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Gaslit Episode 2: What is the Canal+ release date and time?

Discover all the information about the release of episode 2 of Gaslit on Canal+! Release date and time etc.

Gaslit is available on Canal+! If you want to know when will gaslit episode 2 be released, read on! Set in the 1970s, the narrative brings to light several untold stories of the Watergate scandal. Martha Mitchell, wife of President Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John N. Mitchell, leads the charge as she is the first person to reveal to the rest of the world Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate scam, despite his party affiliation.

Martha is forced to face the consequences of her actions, while John must choose between being loyal to the president or his wife. To find out if the series is inspired by a true story, read this. Otherwise, we tell you everything about the release of episode 2 of Gaslitwe tell you everything!

What release date and time for episode 2 of Gaslit on Canal+?

The wait is no longer very long! The gaslit episode 2 release date was set for May 1, 2022 on Canal+. For the most impatient, Gaslit episode 2 release time was set at 9 a.m. in France.

gaslit episode 2

What can we expect next? Spoilers!

The series is stunning, as you might expect, with lush visuals and transporting sets and costumes. The narration can, however, at times, seem meandering. The burglary takes place in Gaslit episode 2and the plot really kicks into high gear at the end of Episode 4.

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But one could say that the series could have been shortened. However, when the trip is so entertaining, a few extra hours with these people doesn’t feel like penance.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 60 min


TMDb: 7.7


Gaslit Episode 2: What is the Canal+ release date and time?


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