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Roar Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch (‘GLOW’) devised the anthology series ‘Roar,’ which is based on Cecelia Ahern’s short story collection of the same name. The series presents one-of-a-kind and engaging individual stories on how women deal with society and overcome the different problems they face on a daily basis. However, the narrative emphasizes the challenges that women encounter through magical realism and dark comedy, which can easily confuse the audience.

The first episode depicts the narrative of Wanda, a well-known writer who finds she is fading away. If you saw the show, you’re probably looking for explanations about Wanda’s condition. In that case, here’s all you need to know about ‘Roar’ episode 1’s ending! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Roar Episode 1

Wanda arrives in Los Angeles in the first episode, titled ‘The Woman Who Disappeared.’ She is a well-known African American author who rose to prominence after writing her autobiographical memoir about her problems with racism and sexism. Wanda arrives in the city to meet with studio executives about her book, which is being made into a film. Blake, who works for the studio, meets her at the airport. Blake transports Wanda to her hotel. However, Wanda discovers on the way that her reservation has been canceled since her ID could not be verified. As a result, Blake arranges for Wanda to live in a luxury apartment.

Roar Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Wanda prepares for her appointment with the studio officials at her residence. Wanda arrives at the studio’s office the next day but does not obtain an ID card due to a rumored camera malfunction. Wanda, on the other hand, feels outraged by the circumstance. Blake leads Wanda to the meeting room after a quick talk with a writer. Wanda wants to discuss her screenplay outline with the executives during the meeting. She soon learns, however, that the company intends to turn her book into a VR experience. Wanda is shocked by the choice and calls it into doubt. However, the executives dismiss her worries and questions.

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The meeting concludes with the executives asking Wanda to dinner, where they will test a VR experience demo. Wanda gets a frock for the party but soon learns that people are getting oblivious to her presence. She walks to the dinner party, but she appears to be invisible to everyone there. The VR demo displays two white police officers unfairly detaining Wanda’s father in a sad scene from her life. Wanda, who is overwhelmed, sits by herself until Blake discovers her. Wanda’s perspective on the problem alters after a quick talk with Blake.

How Did Wanda Disappear in Roar Episode 1?

Throughout the show, viewers and Wanda notice that the famed author gradually fades into her new surroundings. The majority of the white individuals in Wanda’s vicinity are unaware of her presence, and she appears invisible to them. In the final seconds, Wanda wonders why she is disappearing, and Blake responds that she already knows the reason. Wanda returns to the party, determined to rectify the situation. The episode focuses on the trials and tribulations of a modern independent black woman with strong beliefs. Wanda’s abduction is a metaphor for how society treats women who attempt to express themselves.

Roar Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Wanda “appears” to the studio executives as long as her opinions (expressed in her book) have a monetary value for them. When her thoughts diverge from their own, however, the executives ignore Wanda, meaning that she adds no value to the conversation. The problem worsens at the dinner gathering, where no one can see Wanda. Wanda is said to have allowed the CEOs walk all over her instead of maintaining her ground and clearly speaking her opinions. As a result, she is increasingly disappearing.

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As Wanda’s story is converted into a virtual experience for everyone, the episode also illustrates how society generalizes the hardships of women and racial minorities. As a result, the tale creates an ethical struggle inside Wanda and encourages her to speak out against the studio leaders’ actions. Wanda eventually recognizes that she must continue to express her views until they are heard. As a result, she returns to the party determined to change the situation. Given Wanda’s determination, it is reasonable to suppose that she will “reappear” in public.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 32 min


TMDb: 6.4


Roar Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Roar Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Roar Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained


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