Lady Baby Chapter 158 Release Date, Recap & More!

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Young Duke Castillo’s strategy will be revealed in Lady Baby Chapter 158. He had told the former high priest about Lady Sarinette’s death and how quickly she died. Duke wanted her to perish with more anguish because she had wronged Lippe. He can’t watch her in agony, and if he suspects someone is after Lippe, he’ll concoct a way to defend her.

Meanwhile, in the future chapter, Sir Dominic won’t be ready to leave Lippe alone in order to acquire stigma training. Lippe, on the other hand, will push him to participate in the training since she believes she is capable of handling herself. The newly chosen high priest will then have to deal with a new plan. He’s striving for something that will be disclosed soon. Continue reading to learn more.

Lady Baby Chapter 158
Ju Hyeon

What Will Happen Next in Ju Hyeon Lady Baby Chapter 158?

Sir Dominic will be forced to enter the knight training program by Lippe. Sir Dominic, on the other hand, is scared of leaving Lippe alone following Lady Sarinette’s death. Lippe will be escorted to her next musical lesson by Dominic. Meanwhile, Young Duke Castillo is planning something that no one knows about. However, he requires the assistance of a former high priest to carry out the scheme. But first, he’ll pay a visit to Lippe at her music lesson. They’ll have another wonderful moment.

There’s no denying Lippe holds a special place in Duke’s heart, and he can’t bear the thought of her being wounded. So he’ll do whatever he can to make her feel safe. Meanwhile, Dominic will sense something is wrong with Duke and will remain on all fours to ensure Lippe’s safety. Furthermore, the newly appointed priest will have his sights set on something valuable to the King.

Lady Baby Chapter 158
Ju Hyeon

A Quick Recap!

In the last chapter, a mystery guy paid the King a visit and told him about the high priest. The King, on the other hand, claimed that he couldn’t fool him, and the priest promptly brought up the fountain matter in the discussion. He revealed that he could also operate the fountain. Later, word spread like wildfire that the high priest was being fired. Everyone began discussing it, but the high priest couldn’t believe it was happening in Lady Baby Chapter 157.

The unknown priest who spoke behind the high priest later stated that the King had sacked the high priest and appointed him as a new priest. While the high priest was still reeling from the news, the newly appointed high priest directed that he be dragged out. He also gave the command to assassinate the former high priest. However, Young Duke Castillo rescued him. Meanwhile, Lippe requested that Sir Dominic also train in the stigma. Dominic wanted to be trained, but leaving Lippe for it wasn’t worth it.

Lady Baby Chapter 158
Ju Hyeon

Release Date for Ju Hyeon Lady Baby Chapter 158

Lady Baby is released on a weekly basis. So we may anticipate the release of Lady Baby Chapter 158 on May 15, 2022. The destiny of the former high priest will also be revealed in the next chapter. It will also reveal the truth about Lady Sarinette’s death. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.


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