Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 Release Date, Recap & More!

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Yu is still in the hospital, and he needs someone’s support to deal with the problem in Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7. He was moved by his classmates’ support and the fact that they risked their lives to reach out to him. Furthermore, the little clip let him understand how much he enjoys horseback riding and cannot live without it. As a result, he must enroll in the academy as soon as possible.

So, in the next episode, Yu will devise a strategy to return to the academy. He will inform the administration department of his condition and request permission to take the exam. But he needs someone’s assistance with this. So he will enlist the assistance of his trustworthy friends in this case. Continue reading to learn more.

Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 7
Lay-duce and Aniplex

Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Yu understands that he enjoys horseback riding and does not want to quit up after hearing his classmates’ statements, including the horse riding sound. But the issue here is his thorny manager, who had already written to the academy. Yu must now figure out how to get to the exam. But first, he must send another letter explaining his circumstances in order to attend the exam in Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7.

But he needs the support of his classmates to do so. Only they can now help him. So he’ll ask them to deliver the letter to the headmaster so that he can take the exam. As a result, he may request that his manager lend him her phone. She may initially resist, but she will soon give him her cell phone, allowing him to contact his trustworthy buddies to assist him in carrying out his plan in Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7.

Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 7
Lay-duce and Aniplex

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode dealt with Yu’s accident and its consequences. Yu was taken to the hospital after an accident while horseback riding left him unable to move his right arm. Because he was a previous idol, the word spread rapidly, and the media flocked to the hospital to question his manager. She had also barred other students from paying him a visit. In Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 6, his irritable manager begged him to quit right now. But he refused, reminding her that his exam was in a month.

His doctor, however, informed him that he couldn’t use his hand and that he needed to rest. Furthermore, applying too much pressure to his arm would result in more significant injuries. But when his doctor told him it would take a month to recuperate, it crushed his heart. It indicates Yu was unable to attend the exam. His classmates were upset when they learned this. They wanted to be there for him during this difficult moment.

Fanfare Of Adolescence Episode 7
Lay-duce and Aniplex

However, his management refused to allow them to visit him. Yu thereafter began reading some demotivating comments. He wanted to take the exam, so he chose to focus on recovering quickly. His manager, however, withdrew his name from the academy without contacting him. Later, one of his classmates objected and approached him. They tried to hide, but the manager caught them. In Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 6, one of his classmates approached him through a window and offered him an mp3 player containing his peers’ encouraging messages.

Episode 7 of Fanfare of Adolescence: Release Date

There are only two days left to enjoy your favorite anime series. Episode 7 of Fanfare Of Adolescence will premiere on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at 23:00 JST. It has a weekly release schedule, thus it airs every Saturday. Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 is also available on Crunchyroll. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.


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