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The In Between Ending, Explained

The science-fiction romantic film ‘The In Between,’ directed by Arie Posin of ‘The Chumscrubber,’ is, above all, a therapeutic investigation of the effect of bereavement on the human brain. Tessa and her boyfriend are involved in an accident at the opening of the film. Tessa awakens in a hospital, and the story flashes back 138 days to the beginning of her love story.

The remainder of the film attempts to reconstruct the fatal night, while Tessa seeks closure in her life. During this time, she learns that her boyfriend may be attempting to connect with her from the titular in-between. The film is dreamy and tranquil, with a murky white tone, while the score heightens the emotions. It has a happy ending thanks to the hero’s preference, but certain details are unclear. Let us decode the conclusion if you’re curious about what happened in those final seconds. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the In-Between Plot

Tess and her boyfriend Skyler are involved in a car accident, and Tess awakens in a hospital bed. Despite the severity of the injury, Dr. Rita Sarkisian reports that her right ventricle is working normally despite the rip. Tessa’s psyche, on the other hand, is in ruins following Skyler’s death. Tessa witnesses unusual occurrences, such as her shattered phone going on by itself and displaying an image of a deck. Skyler appears on her bed later, and they go out into the harsh whiteness. The nurse informs Tessa about Doris, who is working on a book on the afterlife and would want to hear Tessa’s story.

 In Between

The plot goes back in time to tell the narrative of Tessa and Skyler’s brief relationship. Tessa, a photography student, enjoys watching movies, but only those with tragic endings. Tessa meets Skyler, a dashing athlete fluent in Italian, French, and Spanish, while viewing a French film without subtitles at the Avalon Theatre. Skyler explains the entire movie for her, and they part without exchanging phone numbers. Tessa meets Skyler in a rowing competition a month later, thanks to Shannon’s persistence. Skyler’s mother reveals, much to Skyler’s humiliation, how Skyler searched for Tessa on the internet.

Tessa, on the other hand, rescues the day by consenting to go out with him. They lunch at a shack-style café with a magnificent view, and later, at Tessa’s request, they tour the abandoned hotel ‘Empyrean’ to hear the ghosts of the newlyweds’ past. When Tessa learns that Skyler is attending Brown University, they exchange kisses. As we learn more about Tessa’s relationship with Skyler in the past, the present plot follows Tessa as she seeks closure. Skyler interacts with her from the world of the “in-between.” Tessa tries to contact Skyler, but Doris tells her that she may be trapped in the domain for the rest of her life.

The Ending of The In Between: What Is the “In Between”? Is Tessa able to connect with Skyler?

The plot is built around the theme of the “in-between.” Tessa seeks the advice of paranormal researcher Doris after receiving strange messages, allegedly from Skyler. Tessa has a pessimistic realistic view of the world (and relationships), hence she is sceptical about the likelihood of After-Death Communications (or ADC). Tessa, on the other hand, comes to grips with Skyler’s attempt to connect with her after receiving many indications. Skyler’s face appears by her side for a brief period as she develops a snapshot of her face. However, because the fixer isn’t working, the photographs can’t be used as evidence.

 In Between

Tessa’s hand, on the other hand, responds automatically during the exam, destroying the OMR sheet. Skyler’s song, “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS, begins playing on Tessa’s phone as if on cue. To Tessa’s surprise, music begins to play on all of the phones in the enormous classroom. Shannon, too, thinks after the encounter that Tessa’s assertion may be true. She begins to learn a lot about the phenomenon of ADC. They experiment with planchette, looking in the mirror, and staring into the static TV screen while wearing sunglasses. However, as they give up and exit the room, we notice a shadowy figure emerge from the motionless screen.

Tessa’s adopted mother, Vickie, requests that the car be driven to her office, so Tessa arrives home early. Around that time, the automobile GPS resets itself, giving Tessa a map that bears a striking resemblance to the pattern on the OMR sheet. Tessa shifts into reverse and follows the map to Doris’ house after the revelation. Doris anticipates Tessa’s arrival because she anticipates Skyler’s relationship with Tessa. Tessa learns from Doris that spirits frequently visit locations where they feel the most love, but her advise comes with a warning — Tessa may be forever trapped in the in-between space.

Tessa compiles a list of sites where she spent quality time with Skyler. Her quest for Skyler’s spirit comes to a conclusion at the Empyrean, where they share their first kiss. Tessa becomes even more determined to speak with Skyler for one more time after having an out-of-body experience that involves walking on the wall and Skyler’s phantom smashing the glass pane. Meanwhile, she returns to the hospital because chasing Skyler’s ghost has damaged her recuperation. In the end, Shannon and Tessa escape the hospital, and Tessa experiences a near-death experience on the accident scene before saying her final goodbyes to the titular in-between.

Many cultures believe that the deceased’s soul wanders the earth for a time before departing the world. The concept of after-death contact is not new – and there are numerous tales of such encounters all throughout the world. People who witness the occurrence see, hear, or feel the presence of their deceased loved ones in the living realm. You might smell their scent, experience dizzy visions, or see the dead in your nightmares. The Atlantic Paranormal Society, the organisation behind the TV show ‘Ghost Hunters,’ claims to have 3300 ADC accounts. However, as the conversation progresses into the metaphysical and spiritual realms, we rarely rationalise such encounters.

Is Tessa still alive or dead? Is Tessa able to find closure?

 In Between

Finally, Shannon and Tessa escape from the hospital to meet Skylar’s ghost one last time. Skyler’s soul seems to take control of the car, bringing Tessa and Shannon to the scene of the collision. Tessa collapses on the road, suffering a near-fatal injury. Her spirit emerges from her body to greet Skyler. Tessa believed she couldn’t express her feelings for Skyler, which is why she can’t get over Skyler’s memory. However, the conclusion reveals that she stated those three words just before the disaster.

Skyler and Tessa travel to different locations, memories, and even Paris. Skyler does not want to leave her, but he believes in happy endings. As a result, Tessa awakens in the hospital bed, as if from a dream – and she is still alive. Tessa applies to Rhode Island School of Design as well, in memory of Skyler. In the end, she presents her portfolio to the teachers. Skyler’s ghost still follows her about like a shadow, and you might see him at the back of the auditorium. Meanwhile, Tessa has been recuperating, and she is not afraid to show off her photography or her perspective on the art form.

The In Between Ending, Explained
The In Between Ending, Explained
The In Between Ending, Explained


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