt recognises a police car in the footage and follows it, knowing that the vehicle is a forgery. Meanwhile, someone discloses the footage to the media, prompting Reza to suspect insider participation. In Frida’s evaluation, however, another footage from the case from eight years ago resurfaces. Frida appears violent in the video when he refers to a 16-year-old Soren as a “monster.” Soren, on the other hand, believes Moberg deserved it, and he appears calm in his mood. Jurgen Moberg, a swimming instructor, died in the school sauna in the first occurrence.

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Despite the fact that Moberg appears to be more than clean, a saint, more research exposes a whole different demeanour. When Kurt hints that the truth may be different than Frida’s prior evaluation, Frida is haunted by the recollection of the case. Meanwhile, we learn more about the man who was with Elias at the club on the night of his death. This is Elias’ elder brother, Soren Fagar, who is accused of being the major culprit in Jurgen Moberg’s death. He was also imprisoned for eight years, and the police discovered that he had previously violated his parole. Despite Katja’s efforts to avoid interrogation, Kurt leaves her a card. When she realises her life is in danger, she tries to contact Kurt.

Reza, who lives in the Lindaangen area, helps Katja with her apartment. While they are leaving because they believe Katja is not at home, the killer appears shortly after. Katja flees through the balcony and down a tiny alleyway. The assailant arrives before the cops, and Kurt appears to have arrived too late. Despite the fact that he has some explaining to do to Osei, he notices the cloaked killer in the crowd. Kurt pursues the assassin, but he flees. Meanwhile, Reza is promoted to cover for Rask’s absence, and Soren breaks into Rask’s residence undetected. Soren escapes Rask unharmed. After going over the case, Reza has a notion, and they begin investigating into someone with a grudge in the police station.

Who Killed Elias Fagar in Young Wallander Season 2? Why?

Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar? - ThiruttuVCD

As the storey progresses, it appears that Petterson murdered Elias Fagar. Petterson is the same guy that works in the police precinct garage, therefore inventing a fake police vehicle would have been a piece of cake for him. Petterson also applied to the police academy three times but was never accepted. He later joined the military and spent time in Afghanistan. Petterson appeared to acquire PTSD after returning from Afghanistan, which sent him to the psychiatric facility of Edwin Holmgren, Amelia Holmgren’s father (alias Mia).

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Amelia and Petterson built a cordial friendship in the clinic, where she was also a patient — Amelia later reveals that Petterson looked after her. However, as Petterson seeks to protect Amelia till the end, the connection may have been more than amicable. Detective Reza merely has a hunch, and after receiving the tip, Osei agrees to give Petterson with a wiretap. They overhear Petterson and Amelia’s talk, in which Amelia informs him that he has gone too far. Soren, on the other hand, follows the trail of the love letters to Elias’ yearbook and discovers Amelia’s identity. Kurt can’t believe it when he sees Amelia’s headshot — she’s Mia, the flirty lawyer who works with Mona.

We try to piece together the information to figure out why Petterson murdered Elias. First and foremost, his time in Afghanistan had rendered him volatile, which was the cause for his appointment to the clinic. During this difficult time, he built a bond with Amelia, and the bond was strong owing to the circumstances. Amelia told Petterson about Elias because she was worried Elias would reveal the truth. Edwin Holmgren bribed Elias with a large sum of money in order to keep him silent. And Elias was on the verge of telling his brother the truth about Jurgen Moberg’s death before his death. Petterson used Katja to entice Elias into the subway and then drove Elias over. Petterson most likely released the footage in order to return to the police academy.

Who assassinated Jurgen Moberg? Why?

Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar? - ThiruttuVCD

The Holmberg family’s involvement becomes clearer in the season finale. We can finally put the pieces of this eight-year puzzle together. Frida Rask’s first case was the murder of Jurgen Moberg. Her inquiry revealed that Moberg was murdered by the school’s infamous brothers, Soren and Elias Fagar. Frida had hidden them for eight years, but there was more to the storey than she realised. His brother discovered numerous love notes from Elias’ home, implying a romantic relationship between her and Elias. The letters also mentioned Elias’ assistance.

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Soren seizes Amelia in the chapel at the conclusion. Amelia tells the truth as Soren holds a knife to her throat. Jurgen’s paedophilia had affected her. Amelia penned the letters to convey her affection for Elias and to put him to good use. Jurgen used to give her special lessons, which is how she got the keys. While Elias did not contribute much, Soren outperformed Jurgen to some extent. Amelia, on the other hand, was the one who put Moberg in the white-hot sauna, causing his death. Amelia killed Moberg to exact her vengeance, while Edwin ensured the boys received excessive punishment by acting as their defence counsel.

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Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar?
Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar?
Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar?
Young Wallander Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Elias Fagar?


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