One Piece Chapter 1048 Release Date, Plot, Spoiler & More!

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One Piece is coming to an end, and One Piece Chapter 1048 is preparing a major blowout for the manga’s readers. While the last chapter laid the stage for the huge fight, the story arc is nearing its conclusion. We now know Kaido is weak, and he may not survive the encounter, which will result in a win for Luffy. But he must remain on all fours since Kaido is a smart individual who may devise fresh tricks and techniques.

Meanwhile, Momonosuke will struggle with his sense of impotence because he will play an important role in the war. Luffy requires the Island to relocate out of his way, and only Momo can assist him. However, he has difficulty creating Flame Clouds. Everyone, however, utilizes their desire to assist him. Will he create his own Flame Cloud? Continue reading to learn more.

One Piece Chapter 1048

What Will Happen Next in One Piece Chapter 1048?

In the last episode, Luffy utilized his Devil Fruit to enlarge his arm, allowing him to punch and shove the Island away. He will now continue to combat Kaido in the upcoming episode. However, there is an issue that is related to Onigashima. Because the island lies between Luffy and Kaido, any attack on Kaido will also harm the island. As a result, Luffy pushed Momonosuke to relocate the Island so that he could begin his attack on Kaido. Only Momo appears to be capable of assisting Luffy in this looming battle.

Momo will also be revealed in One Piece Chapter 1048. His past was covered in the previous episode. He gave up all to resurrect the Kozuki clan. In reality, he made plans for the future in order to resurrect the tribe. Now it’s up to Momo to get the island out of Luffy’s path. So he can launch an attack on Kaido, who isn’t in great shape right now. To fight Kaido, he must first make Flame Clouds or Homuragumo, which is a difficult task for him given his failure to create Flame Clouds in the previous episode. But everyone will pitch in to help him build his Flame Cloud.

One Piece Chapter 1048

A Quick Recap !

In One Piece Chapter 1047, Momonosuke and Yamato rush downstairs and discover that Kaido is still alive. Yamato urges that he has reached a high point, and that his Flame Cloud may have evaporated. So Momo attempted to assist in this predicament but was unable to generate his Flame Cloud. Luffy decided to handle everything on his own after witnessing Momo’s predicament.

He appeared to be dead set on winning this conflict. As a result, he used all of his strength to punch the Island. It pulled the Island away from Flower Capital so it wouldn’t collide with it. But Momo must act quickly because if he does not transfer the Island in time, the punch would obliterate Onigashima. Meanwhile, the residents of Flower Capital celebrate their independence, which may only last a few minutes.

One Piece Chapter 1048

One Piece Chapter 1048: When Will It Be Released?

Finally, after a brief hiatus, One Piece Chapter 1048 will be back shortly. According to the source, the series is on hiatus owing to Japan’s Golden Week celebrations. It will now be available on May 8, 2022, at 8:30 p.m. EST. The next chapter is available on Shonen Jump, MangaPlus, and Viz Media. For more information, visit The Anime Daily.


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