Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

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Ferdinand assigns Myne a bodyguard to keep her safe at all times in the third episode of ‘Ascendance of a Bookworm’ season 3, titled ‘The Dedication Ceremony and Spring Arrives.’ After spending several weeks at the Cathedral, the protagonist is finally able to return home and spend time with her family. Later, Ferdinand warns Myne’s family that she will be adopted or executed when she reaches the age of 10 due to her unrestrained powers. Here’s all you need to know about the season 3 finale of ‘Ascendance of a Bookworm.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 3

Damuel, a knight turned bodyguard tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of the blue-robed priestess, is introduced to Delia, Fran, Gil, and Rosina by Myne. While others appear to be happy to meet him, Delia wonders if he is an upper-class noble. She becomes disappointed as Damuel clarifies that he is a lesser noble. After everyone has left, Myne learns she can now go to the library and read all she wants because she now has a bodyguard with her.

As the Dedication ceremony approaches, Myne learns about the traditions and other important events that will take place at the Cathedral. She also discovers that the ritual is usually organized in the deepest recesses of the aristocrats’ rooms. When she later meets Ferdinand, he explains that the Dedication ceremony is one of the Cathedral’s most important annual ceremonies. Myne is required to fill the little grail that she would receive with as much mana as she can as a blue-robed priestess with extraordinary powers.

The outcome of the rite will decide the town’s eventual crop. Myne, accompanied by Ferdinand, expresses her prayers and appreciation to the gods and goddesses who created the universe on the day of the Dedication ceremony. Things eventually work out without any unexpected attacks or safety problems, thanks to the leadership and ongoing support of the head priest. Myne and her pals also attend Rosina’s coming-of-age ceremony at the conclusion of the winter.

Meanwhile, she is in frequent communication with her coworkers in order to make book printing as effective as possible. She is now planning to convert her standard press into a printing press so that she can fulfill her goals of becoming a book enthusiast as soon as feasible. Ferdinand approaches Myne alone and informs her that Wolf is no longer alive. He informs her that Karstedt discovered it while gathering information on his client. Ferdinand and Myne assume that a noble is involved in all of this, which means that the protagonist’s life is still in danger.

As a result, Ferdinand summons Myne’s family for an urgent meeting and notifies them of the ongoing risk to their daughter. He goes on to say that she will have to stay at the Cathedral for a longer period of time, and that when she reaches the age of 10, she will be adopted by a noble. If that does not happen, she will most likely be executed due to her inability to control her powers. While Myne’s father initially objects, he, like her daughter, eventually realizes that they don’t have much of a choice and must listen to the top priest, who has been on their side since the beginning.

Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: What Is the Spring Prayer? Ferdinand is preparing in what way?

The Spring Prayer, as the name suggests, is a yearly religious ritual held by the Cathedral in early spring. The blue priests, escorted by the shrine maidens, perform an important rite in which they make the earth fertile by filling it with their mana. The group travels to various parts of the duchy, believing that the ritual will produce the intended results.

While most Spring Prayers go down without a hitch, Ferdinand has heard some worrisome whispers about the religious ceremony this time. With Myne’s life already in jeopardy, it is important that he guarantees that everything goes exactly as the Cathedral desires. As a result, he has a personal talk with Damuel in which he informs him about the ominous clouds on the horizon as well as the opportunity for him to redeem himself.

While this was obviously a significant step, Ferdinand took it a step further by inviting Karstedt and Sylvester to accompany Myne. With the Spring Prayer fast approaching, it appears that the head priest is more determined than ever to ensure that the rites and other activities linked with the yearly religious celebration are carried out safely, with Myne’s well-being as a top priority.


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