Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130 Release Date, Plot & Spoiler

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Legend Of The Northern Blade is nearing its conclusion. In Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130, we can expect some tense situations. Jin Mu Won, on the other hand, needed to prepare first. Jin Mu Won has grown stronger week by week, and now that Neung Goon Hwi has transferred her energy into him, he may appear much stronger than before.

But, in order to defeat the all-powerful Moyong Yul Cheon, Jin must first practice. Now he must embark on a journey to discover his true destiny. He might be able to seek some assistance from his family and friends. However, he needs to improve his abilities. He will draw inspiration from a legend and may also seek assistance. Continue reading to find out what he’ll do next.

The Legend Of Northern Blade Chapter 130

What Will Happen Next in Woo-Gak Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130?

Neung Goon Hwi sacrificed her life in the previous episode, Nine Skies, to save Jin Mu Won. But it won’t get him out of Moyong Yul Cheon’s clutches. Moyong will find out about Neung’s betrayal and how she planted the seeds against him. So Moyong will do everything he can to enlist the assistance of Silent Night in order to assassinate Jin Mu Won. There’s a chance Moyong will let Jin survive and witness how twisted the world is.

Meanwhile, in The Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130, Jin, his Uncle Hwang, and Mun Jung set out on a new road in their lives after discovering the truth. He now has an objective to work toward. As a result, he would conduct extensive research on The Northern Heavenly Sect Jin Kwan Ho. He will train himself to walk in Kwan’s footsteps. But first, he will give his sword to be serviced.

The Legend Of Northern Blade Chapter 130

Here’s a Quick Recap!

The Nine Skies Sage Jeok Yeob arrived out of nowhere in the previous chapter and challenged Jin Mu-Won to a duel. When Jeok launched his swords, Jin told his Uncle Hwang and Mug Jung to stay behind him. Jin ran to hit Jeok with his black sword, and the fight quickly devolved into a big brawl. While Jeok was using his expertise to distract Jin, Nine Skies Neung Goon Hwi appeared and ended the battle. She stated that they are attempting to eliminate the Northern Heavenly Sect.

Nine Skies has formed an alliance with the Central Heavenly Sect. However, there were allegations that they were attempting to cover it up by deploying the Demon Extermination Squad to battle Silent Night. But this was not the case. Moyong Yul Cheon, The Invincible Warrior who dominates the world, was the real man behind this. She went on to explain how things operate and encouraged Jin to flee and practice in silence because Moyong was following him. So, in order to win the combat, he must first train himself. She assisted him in escaping Jeok’s clutches and later gave her life.

The Legend Of Northern Blade Chapter 130

Legend Of The Northern Blade Chapter 130: When Will It Be Released?

Chapter 130 of Legend Of The Northern Blade will be released on Wednesday, May 6, 2022. New chapters are issued every Wednesday, following a weekly release pattern. The latest episode may be seen on Kakaopage. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.


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