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Cracow Monsters Ending Explained: Are Alex and Wanda the Same Person?

The humorous and frightening young adult supernatural thriller ‘Cracow Monsters’ (‘Krakowskie potwory’) was co-created by Gaja Grzegorzewska, Magdalena Lankosz, and Anna Sienska. The plot gains up speed when Alex gets a chance at Professor Zawadzki’s chosen circle shortly after taking an entrance exam. While Alex is still caught up in a battle between demons and gods, she must explore her mother’s unexplained death, which is an important piece of the puzzle. When the city of Krakow is turned into a mass grave, the professor is forced to join forces with the devil. The ending has a huge twist, but first let us recap what is at stake. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Season 1 of Cracow Monsters

“Alex,” Aleksandra Walas, lives a drifter’s existence in a shared apartment with Mary, suffering hideous nightmares and drowning her troubles in booze. Her mother was involved in a traumatic incident in her past. She sits for the forensic pathology department admission exam at an old medical college after considerable studying. Lucky, the examination guard, has gone through the documents and found little of interest. Alex’s paper, on the other hand, catches Professor Zawadzki’s eye because of her drawing of Aitvaras, the nature spirit.

Lucky searches the internet and discovers a fringe YouTuber discussing how Alex’s mother died on Route 99 while Alex was inexplicably saved. According to the YouTuber, she has miraculously survived two near-death situations. Lucky is asked by the professor to investigate her. Lucky knows where Alex drinks, and he shows up at the pub, high on hallucinogenic drugs. He drives Alex around, jumping out of the car near a ledge.

The car crashes into a body of water. Alex, on the other hand, sees a light that transforms into a white divinity. It saves her. We subsequently learn that Alex’s energy attracts demons, although she lives under Aitvaras’ protection. Alex awakens the next morning, as if from a dream. When she arrives to collect her alimony, the receptionist informs her that she must move locations since she has been chosen to remain at the professor’s neatly manicured dorm. She walks through a seedy clothes store to get to the dorm, where she meets Lucky, who assigns her to a room and asks her to stay.

Alex comes out the door after hearing Lucky and the professor discussing the drowning tragedy. On the route, she runs across Rafel, the same youngster she bought breakfast for the previous day. Rafel goes around while muttering Slavic mantras, as if under hypnosis. Alex encounters a creature in Rafel’s home that she later describes as “a moth, a monkey, and an owl had a love child.” She throws water at the thing and then spills the bathtub on it. It erupts into lava, leaving behind a black body of pumice.

Meanwhile, the professor comes and learns Rafel is no longer alive. Rafel, on the other hand, blinks at Alex. He may be possessed by something wicked, as the monster appears to be a minor deity named Harewit. In a related instance, a miner supervisor discovers a three-legged object that turns out to be a bone from the prehistoric species Hvor. Despite telling his coworkers that the object has no value, he takes it home. It speaks to him, directing him to Rafel, and he becomes the ghoul’s servant.

Meanwhile, the ghoul causes havoc at a morgue by resurrecting the corpses. Lucky believes that those beings are Marcholt, or lesser devils. He also reveals that the Slavic pantheon had a pyramidal structure and master-servant connections. The possessed Rafel summons two female demons (Hollowshees) from the dark water, and they scatter to find Alex. While one works as a waitress at a bar, the other enters the dorm and seduces Gigi. The others play music to drown out the wailing, but they have no idea what is going on in the room.

Alex and Lucky end up to the bar, where the female demon has taken up a position as a waitress. The demon poisons their drink, and Pivka, the minor deity of the drunks, requests that they not consume it. Alex promises she’ll handle it, and the deity departs. She departs to seek the deity, while Lucky consumes the poisoned drink. Lucky pinges Alex down on the basin slab while poisoned, kissing passionately. When they return to the room, Gigi is almost dead, with the other Hollowshee on top of him.

Are Alex and Wanda the Same Person at the End of Cracow Monsters Season 1? Is Alex capable of defeating Hvor?

Iliana and others use a ceremony (including burning pigs) to save Gigi, while Alex pursues the Hollowshee in search of Harewit’s den. Harewit, in the form of Rafel, viciously tramples the waitress Hollowshee, who shrieks in agony. The narrative becomes worse with the entrance of the colossal Winter Spas. The professor brings in three bodies that were discovered frozen and dangling from a tree. A same fate befalls two nuns. Winter Spas utters first names, and the town is thrown into anarchy. Professor Zawadzki goes against the groups in order to save his son, Feliks. Alex opens her mother’s purse with the assistance of her fledgling romantic interest, revealing a key to the axis of the parallel worlds.

Alex goes to the underworld and is the first person to emerge. She also realises that she is Wanda, and that only she can vanquish Hvor. Alex, on the other hand, is a reincarnation of Princess Wanda, Krakus’s daughter who drowned purposefully in a lake. Alex and Wanda speak in the underworld via vibrations in a wall. Wanda was also presumably present throughout Alex’s birth, and she died while taking on the shape of infant Alex. Alex must release Wanda, according to the mysterious instructions of the deity they meet in hell. Nine steps to the three underworld circles, where Alex should find the divine core and be able to return to the mortal world.

“Nine will connect with nine” – Alex discovers the portal at the crossroads of three mounds, her birthdate of 08.01.2001 adds up to three, and she falls in the third circle of the subterranean. She physically frees Wanda while also entangling herself in the process. Alex, on the other hand, is given a new lease on life owing to her rescuer deity. But perhaps she must also channel her inner princess Wanda and accept her role in defeating Hvor. When history should repeat itself, the denouement takes place under the terrifying red moon. Wanda should die once more, while the evil deity ushers in a new era. However, as Alex’s mother, Jagna, discloses in the underworld, the era will see the woman rise to power. As a result, Alex fulfils the prophecy by killing the evil deity, ushering in a new era. After all, she did kill a deity, and the consequences are still being felt.

Is Lucky still alive or dead?

If you recall the ending of the seventh episode, Lucky dies in a fairly shocking manner at the bar. A masked man murders him in cold blood, and the crowd slowly disperses. Alex, the Professor, and others all believe Lucky has died. Alex, on the other hand, returns to his hostel, stunned. Iliana intuitively realises the truth, and a shadow of doom falls over the chosen kids. The ending, on the other hand, has a significant surprise in store for the audience. The deity acts on her own volition, paying a visit to Lucky, who appears to be alive.

Anyone’s guess as to how he’s still alive is out of the question. The first theory is that he never died in the first place. Despite Alex’s belief that he was dead, he survived the knife attack. The second theory is that the celestial deity Aitvaras, by her magical powers, brings him back to life. The third theory is that Lucky isn’t truly alive, but rather a conduit for another terrible deity. We don’t know if Lucky, one of the chosen nine, has any powers other than his great knowledge of mythology, and perhaps a follow-up season would help us find out.

Cracow Monsters Ending Explained: Are Alex and Wanda the Same Person?
Cracow Monsters Ending Explained: Are Alex and Wanda the Same Person?


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