Interesting Facts of
RRR Movie

RRR is carrying a humongous craze and buzz in all the languages. This happens to be the next immediate project of SS Rajamouli after Baahubali

NTR, Ram Charan are the lead actors and here are some interesting facts about the film

RRR is shot in Hyderabad, Pune, and Ukraine over 300 days. Special sets were built in the Aluminium Factory for the shoot. The film will be shot on over 100 acres of property.

Rajamouli and his family also constructed a lavish bungalow in the premises which also had an edit suite and other facilities. 

RRR is releasing in a record number of screens in 60 countries. The film will have its release in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

The film is made on a budget close to Rs 500 crores including the remunerations and the heaped-up interests

The makers spent close to Rs 40 crores on the promotions across the country. RRR will have the biggest IMAX release for any Indian film till date. 

Tollywood Superstars NTR and Ram Charan dedicated close to four years to the film. NTR and Charan took Rs 45 crores each as remuneration for the project. 

SS Rajamouli and his family will have a lion’s share in the film’s profits. A major portion of the film’s budget was spent on VFX work. 

All the theatres in AP and Telangana will screen RRR for the first weekend and there is a huge demand for the tickets. 

The early premieres in Telangana are expected to start at 1 AM in Hyderabad and the tickets are sold for Rs 5000.

RRR is a fictional attempt and the second half will be packed with action.

The film also has a strong emotional drama. Rajamouli and his team are super confident on the film.

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