11 Actresses Who Risked Their Beauty for a Role

Posted 2021/10/10 12514 0

Truly excellent actresses are capable of tackling a wide range of parts, including those in which they must change into extremely ugly female characters. To make the transition appear true, they must do a variety of things, including losing or gaining a significant amount of weight in a short time, wearing shapeless clothing, and spending a significant amount of time wearing makeup that conceals their natural attractiveness.

Regular audiences and film reviewers alike recognize and appreciate all of the work put out. Four of the women we are going to tell you about have even been nominated for the Academy Honor, which is the most prestigious award in the world of film.

We have identified 11 actresses who are capable of portraying both fatal beauty and ugly ladies in the same film.

1. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has played some attractive ladies throughout the years, but her most memorable part was that of an illiterate German lady who was guilty of the deaths of hundreds of people in the film The Reader. This film was the vehicle for the actress’s Academy Award nomination. Kate’s role seemed older and uglier than Kate herself, both to her efforts and the incredible job of the cosmetic professionals on set.


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