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Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained

‘Super Crooks’ is a superhero heist anime series based on the graphic novel series ‘Supercrooks’ by writer Mark Millar and illustrator Leinil Francis Yu. It is set in the same universe as another Netflix original series, ‘Jupiter’s Legacy.’ The anime follows Johnny Bolt, a small-time crook with an astonishing superpower who frequently gets caught while attempting to carry out a task and ends up in prison. He and his girlfriend Kasey are given the opportunity of a lifetime when the Heat, a famed supervillain and Casey’s mentor, approaches them with an offer they can’t refuse. Here’s all you need to know about the season 1 finale of ‘Super Crooks.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Super Crooks Season 1

People with superpowers abound in the universe of ‘Super Crooks.’ Those who choose to maintain the law and defend the innocent are transformed into superheroes. Those with more malicious intentions become supervillains. Of fact, society does not always stick to such black and white classifications, and there are plenty of bad heroes and good villains floating around. Johnny dreamed of becoming a superhero as a boy, especially after discovering his gift – the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. However, fate had other ideas for him. Johnny found his calling as a crook after triggering a catastrophic accident in his little hamlet that left numerous people gravely injured.

In the present, Johnny is released from prison and reunites with Kasey. However, their plans to celebrate Johnny’s newfound independence are thwarted when Johnny’s old buddies arrive and entice him to join them in a burglary. Even though he tells Kasey that he would not engage in this type of petty thievery as soon as he is out from jail, he does exactly the opposite. Trouble eventually finds Johnny and his companions in the form of the superhero Praetorian. Praetorian, a youthful member of the Union of Justice, possesses over 200 superpowers that he can access at random. Even Praetorian is unsure as to which power will manifest next.

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Fortunately for Johnny and his companions, Kasey, a psychic, arrives just in time and mentally manipulates the superhero, convincing him to let her lover and the others go. She and Johnny later have a lengthy chat in which she convinces him that they can’t go around committing minor offences. To be a successful supervillain, one must first wait for a score that will put them up for life.


Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

And that’s exactly what Carmine or the Heat provide. A crew is then created to take the helmet of Count Orlok, a supervillain who is an old friend of Carmine’s, from the Union of Justice’s headquarters. It consists of Johnny, Carmine, Kasey, Josh or the Ghost, who can pass through solid matter, Sammy and Roddy Diesel, who are semi-invincible, TK MaCabe, who has telekinesis skills, and Forecast, who can control the weather.

They successfully carry off the first part of the plan, which is to liberate McCabe before he is transferred to a maximum-security jail. They divert the attention of the Utopian and his family by making it appear like a long-dead enemy of the Utopian has been revived far from the Union of Justice headquarters and is wreaking havoc with his zombie army. The strategy succeeds, and Johnny, Kasey, and others in New York gain access to their formidable target.

To their amazement and sorrow, they realise that Praetorian has remained behind. Despite Josh’s ability to transport all of them out using Orlok’s helmet, Praetorian and his secret employer, Christopher Matts, track them down. Matts assassinates Orlok, who funded the entire operation and promised Johnny and the others $50 million in exchange for returning his helmet. Despite the fact that Matts and Praetorian save them, Johnny, Kasey, and the others understand they are back where they started.

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The final four episodes take place five years later. After Carmine gets into difficulty with a casino controlled by Salamander, Matts’ former protégé, the crew returns for another shot at glory and money, this time led by Johnny. The casino run by Matts and a disgraced Praetorian is their goal. Kasey demonstrates her true abilities in the season finale. Praetorian receives his just desserts. And Johnny manages to redirect Matt’s rage.

Is the Japan Heist a Success in Super Crooks Season 1?

Yes, the heist was successful. Except for Johnny and Carmine, the majority of the team members decide to return to their normal lives following the disastrous failure of the first robbery. The former is imprisoned, while the latter continues to commit lesser crimes until his luck runs out when he tries to cheat in a casino with the assistance of a guy endowed with the power of foresight. Salamander, the casino’s owner, threatens Carmine with death if he does not pay $100 million within a month for his transgression.

Carmine reaches out to Johnny and Kasey, who have broken up due to Johnny lying to her again and ending up in jail. They do, however, eventually agree to assist. Johnny takes command this time, and his objective is none other than Matts, who has retired from villainy and established a casino on an island in Japan. Praetorian has stepped down from his role as a superhero to become Matts’ chief of security.

Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Johnny blackmails Gladiator, a hero, by threatening to announce to the world that he is gay, compelling him to join the team. Matts, also known as the Bastard, used to be the world’s worst villain. He had a bad reputation for his ability to control blood and commit indiscriminate killings. Matts also established the Network, a criminal organisation that is designed to assist the villains in the same way that the Union of Justice serves the heroes. But, predictably, it was rotten to the core and only cared about its social standing.

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Matts went after Carmine, Johnny, and the others following the Union of Justice headquarters heist, partly because they were not members of the Union. Matts left the Network under Salamander’s authority when he retired.

Yes, the heist in Japan was a success. Johnny and the others rob Matts of approximately $800 million. Gladiator defeats Praetorian in a deliberate irony. Although Praetorian does not die, his brain may be affected as a result of the encounter. Kasey, meanwhile, dupes Matts with her telepathic talents.

During the theft, the team members’ costumes are identical duplicates of those worn by Salamander and his crew, diverting Matts’ wrath away from his former student. Matts then murders Salamander and every member of the latter’s team.

Is Johnny and Kasey going to end up together?

Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Johnny and Kasey do end up together. After the Union of Justice headquarters theft fails to go as planned, Johnny and Kasey decide to marry and live a normal life. However, the night before the wedding, Johnny’s old friends show up, and he ends up back in prison. Kasey doesn’t want to do anything with him when he returns. They do, however, reconcile during the robbery and get engaged near the end of the season.

Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained
Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained
Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained
Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained
Super Crooks Season 1 Ending Explained


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