Spy x Family Episode 5 Ending Explained

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The findings of the student-parent interview at Eden Academy are ultimately revealed in the fifth episode of ‘Spy x Family,’ titled ‘Will They Pass or Fail.’ Loid resolves to make her adopted daughter’s wish of recreating an episode of her favorite spy show a reality. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode 5 finale of ‘Spy x Family.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy x Family Episode 5

The Forgers are made apprehensive by superstitious happenings that occur on their route to Eden Academy to examine the outcomes of the student-parent interview. The hidden spy, on the other hand, tries to remain calm despite his anxiety. When they seek for Anya’s name on the list of chosen pupils, they are disappointed to discover that she did not make the cut. Anya is the most depressed of the three because she understands the significance of the outcome, which could very well determine her future with her adoptive parents.

However, just as the Forgers are about to return home, housemaster Henry Henderson stops them and informs them that Anya is the top student on the waiting list. So, if one of the selected students declines admission, she may finally make it to Eden Academy. The family awaits the final list’s deceleration with bated breath over the next three days. When Loid receives a call, he instantly begins celebrating after informing his fictitious family that Anya has made it to the final list.

They are soon joined by Franky, who has come prepared for a party. The Forgers and their guest then share lunch. Later, while watching the latest episode of her favorite spy show, Anya has an idea. She informs Loid that she wishes to replicate the identical episode that was first filmed. Franky asserts that the castle is for rent and that they can use it to grant Anya’s wish. Loid contacts his colleagues, and they make all of the necessary arrangements. Later that night, the Forgers and Franky board a seaplane to arrive at the castle.

Unfortunately, Anya believes that the recreation of the show is incomplete without the presence of the opponents and servents. Loid does not waste time and contacts his peers once more to make the necessary arrangements. Despite the fact that his request appears ludicrous, Loid’s peers summon all undercover operatives in the surrounding area to the castle immediately.

They are all told at the moment that it will be an important aspect of Operation Strix. The majority of these agents are Loid enthusiasts who are eager to work with him. Soon after, they arrive at the castle, where Franky informs them on their involvement in the entire reenactment. The action begins seconds later when Franky, who is playing the villain, kidnaps Anya. Loid begins his pursuit, but he encounters covert spies posing as the crooks’ collaborators along the way.

While he performs well in locating their leader, he encounters his final hurdle in the form of Yor. Loid is careful not to damage her at first because she has been intoxicated since they all had lunch, but her superior fighting skills quickly overpower him. Fortunately, she passes out while battling, and the undercover spy saves Anya, who is overjoyed to have witnessed a complete reproduction of her favorite episode.

Spy x Family Episode 5: Have Loid and Yor Begun to Form an Emotional Bond With Anya?

When the reenactment at the castle is finally over, Anya’s full focus is drawn to fireworks, and she is pleased by the entire event. Meanwhile, Loid is filled with emotion for a brief while and wonders what it all means. Although he does not elaborate mentally, it is clear that he has began to realize the emotional link that he has developed with Anya in the last few weeks. The same holds true for Yor.

The fictitious pair has spent their entire lives working alone, and they have most likely never felt emotional while working on any of their jobs, so it’s logical that they will be perplexed when this occurs suddenly. However, this is not the first time they have reacted in this fashion. When Anya was asked difficult questions about her biological mother during the student-parent interview, Yor instantly pleaded with the interviewer to stop.

She was quickly joined by Loid, who also insisted that he ask another question, and when the interviewer refused to listen to them, he nearly struck him. His actions could jeopardize Operation Strix, such an imprudent decision from a seasoned expert like was odd.

But all of this makes sense given that he, like Yor, has formed an emotional attachment with Anya. It will be intriguing to see how things play out in the future, as the unusual duo has never let their emotions control their behavior while working. But how will their future missions be affected now that they have someone they care about? The only way to know is to wait and see.


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