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Fishbowl Wives Ending Explained: Do Sakura And Haruko End Up Together?

The sensations of desire are unavoidable in the Japanese-original infidelity-themed romance drama series ‘Fishbowl Wives.’ Miyako Koshikawa, Tomomi Matoba, and Fumi Tsubota collaborated to produce the pleasant and engaging female-centric series based on Ryo Kurosawa’s original manga.

Six cougar women share a beautiful residential block in Tokyo with their husbands. Although they appear to be picture-perfect at first, their marriage lives reveal flaws and fissures as the novel progresses. In the end, some reignite old passions, some resort to cheating as an escape path, while still others confront their captors and win freedom. Although the drama concludes on a happy note, you may find the climax a little puzzling. So, let’s take a closer look at the finish. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Season 1 of Fishbowl Wives

Sakura Hiraga’s husband threw her a spectacular birthday celebration on the ground floor of their luxury tower condo. Sakura is attending to the guests while her husband, Takuya, is having coitus with Yuriha Hakozaki in the latter’s apartment. Sakura sits the spouses down at a table and introduces them to Mei, a feng shui specialist who lives on the 33rd level of the same building. Mei has assisted the Hiragas in their business success (they run a hair salon chain).

Fishbowl Wives Ending Explained: Do Sakura And Haruko End Up Together? - ThiruttuVCD

Mei, on the other hand, offers individual consultations, including extramarital affairs. She informs the group, particularly Sakura, that adopting a pet might be therapeutic. Noriko, the lunchbox wife from apartment 1605, Yuka, the outsourcing wife from 1612, and Hisako Taguchi, the headache wife from 4103, are the other spouses on the table. Yuriha Hakozaki, Sakura’s husband’s unfaithful wife, arrives later, but Saya Sanada, the chaperone wife from 301, chooses to remain away.

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While all of them have damaged relationships, Sakura’s storey arc is important to the plot. Sakura becomes the “fishbowl” wife when she visits Haruko’s shop to adopt a goldfish with the same name as her. Sakura and Haruko exchange glances across the aquarium, and she takes the fish. Takuya, the violent spouse, is concerned that Sakura is aware of his secret, and the goldfish is a subtle suggestion of infidelity. Takuya breaks the bowl and returns it to Haru’s shop to save the goldfish from death.

Takuya saves the fish with the use of salt and invites her on a ferry voyage. They share a private moment before Sakura departs for her husband. Back at the condo, she asks Takuya whether she may keep cutting hair, but he ignores her. He tries to beat her up again, but Sakura now has a place to call home. She returns to the Toyoda Fish Shop. As her love storey develops, we get peeks into the lives of other wives.

Season 1 of Fishbowl Wives concludes with the question, “Do Sakura and Haruko end up together?”

Sakura eventually embraces Haruko’s fish business as her new home. Haruko also confronts his father, Kazama Holdings’ owner, about his affections for Sakura. They manage the shop together, and Sakura wins Takuya’s divorce case with the help of Haruko’s ex-girlfriend, the lawyer. Takuya’s career is destroyed since the evidence of his aggressiveness toward Sakura is incriminating. Takuya loses the case, and the scandal causes him to become bankrupt.

Fishbowl Wives Ending Explained: Do Sakura And Haruko End Up Together? - ThiruttuVCD

Sakura returns to her condo after learning the news online, and Yuriha greets her near the entrance. Takuya’s life has been shattered by the controversy, according to Yuriha, and Sakura later discovers him in their locked salon. Sakura promises that they will get over it together, just like Takuya promised her earlier. She returns to Haruko, but he suspects something is wrong with Sakura. He understands Sakura’s desire to take care of her business, and Sakura bids Haruko farewell after completing the unfinished business.

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She doesn’t have to rely on a man in the end, and she doesn’t wind up with either Takuya or Haruko. She becomes self-sufficient and opens a hair salon. The season finale concludes with both characters looking at the fireworks from separate perspectives. Sakura returns to the beach where Haruko witnessed the fireworks as a child.

Is Noriko’s Husband Divorced?

Noriko and Taro’s marital life has had numerous ups and downs. Taro’s sin is cuckolding, while Noriko’s virtue is cooking. Noriko provides healthy bento dinners to Taro’s office, which he eats with his coworker Tsuta. Taro asks Tsuta if he wants to have a sexual relationship with Noriko, and Tsuta comes to their flat. Tsuta repairs his kettle while Taro sends him on his way.

Noriko recalls her experience with Tsuta. Noriko prepares lunch for Tsuta, knowing that he will be sick the next day. Tsuta apologises to Noriko for the previous night’s connection, and they continue their steamy liaison. She pledges to bring him meals every day if at all feasible. Finally, Noriko provides meals for Tsuta, while Taro is forced to eat street food. As a result, we may conclude that Noriko and Tsuta will end up together as a result of Taro’s efforts.

Why Is Yuka Known as the Outsourcing Wife? Is she expecting a child?

Yuka wishes to have a kid, but her spouse appears to be bored. Meanwhile, Yuka is distracted when one of her worst ex-boyfriends, Jun, calls. On the road, she meets Jun, and he kisses her firmly. Later, they get together for additional heated sessions. Because her spouse is unwilling, she considers “outsourcing” the baby-making process. Finally, she admits that she is pregnant, though she is unsure who the father is. We assume Jun is the father because, despite her reservations, Yuka returns to him for another hormone-filled session.

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What’s the source of Hisako’s headaches? Is She Reunited With Her Family?

Hisako walks her dog, Puu, through the park. She runs across Baba, who knows she lives in the posh condos. When Baba reveals that he lost everything because he cheated on his wife, Hisako suffers from a severe migraine. Hisako collapses on the carpet, and Baba kisses her. She pushes him away by revealing that her husband works in a distant place and that she cannot be unfaithful to him. Hisako departs, but later returns to do the hanky panky with Baba. Hisako’s son informs her that he is aware of her secret. We also learn that Hisako suffers from dissociative amnesia.

Fishbowl Wives Ending Explained: Do Sakura And Haruko End Up Together? - ThiruttuVCD

Then Hisako discovers a photograph that includes both Baba and her son. When Baba returns home, he finds his goldfish gasping for air and summons Haruko for an emergency visit. Baba exposes his true identity to Hisako as well. It was later revealed that his real name is Taguchi Takuzo, not Baba. He is Hisako’s outcast spouse, and Hisako has suppressed the memories to protect herself from the anguish. Taguchi eventually returns to his family after reclaiming his identity in Hisako’s eyes.

Fishbowl Wives Ending Explained: Do Sakura And Haruko End Up Together?
Fishbowl Wives Ending Explained: Do Sakura And Haruko End Up Together?


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