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The Requin Ending Explained

‘The Requin,’ directed by Le-Van Kiet, is a horror-thriller film about Jaelyn and Kyle, a couple on holiday in Vietnam. However, following a violent storm, the couple finds themselves fighting for survival in the midst of great white shark attacks. In this stylised action thriller, Jaelyn and Kyle are haunted by their history as they try to save themselves from shark attacks. With Jaelyn and Kyle’s life on the line, viewers must be eager to find out how the couple’s terrible holiday ends. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about ‘The Requin’s’ denouement. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Synopsis of the Requin Plot

Jaelyn and Kyle, an American couple on holiday in Vietnam, open the picture. Jaelyn is mourning the loss of her newborn child. Jaelyn was devastated by the experience, which resulted in the baby’s stillbirth. Jaelyn and Kyle travel to Vietnam in the hopes of healing and lifting their spirits. The pair is staying at a seaside hideaway in a floating bungalow over the ocean. Kyle gets a strange bite while swimming that he ignores.

A violent tropical thunderstorm strikes the beach retreat one night. As the storm intensifies, Jaelyn receives a phone call from the hotel personnel asking if she wants to relocate to the shore. Kyle, on the other hand, tells Jaelyn that the storm will pass and they would be OK. They return to sleep after declining the invitation to shift. As the water tides begin to damage the house, Jaelyn is startled awake by strange noises. As the couple attempts to flee, the house is shattered and begins to float away from the mainland.

Kyle’s injury is increasing, and Jaelyn and Kyle are concerned. Furthermore, the couple has no way of communicating with the mainland. Kyle insists on staying in the house and waiting for help. Meanwhile, Jaelyn dives into the ocean in search of any food or supplies she may find. When a ship passes by the couple’s swaying residence, they ignite a smoke signal to summon rescue. The house, however, catches fire, forcing the couple to flee on an improvised raft.

Kyle’s damaged leg is bit off by a shark that strikes the couple’s rift. Kyle is saved by Jaelyn from the shark, and the two continue to drift along the ocean. Soon after, a swarm of sharks assaults the couple and bites Kyle’s legs, rendering him immobile. Jaelyn rescues the raft once more, and the couple arrives on a beach. Kyle, however, dies, and the tides wash his body into the ocean, where a swarm of sharks devours him. Jaelyn is alone, despairing, and bruised, and she must battle for her life. The outcome of Jaelyn’s escape compensates for the remainder of the plot.

Does Jaelyn Survive at the End of The Requin?

Jaelyn finds herself in a nightmare scenario after her trip to Vietnam takes an unexpected turn. Jaelyn has been profoundly traumatized by her baby’s stillbirth and is unable to bear the sight of blood. As a result, Jaelyn’s predicament has become much more difficult to deal with as a result of the shark attack. Furthermore, her spouse dies from his wounds, and the sharks rip his body to shreds. Jaelyn pulls herself over the shore, her thigh bitten by a shark. Jaelyn experiences a vision of Kyle, who pushes her to fight for survival and continue with her life, just as she is about to give up. Jaelyn musters her strength and makes it to the other end of the beach, where she notices a fisherman’s coracle.

Jaelyn feels a spark of hope when she sees the coracle. She asks the fisherman for assistance, and he quickly attends to her injuries. Jaelyn collapses from tiredness and pain when her wound is stitched up. Meanwhile, the fisherman jumps into the sea to inspect his nets. He is, however, bitten by a shark. Jaelyn awakens and attempts to help the fisherman, but he is devoured by the shark. As a result, Jaelyn knows she can no longer flee the sea creature and must instead confront it. Jaelyn discovers an outboard engine in the coracle and employs it in her fight against the shark. However, Jaelyn’s attack enrages the shark, causing the coracle to topple.

Throughout the film, Jaelyn runs away from the sharks, only fighting back when necessary. In the climax, though, Jaelyn becomes determined to fight the aggressive shark at any cost. Nonetheless, after the coracle is turned upside down, she faces a formidable challenge. Jaelyn utilizes her whole weight to swing the coracle’s anchor into the shark’s mouth as the shark prepares to attack. The shark is killed as a result of the attack. As a result, Jaelyn saves herself from possible death and celebrates her triumph over the terrifying event. The encounter reminds Jaelyn of the worth of life, somewhat undoing her trauma. Jaelyn eventually floats near a beach packed with fisherman. Jaelyn finally breaths a sigh of relief and prepares to put the shark attacks behind her.

Jaelyn and Kyle Make Up?

Jaelyn and Kyle are recovering from a disaster in their lives at the start of the film. Jaelyn has been shaken by the stillbirth of their firstborn child. However, the incident has caused a schism between the pair. While Jaelyn and Kyle never fully address their mixed emotions as a result of the tragedy, it is clear that things are not going well between them. As the story progresses, the pair becomes stuck in the water, and Jaelyn expresses her doubts about their love. Kyle’s handling of the incident is criticized by her. Jaelyn confesses her regret about her life following the unlucky motherhood.

Despite his sympathy and sensitivity, Kyle is unable to comprehend Jaelyn’s point of view. Kyle also withdrew himself from Jaelyn, forcing her to deal with her ordeal alone. However, the pair reconciles despite facing an uncertain future in the water. Kyle apologizes to Jaelyn, and she unconditionally forgives him, reviving their relationship. The couple’s happiness, however, is fleeting. The sharks strike and murder Kyle soon after their reconciliation. As a result, Jaelyn and Kyle’s reconciliation comes to an end on a tragic note, as Kyle dies. Nonetheless, the couple’s reconciliation provides Jaelyn the courage to fight for her existence even after her spouse dies.

The Requin Ending Explained
The Requin Ending Explained
The Requin Ending Explained


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