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The Privilege Ending Explained: Does Demon Possess Finn and Samira?

‘The Privilege’ (alternatively named ‘Das Privileg’) is a German supernatural horror film about Finn, a youngster traumatized by the death of his elder sister. Finn and his friends start to notice strange otherworldly events in their surroundings. As the teenagers investigate the case, a succession of chilling revelations emerge.

The film, directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde, combines elements of horror, fantasy, and science fiction to create a gripping story that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. However, as we near the conclusion, many questions remain unresolved. If you’re looking for more information on the ending of ‘The Privilege,’ look no further! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Synopsis of the Privilege Plot

‘The Privilege’ begins with Finn, an eleven-year-old, spending time with his older sister, Anna, while their parents are away. However, Anna senses the presence of a supernatural entity intent on harming her and Finn. She drives Finn away and comes to a halt on a bridge. Finn senses the entity’s presence as well and follows Anna. Finn is traumatized when Anna falls off the bridge’s edge and dies.

Image Credit: Jakub Bejnarowicz/Bavaria Fiction

Years later, Finn matures into an adolescent who has horrific dreams of Anna’s death. Dr. Steinke prescribes a new medicine to him and his twin sister, Sophie. At school, Finn hangs out with his best friend, Lena, and struggles to strike up a conversation with his crush, Dr. Steinke’s daughter, Samira. As Sophie becomes ill, Finn begins to feel the presence of the demonic monster that assaulted him and Anna. Sophie abruptly ends her relationship with Ramin. Finn is perplexed by the circumstances and attempts to speak with Ramin, but he is found dead. When it becomes clear that higher supernatural forces are at work, Finn joins forces with Lena to expose the conspiracy.

Finn discovers that the medicine he was prescribed is the source of the supposedly otherworldly happenings. The remedy is formed of a fungus that grows on dead bodies and is thought to have links to demonic spirits and otherworldly creatures. Finn discovers that the tablets have allowed an evil creature to take possession of Sophie. He fails in his attempt to exorcise her with the assistance of Lena and Samira. Leander, the trio’s schoolmate, too becomes ill and dies. Finn and Samira discover evidence that proves they were all adopted by their parents in Leander’s backpack.

Meanwhile, Lena sneaks into a pill marketing presentation and discovers that the supernatural occurrences are linked to the pharma corporation Trondthal, which is run by Finn’s father. Finn is kidnapped by Trondthal and compelled to participate in a lethal ritual just as things start to make sense. The rest of the plot is made up by whether or not Finn survives the ordeal and discovers the mystery of the pills.

The End of the Privilege: Does Finn Flee the Cult? Is he possessed by the demon?

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Finn’s parents are concealing something from him. We subsequently find that Finn and his friends are adopted and are being groomed for a dark purpose by their parents. The parents are members of a cult that operates under the banner of Trondthal. The cult has been around for centuries and is also known as the demons and the devil’s henchman.

Thus, it is implied that the cult members’ bodies are only vessels for demonic spirits. Finn’s parents and sister, as well as Dr. Steinke, are all members of the cult. Because spirits cannot live within a dead body, the pills help them shift from one body to another. When Finn’s grandfather dies and he is picked as a new vessel, the same thing happens.

Image Credit: Jakub Bejnarowicz/Bavaria Fiction

The cult subdues Finn and begins the transforming rite during the climax. The demonic entity that resides within Finn’s grandfather’s body emerges, as do the other spirits. The devil tries to control Finn but is prevented when Lena intervenes and sets fire to the vessels. She saves Finn, who cures the fungus and flees the burning house.

While the cult members and ghosts appear to be burning within the mansion, Finn and Lena reunite with Samira. In the end, Lena’s foresight and prompt intervention save Finn. Sophie, on the other hand, survives the fire and attempts to persuade Finn to join her. Samira runs over Sophie and appears to murder her. The youngsters drive away into the night, the awful events behind them.

Did Samira become possessed by the Demonic Spirit?

A wicked entity attacks the teenagers just as they feel they are safe. This entity is similar to the one experienced by the three when attempting to exorcise Sophie. The youngsters are attacked by the spirit as they drive past the bridge and crash into the railing. As Finn and Lena exit the automobile, it hangs precariously on the precipice. The crash leaves Samira unconscious, but Finn drags her to safety before the automobile collides. All three teenagers survive in the end. They know they can’t go back and must forge their way forward.

Furthermore, they see an advertisement for the tablets, which emphasizes that they are still dangerous. While more evil spirits are expected to attack the youngsters now that they are aware of the actual nature of the pills, the trio must band together and fight back. Lena and Finn, on the other hand, are completely oblivious that the demonic entity has taken up residence within Samira.

In the concluding minutes of the film, Samira turns to face the audience, her eyes glowing blue like the vessels’. She also growls like the evil spirit, confirming Samira’s shift. Earlier in the film, it is claimed that Samira, who is also adopted, was taking the tablets. The fungus, however, had not yet manifested within her. Simultaneously, the parasitic fungus had not been ejected from her body, making her vulnerable to the evil spirit’s onslaught. The demon plans to murder the teenagers but appears to vanish after the accident. The final scene confirms that the demon did indeed enter Samira’s body.

The Privilege Ending Explained: Does Demon Possess Finn and Samira?
The Privilege Ending Explained: Does Demon Possess Finn and Samira?


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