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Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending Explained

In the fifth episode of FX on Hulu’s crime series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba try to find Ron after accusing him in the deaths of Brenda and Erica. Pyre and Bill learn that Sam Lafferty was not involved in the murders in the episode titled ‘One Mighty and Strong.’ During the interview, Sam provides the name of an organization, revealing more about Ron’s past to the detectives. They meet a Laffertys acquaintance who gives light on the role of faith in the atrocities. Because the episode concludes with an amazing revelation, allow us to explain its intricacies for you! SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Recap of Episode 5 of Under the Banner of Heaven

Pyre and Bill discover that the blood found on Sam’s clothes does not belong to Brenda or Erica, but to a squirrel. Sam mentions the School of the Prophets throughout the interrogation. Despite his refusal to describe what it is, Robin refers Pyre and Bill to Bernard Brady, another member of the gang. The detectives also speak with the Lows, who inform them that Dan and Ron have been excommunicated by the LDS Church. According to Low, Dan sought to marry his stepdaughter in order to practice polygamy, which led to his excommunication. It was quickly followed by Ron’s, particularly when he threatened Bishop Low for interfering in his family’s affairs.

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Image Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

With a search warrant in hand, Bill and Pyre arrive at Brady’s house. Brady and his wife informed the cops that Ron used to physically assault their daughter Dianna. A police officer discovers a letter authorized by Brady during a check of the house. Pyre opens it and finds a list of names of those who are thought to be deserving of “eternal repercussions.” Brady offers to assist the investigator in exchange for not informing his wife about the letter. He tells them about an old residence known as “the farm,” which Ron and his brothers utilize. Pyre and Bill search the house for any evidence linking Ron to the murders.

What Is Ron’s Yellow Note About in Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending? Why did he abandon it on the farm?

Pyre discovers a shirt in a cabinet while examining the farm, with two pieces of paper inside the pocket. He takes up the papers and does the same thing. Pyre discovers a list of names on a yellow note. The detective soon discovers that the shirt and papers are Ron’s. During his interrogation, Sam cites “the holy list” on the yellow note. The names on the list are those who were seen to be impediments in God’s way. Pyre realizes that the eldest Lafferty son played a significant role in the murders after confirming that the list belongs to Ron.

Image Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

Ron was persuaded by Dan’s conservative ideas that they are sincere believers in the Heavenly Father. When the brothers’ activities, which ranged from polygamy to anti-law practices, opened the ground for their excommunications, Ron began to believe that those who oppose him are opposed to the fundamental beliefs of his faith. Ron believes that everyone else, whether church leaders or Brenda, is sacrificing their faith by discrediting his convictions, which may have prompted him to create the list.

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Pyre believes Ron purposefully left the list at the farm for the officials to find. Ron may desire to be revered by his people as the “genuine prophet” of the Heavenly Father after possibly committing crimes in the name of God. He probably expects the world to know that he has fulfilled God’s intentions by maybe perpetrating the killings while the LDS Church officials, in his opinion, were neglecting the principles of the faith. As Pyre points out, Ron may have left the list so that the world would recognize him as the modern-day Brigham Young, the heir to Joseph Smith.

How Did Joseph Smith Pass Away? What Is the Meaning of His Death?

When the Nauvoo Expositor released its inaugural issue, which was critical of Joseph Smith, the prophet and his friends saw it as contrary to their principles. Smith and others opened the way for the printing press of the newspaper to be destroyed. According to Allen, some of Smith’s followers, who were opposed to Emma’s interference in their religious affairs, duped him into surrendering to the government in exchange for destroying the press. An armed crowd attacked him and his followers after the surrender. Several armed guys tried to break into his room and assassinate him while he was in detention. Smith attempted to flee out the window but was shot and fell to the ground. He was shot and murdered again.

Allen informs Pyre that Smith was duped into surrendering so that he would no longer seek Emma’s advice. He goes on to say that other religious leaders were wondering if Emma’s anti-polygamy stance might influence Smith as well. When Smith was assassinated, Brigham Young, who practiced polygamy, became the next president. Similarly, Pyre believes Ron murdered Brenda and Erica and targeted the Lows and Stowes in order to establish himself as his generation’s Brigham Young and to adhere to his faith’s fundamentalist views, which include polygamy.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending Explained
Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending Explained
Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending Explained
Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending Explained
Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 5 Ending Explained


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