Spy x Family Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

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Loid begins looking for a suitable wife in ‘Spy x Family’ episode 2, titled ‘Secure a Wife,’ so that he may complete his pretend family and get Anya admitted to the renowned Eden Academy. Meanwhile, Yor, an innocuous and absent-minded office worker, is ridiculed by her coworkers for not having a boyfriend. Furthermore, her brother wants her to find someone who will look after her as quickly as possible because he cannot take a promotion until she is safe without him. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode 2 finale of ‘Spy x Family.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy x Family Episode 2

In the last episode, Anya passes the Eden Academy’s written entrance exam without cheating or utilizing her skills. However, when the school notice arrives a few days later, Loid discovers that there will be another assessment in which both of the child’s parents must be present. As a result, he begins to look for a lady to marry or to pass off as his wife. Meanwhile, a young woman named Yor is humiliated and joked at by her coworkers for not being attractive enough to have a boyfriend.

She is, however, invited to the party, to which all of her coworkers will be attending with their respective partners. Later at home, Yor receives a phone call from her younger brother, Yuri, informing her that he is getting a promotion and won’t be around as often. As a result, he urges her to locate someone acceptable since he won’t accept the promotion unless he knows someone would look after her in his absence. Yuri feels grateful for Yor’s sacrifices throughout the years and wishes for her happiness.

Yor, seeing that she will be a barrier to her advancement, lies about having a boyfriend with whom she is attending a Camilla-organized party. Unfortunately, Yuri is interested in learning more about the man, so he tells her that he will check with Dominic to see what kind of person he is and then hangs up the phone. Yor receives a secret communication concerning her next mission just as she is about to be apprehended. Yor is revealed to be an assassin who murders the Vice Minister of the Auditing Department in the Royal Hotel. Meanwhile, Loid sifts through a massive stack of papers containing a list of single women in the area in search of his ideal faux bride.

Later, Loid goes to a textile shop with Anya to buy her new clothes, where he meets Yor and immediately recognizes her, thanks to the documents he had lately read. Anya, who has the ability to read their minds, understands Yor is an assassin looking for a boyfriend. She assists Loid in furthering his discussion of the prospect of having her as a mother. They discuss being one other’s pretend partners outside the shop and decide to meet at the party on Saturday. On the same day, though, Loid is assigned a mission to rescue stolen art from the West.

The master spy intends to complete the assignment as soon as possible and then return to Yor, who is waiting for him. However, the task proves to be far more difficult than he had anticipated, and he is pursued by the adversaries after recovering the stolen paintings. Meanwhile, Yor believes her phony boyfriend lied to her and attends the party alone, where she is humiliated once more by her coworkers. Fortunately, despite the fact that he is bleeding from the face, Loid comes at the party and makes an excuse. He even defends Yor in front of her coworkers and commends her for parenting her younger brother on her own after their parents’ terrible deaths.

Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Why Does Yor Propose Loid? Do they have a wedding?

Loid decides to drive Yor home after responding to the insults he received at Camilla’s party. However, as soon as they leave, the duo is pursued by the adversaries who are still looking for the returned art and the spy. Loid deceives Yor by claiming that they are his patients who have not recovered. When the adversaries have cornered the couple, they begin to attack with the purpose to kill.

Loid demonstrates incredible combat prowess while dealing with them and making explanations to assure Yor that everything is normal. She knows that only he can comprehend her violently unpredictable life. Furthermore, her appreciation for her sacrifices in front of her coworkers seemed to have gone a long way, and Yor asks him to marry her on the rush of the moment.

Loid, certain that she is the appropriate phony wife for her intricate political missions, wastes no time. During the fight, he notices a grenade and removes its pin. He uses the pin as a ring to accept Yor as his wife as he tosses it in the direction of the surviving adversaries.


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