Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date: Trailer, Plot, and News for Anime Series

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Season 5 of the popular drama series Aggretsuko is officially on the way. Aggretsuko season 5 will launch soon, according to Netflix. And we know that Aggretsuko fans are really happy about the season 5 launch news and are anxious to hear more about their favourite Drama.

Yes!! And this is the ideal website to read because we have all the information you need about Season 5 of Aggretsuko. This article will feature information such as the season 5 release date and time, cast and staff members, show rating, and other recent Aggretsuko developments.

When will the fifth season of Aggretsuko premiere?

Aggretsuko Season 5 production is now complete, and the show is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2022.

Overview of Aggretsuko Season 5

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Quick Facts About Aggretsuko Season 5

Season 5 of Aggretsuko

  • Season: Aggretsuko
  • Japanese: アグレッシブ烈子
  • No. of Seasons: Season 4
  • No. of Episode: 41
  • Writer: Rareko
  • Director: Rareko
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Music, Musical, Romance
  • Cast: Retsuko, Haida, Director Ton, Fenneko
  • Production: Fanworks
  • Producer(S): Kelly Luegenbiehl
  • Music: Satoshi Hono
  • Country of Origin:
  • Origin Language: English, Japanese
  • Available Languages: English
  • Next Episode tobe Aired On: TBA
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: Netflix

When Will Aggretsuko Season 5 Be Released? (Release Date)

The good news for Aggretsuko fans is that Netflix is planning to aggressively broadcast its iconic comedic anime TV series. Aggretsuko’s previous season will air on December 15, 2020.

If the show were picked up today, it would take around 14 months to complete all stages of production, so we’d be looking at the end of 2022 at the most.

What will the storyline of Aggretsuko Season 5 be?

There have been no formal announcements about Aggretsuko season 5’s plot. Still, based on how season 4 ends, we can get a good idea of what and where the story will go in Aggretsuko season 5.

As we saw in Season 4, Himiro will step down as CEO due to unforeseen circumstances, and the company’s former CEO will regain the post; both Kabae and Ton will resign. Meanwhile, near the end of the season, Retsuko and Haida ultimately get together.

Fans will be curious to see how Retsuko and Haida handle their connection, where it will lead them, and how things will turn in Retsuko’s firm in the following season.

Is the Renewal of Aggretsuko season 5 confirmed?

Yes, the Netflix famous comedy anime is back with its fifth season, bringing us even more drama and fun.

Season 5 of Aggretsuko has been officially renewed by Netflix, and the release date of the new episodes has also been guaranteed.

How many episodes will there be in Aggretsuko season 5?

There were 41 episodes in all spanning the four seasons prior to the fifth season. Season 4 of Aggretsuko had 10 episodes, thus we anticipate that season 5 will have at least ten episodes, if not more.

We watched ten episodes in the previous season, including the following.

  • Someone from Work; Episode 1
  • The New Boss; Episode 2
  • Dirty Work; Episode 3
  • Unkept Promises; Episode 4
  • Options; Episode 5
  • Struggle for Survival; Episode 6
  • Moving Up; Episode 7
  • Headhunting; Episode 8
  • Unauthorized Access; Episode 9
  • Rendezvous; Episode 10

Aggretsuko Season 5 Rating & Reviews


Yes, Aggretsuko is a great anime TV show to watch. It will delight you while also teaching you how to overcome social anxiety and try to fit in in a new situation.

The show is popular enough and a good pick to watch, with high ratings and reviews. The show has an IMDb rating of 8/10 and a rotten tomato rating of 100 percent.


Aggretsuko is a fantastic production. Season 3 was a little lacklustre in my opinion, but it perked up in season 4. Character development is excellent, and the majority of the characters are endearing in their own right.

I also think the animation is fantastic, and the plot is so good that when a season ends, you’re left wanting more. Overall, I believe this is a fantastic programme that is underappreciated.

Where can I find Aggretsuko season 5?

Aggretsuko is a Netflix original series, and all new episodes will be available on the streaming service. And if you want to watch all of Aggretsuko’s seasons, you may do so on Netflix.

Who will appear in the fifth season of Aggretsuko?

Season 5 will see most of the old cast members return from season 4, and there is a chance that some new characters may make their debut in Aggretsuko season 5.

  • Retsuko: As we all know, the major focus of the Aggretsuko anime series is Retsuko. A 25-year-old panda will work at a job she despises and then go to metal karaoke to relieve her stress. And she’ll be a total introvert who struggles to get along with her coworkers and overcome her social phobia.

Voice actor of Retsuko: Kaolin.
English voice actor: Erica Mendez.

  • Haida: Haida will be working at the same company as Retsuko and will develop a crush on her. Haida will face the same issues as Retsuko and will lack the confidence to reveal his affections to her.

Voice actor of Haida: Shingo Kato.
English voice actor: Ben Diskin.

  • Director Ton: Ton is the director. Ton is a domestic pig that is the head of the accounting department, and director Ton is seen giving Retsuko a hard time by overworking her. He also continues to play golf instead of working.

Voice actor of director Ton: Souta Arai.
English voice actor: Josh Petersdorf.

  • Fenneko: Fennekin is a fennec fox, Retsuko’s coworker, and a dear friend. She also has a fantastic relationship with Haida and a rivalry with Tsunoda.

Voice actor of Fenneko: Rina Inoue.
English voice actor: Katelyn Gault.

Will the Aggretsuko Season 5 Trailer be updated?

As of currently, no official word has been made regarding the release of the Aggretsuko trailer. Please keep checking our website for details on the forthcoming season. If it is, you will be able to see it on our website. The previous season trailer may be viewed here.


We hope that we were able to cover all of the pertinent information in this article on Season 5 of the Aggretsuko anime series. Stay tuned to our website Amazfeed for more information on the next seasons of the Aggretsuko anime series.

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Frequently Ask Questions About Aggretsuko season 5

1. Will Aggretsuko get a fifth season?

There have been no formal statements about the continuation of Aggretsuko Season 5 as of yet.

2. Where can I find Aggretsuko to watch?

Aggretsuko is available on Netflix.

3. Where is the Aggretsuko TV programme shot?

Fanworks Studios was used to film the Aggretsuko TV show.

4. Is There Any Update On The Aggretsuko Season 5 Trailer?

The trailer for Aggretsuko Season 5 has yet to be released.

5. Will Aggretsuko be available on Netflix in 2021?

Yes. Aggretsuko is accessible on Netflix, where it can be found in the thriller category.


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