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The Novice Ending Explained

‘The Novice,’ a psychological thriller film directed by Lauren Hadaway, follows Alex Dall, an incredibly competitive college student who joins her university’s rowing squad. Dall’s unwavering determination to be the finest of the rookies leads her on a harrowing psychological trip. Intense and brutally real, the sports film presents an incredible character study, delving into the lengths Dall will go to attain her goal. The intriguing film comes to a shocking conclusion, leaving many unresolved issues for the spectator to connect the dots. Here’s everything you need to know about the film’s ending if you’re wondering! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the Novice Plot

Alex Dall is a competitive college student with a Physics major. She joins her university’s rowing squad as a novice and begins to work hard in order to make the varsity team. She practises incessantly under Coach Pete’s supervision and puts up amazing results, earning her a spot on the varsity team alongside fellow rookie Jamie Brill. However, due to an injury, she loses her first race with the team. She approaches Coach Edwards and begins exercising on water rather than in an ERG machine to enhance her technique.

Along with her rigorous training, Dall begins dating Dani, the teaching assistant who administers her quizzes. Dall’s rigorous work pays off as she is named to the secondary varsity team, 2V. Dall and Brill’s 2V defeats 1V, the main varsity squad, in the inaugural spring training race, making an impact on the coaches. Dall and Brill confront Coach Edwards and demand a seat race in order to be promoted to 1V. Despite Edwards’ dismissal, Dall and Brill are later chosen for spring season seat races to assess both rowers’ abilities.

Brill Cheats Dall in the Novice Ending?

Brill does, in fact, defraud Dall. Dall and Brill participate in fours in the seat race, with the other three rowers remaining the same. Following the two races, their performances are evaluated, and the rower with the fastest time with the crew wins. The rowers chosen to compete in the race with Dall and Brill row lighter for Dall and harder for Brill, assisting Brill in winning.

While 1V symbolises the pinnacle of Dall’s ability as a dedicated rower, it is little more than a means for Brill to obtain a scholarship. Brill is on the point of dropping out of college and enrolling at a state university due to financial problems. She is also concerned about the prospect of living with her father. And the only thing that can save her from this situation is the scholarship she would receive when she advances to 1V. When she discovers that Dall is a presidential scholar and does not require the scholarship to pay her education, she abandons Dall. Brill recruits other rowers to help her win the seat race, believing that Dall will handle her own college years regardless of which team she ends up on.

Other varsity rowers, who are already irritated by Dall’s compulsive training and competition, assist Brill in order to avoid Dall on the main squad. Despite Dall’s unfair treatment, survival becomes a top goal for Brill. Unlike Dall, who is obsessed with her training and race numbers, Brill is only concerned with the chance of receiving a scholarship. Her eyes only view others as “silver spoon bitches,” and her lack of economic privileges becomes an excuse for what she does to Dall.

Is Dall able to reach 1V? Why does Dall remove her name from the list of rowers?

No, Dall does not reach 1V. Dall competes against Brill, Highsmith, Janssen, and Mitchell before the finals lineup is decided. However, the race is disrupted by lightning, causing uncertainty among the competitors. Nonetheless, Dall continues to compete against Brill and is the only one to complete the race. She checks at her watch after finishing and returns to her rowing boat, signalling that she had broken Highsmith’s record time. Dall arrives into the camp, and before anyone can say anything, she erases her name from the roster of rowers, signalling her departure from the team.

Being a rower and making it to 1V, in Dall’s opinion, are methods for her to challenge herself and be good at something she is not naturally strong at. She is unconcerned about her team or rowing, and the only thing that motivates her is the chance to work hard and become the best at something. That is why, despite the fact that Physics is her most difficult subject, she chooses it as her major. That is why she chooses rowing even if she has no desire to continue doing so for professional or financial reasons.

All that matters to Dall is the chance to be the best at something, and once she complete her last race, maybe in a new record time, the chance vanishes since she has become the best. As a result, Dall removes her name off the list as she achieves her goal. When Dall is the only one to finish the race, 1V becomes meaningless. She knows she has accomplished her goal, and by leaving the team, she is free to pursue and work hard for another goal, to conquer something else she is not excellent at.

Will Dall and Dani get together?

Dall and Dani hit it off right away. Dani indirectly asks Dall out, and they both have a nice night out at a club. Even if nothing happens after that for a while, they both start their lives together after figuring things out during a dinner party. Both of them manage to find time together despite Dall’s hectic training schedule.

However, the relationship hits a snag when Dani demands that Dall give up her rowing hobby. She becomes concerned about Dall’s failing health and the pain she is causing herself. When Dani tells Dall that she can’t bear seeing her suffer in this way, Dall asks her to stop the relationship. Even though the film does not directly show if the two end up together after their intense argument, the chances are slim.

Dani’s decision to terminate things may stand because Dall continues to stress on working hard and pushing herself to complete difficult tasks. She is anticipated to leave Dall to pursue her PhD degree after being accepted into several programmes at the University of Chicago. As the film’s last moments imply, Dall may not modify her life ideals even if it means losing Dani.

The Novice Ending Explained
The Novice Ending Explained
The Novice Ending Explained
The Novice Ending Explained
The Novice Ending Explained


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