One Punch Man Chapter 164 Release Date, Plot & Spoiler

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Aside from the great chapter that we got in the 163rd installment, what fans enjoyed the most was the chapter’s cover image. The mangled torso of Garou on the cover page was also a nod to the current chapter’s topic. The bout between Saitama and Garou is no longer in the form that fans have come to expect. Despite the fact that Garou’s body is changing, Saitama remains unconcerned. Only after he takes the struggle seriously will the actual fight begin in One Punch Man Chapter 164.

Garou will continue to press Saitama to move quickly in the following chapter. At this point, he’s just evading the attacks and laughing it off. The story will become more engaging once the other party is equally involved.

One Punch Man Chapter 164

What Will Happen Next in One Punch Man Chapter 164?

The next chapter of One Punch Man will begin with another round of combat between these two. According to the chapter, supporters believe that ONE has enormous plans for this conflict in addition to the one that is presently underway. The way Garuo’s physique is morphing has a peculiar ring to it. The monster does not appear to have attained its full capacity.

Garou has yet to reach his full form and demonstrate to Saitama that he actually possesses monster-like abilities. Even though it is not his province to reveal symptoms of Absolute Evil, he can do so using his powers. Garou will challenge Saitama to fight even harder in One Punch Man Chapter 164. The real battle will begin at this moment.

One Punch Man Chapter 164

Previous Chapter Synopsis!

“Tougher Than a Mountain” is the title of the 163rd chapter of One Punch Man. The chapter begins in the midst of Saitama and Garou’s fight. The latter was already experiencing a surge of powerful energies within him. But Saitama questioned why he was doing all of this. He could be a hero instead if he wanted to save the people from the Centipede and show off his abilities. This enraged the monster, and another round of fistfighting ensued between the two.

Garou’s supremacy over Saitama, according to fans, was overstated. But it’s also true that Garou didn’t strive hard enough. Garou then strikes Saitama with the God Slayer Instant Attack. However, the other hero collapsed to the ground and reappeared from the other side. Saitama even asks Garou what kind of Martial Arts technique this was at one point. It was his advanced approach, he explained. Saitama, on the other hand, proceeded to avoid his punches casually.

One Punch Man Chapter 164

Garou then uses the God Slayer’s Ending strike, which pushes him into a building, which then stacks on top of the other buildings. This was followed by another onslaught that completely destroyed all of these structures. However, Garou notices that there are individuals trapped in the bunkers of these buildings. As a result, he ends up saving all of them. The following panel depicts Garou in his most amazing Awakened Form. He also rescued individuals from an exploding volcano on the other side of town. The chapter concluded with Saitama referring to Garou as a hero once more.

One Punch Man Chapter 164: Publication Date

“Tougher Than a Mountain” obviously has a lot of action going on. Garou and Saitama were both in high gear. So, will Garou ever be able to realize his aim of becoming the ultimate evil? One Punch Man Chapter 164 is set to be released on Thursday, May 12, 2022. The chapters are exclusively available on the OPM’s official website. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for the most up-to-date information on rescheduling and release revisions.


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