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This Is Not a Comedy Ending Explained

What if you come across an extraterrestrial that you don’t recognize? The Spanish-original tragicomic indie drama film ‘This Is Not a Comedy’ (‘El Comediante’), directed by Rodrigo Guardiola and starring Gabriel Nuncio as a fictional version of himself, comes across as dreamy, philosophical, gloomy, existential, and, at times, visionary. To take a word from the film, this is “pure cinema.”

Gabriel Nuncio, a rundown comedian, is perennially broke. But he’s going to make a lot of money when his Martian space thriller hits the big screen. The problem is that no one understands what the screenplay is about, and everyone just wants to laugh or argue over the color of Mars. Meanwhile, Gabriel is with a mysterious woman who claims to be able to communicate with aliens. What does the future hold for Gabriel? If you can’t figure out the twist conclusion, let’s go back to Gabriel’s transcendence. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Plot Synopsis: This Is Not A Comedy

Gabriel “Gabito” Nuncio makes a living as a comic, despite the fact that he is not always in his element. Gabriel takes the stage and humiliates Leyre. He starts out well with a story about him pursuing other Gabriel Nuncios on the internet, but the humorous comedy quickly devolves into a gloomy one. Gabriel’s reminiscence of his growing romance makes Leyre feel like a psychopath, so she flees. Gabriel and Melissa catch up in the lounge over imported beer.

Melissa wants Gabriel to be the father of her son because her marriage to Ricardo is failing. Gabriel thought the beer was on the house, but because it was imported, he received $100 less than the agreed-upon amount. He misplaces his keys at home and must contact a locksmith. The locksmith charges an additional fee, and Gabriel agrees, only to discover the keys in his jacket. The next morning, Leyre pays him a visit and they go rug shopping.

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Gabito, on the other hand, is short on cash and leaves the business with an excuse. Leyre persuades him to visit Amethyst Mountain, but Gabriel is preoccupied with a few engagements. He tells Leyre about Melissa’s wishes, and she wishes him a happy parenting. Gabriel hails a cab and pays a visit to his estranged Uncle Gonzo, who is dying. Gonzo dies after communicating with Gabriel, and he returns to the astronaut from his narrative. He gets a dog and prepares to sell his script, but he encounters a few roadblocks.

Can Gabriel Finish His Script? This Is Not A Comedy Ending: Can Gabriel Finish His Script? Is he able to sell it?

Gabriel creates a story about a girl who travels to Mars despite knowing she will not be able to return to Earth, although it is only a preliminary draft. Gabriel makes an appointment with famed actress Cecilia Suarez after being encouraged by his friend Saevich. Cecilia believes Gabriel’s character, Sophia, lacks focus, and that the term “Fourth Planet” is misogynistic. She recommends ‘She Astronaut,’ and she advises Gabriel to get lobster ravioli.

Despite Ramiro’s pledge to pay, Gabriel still has no money. Cecilia comes to Gabriel’s aid after his credit card is refused. Saevich introduces him to star Tenoch, who want to change directions. He suggests that Gabriel create a play based on the story, but Gabriel rejects the idea. Tenoch and Cecilia both want to work on comedy projects, despite Gabriel’s repeated assertions that it’s more of a drama than a comedy.

Meanwhile, he considers abandoning his stand-up routine, but fails badly while filming an ad campaign for cat food. But things are looking up for him now that he has the opportunity to pitch his script to Cannes-famous filmmaker Atom Egoyan. Gabriel introduces the concept, with a few recommendations from Cecilia thrown in for good measure. However, the director believes that the “script” is not a script, but rather an anecdote.

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Gabriel’s hopes were shattered by the dismissal. He eventually abandons stand-up comedy, though he keeps his puppet, Abelardo, to entertain kindergarten children. He goes against the grain and becomes a children’s book author. As the film’s conclusion reveals, Gabriel has traded his writing concept for a pop-up book. The story revolves around – you guessed it — Sophia, the astronaut. And, contrary to the director, children appear to enjoy it a lot. When Gabriel departs for his transcendence, he is met by a child who congratulates him on the book.

Is Leyre still alive or dead? Can She Really Communicate With Extraterrestrials?

Gabriel and Saevich attend an arcane ritual near the end, which we subsequently learn is a funeral. The funeral is for Leyre, who appears to have died. Lily, Leyre’s sister, informs Gabriel that she has left the human body. Lily’s traditional belief, on the other hand, emphasizes that Leyre is still living in another form. Leyre appears to be an enigmatic woman who plays the ukulele and claims to have connected with the Intergalactic Federation. Gabriel and Leyre had crossed paths several times before embarking on an affair.

Leyre tells Gabriel that she met him because she is able to converse with aliens. We don’t understand her cryptic remarks right now, just like Gabriel. The extraterrestrial, however, may not be a grey alien after all. Gabriel appears to be an alien in his surroundings; while others in the film have figured out their position in life, our protagonist is still figuring it out. He frequently fails to express his natural emotions and comes across as a pushover.

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Leyre is aware of her surroundings because she is in sync with her inner self. Gabriel’s isolation is palpable to her. But isn’t Leyre dead? Although we believe Lily’s words, the ultimate sequence alters all equations. Gabriel hears static noises on the car radio on his way to the horizon, followed by Leyre’s voice. Gabriel is reassured by Leyre that she is OK and that Somersault, Gabriel’s missing dog, is also with her.

As a result, we don’t know what happens to her. Perhaps she is still dead, and Gabriel is only hearing what he needs to hear. The universe, according to Leyre, aligns us with each other, yet Gabriel missed the signals while Leyre was present. As a result, Leyre’s absence most likely worries Gabriel because he failed to spend more time with her while wrapped up in other, less important responsibilities.

Is Gabriel having a nightmare?

Gabriel, like the protagonist of his script, Sophia, is unsure of what he wants out of life. We can sense his repressed ambitions, though – he wants to transcend but is hesitant to take the plunge. Gabriel walks out of his automobile and parks it on the side of the road in the conclusion. Gabriel levitates as a halo descends on him, as if he were on a spaceship. It’s suggested that he reunite with Leyre. However, the film’s magical realism does not persuade us of his possible “alien abduction.” Perhaps he falls asleep while driving since the road of life is endless. We rest our argument on the idea that Gabriel is, in the end, probably dreaming.

This Is Not a Comedy Ending Explained
This Is Not a Comedy Ending Explained


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