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The Contractor Ending Explained

‘The Contractor’ is an action thriller about Special Forces Sergeant James Harper (Chris Pine), who is honorably but involuntarily released from the military. Because of his stellar track record, he is frequently hired by the private sector. He eventually decides to work for the same firm where his friend Mike (Ben Foster) works.

Rusty Jennings (Kiefer Sutherland), James’ new boss, seems to say all the right things. However, things take a turn for the worst on James’ first job with the company in Berlin, and he is forced to flee. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘The Contractor’s’ finale. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the Contractor Plot

James is a lifetime soldier who knows little about life outside of the military. His father had previously served in the military. Years of combat and agony had altered the man beyond recognition. He was abusive to James, leaving him with scars that have yet to heal. James has resolved never to become his father, but the years of combat and pain are catching up with him as well. Brianne (Gillian Jacobs), his wife, is concerned about him. She has her own set of emotional problems. They come from a military family. Every one of their buddies is a soldier or a member of their family. Brianne has been affected by the loss of so many friends over the years.

James has served four combat tours in the last five years and is currently receiving rehabilitation. He takes a cocktail of medicines to treat his knee problem, which eventually leads to his discharge. The new commanding officer of James’ battalion informs him brusquely that his most recent drug test result has come out “filthy.” Even if James is discharged honorably, it is not his choice. He also loses his pension and healthcare. Debts and other financial troubles were already piling up for James and his family prior to this. They are effectively buried as a result of these new advances. However, James still has several options accessible to him.

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Because of his great record, the private sector begins calling him immediately after his discharge, but James has no desire to babysit a celebrity. As a result, he deletes all of their phone calls. James encounters into Mike while attending the funeral of a friend and coworker. This is Pine and Foster’s first film together since “Hell on High Water,” and their connection is palpable. James and Mike have both served in the military. The latter asks James to his home, and when James arrives, he finds Mike has done well for himself. He discovers Mike works in the private sector and requests that he arrange a meeting with his supervisor.

Rusty informs James that they conduct contract work for the government, which is exactly what a man like James is looking for. He is unaware that Rusty is manipulating him. He is then dispatched to Berlin to conduct surveillance on a Harvard-educated physicist with purported ties to Al-Qaeda and Syria. Mike and the others are entrusted with retrieving information on the scientist’s research from the lab after they arrive.

The police are notified during the operation. Rusty issues new orders, telling James and the rest of the team to burn everything. Salim Mohamed Mohsin (Fares Fares), the scientist, maintains that what they are doing in the lab is for the welfare of humanity. Nonetheless, James follows the orders he was given and assures the death of the other man.

However, as they exit the facility, the police arrive and arrest the majority of James’ companions. He is able to conceal with Mike and saves his life as a result. When his knee starts acting up again, James sends a friend ahead, but soon realizes that Rusty’s people have murdered Mike. The incident at the lab turns into an international disaster, especially because numerous police officers are killed, causing James to flee from both German authorities and his former coworkers.

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Is Mike Dead at the End of The Contractor?

When he returns to the United States, he tries to tell Mike’s wife what has happened and discovers that his friend is still alive. He subsequently confronts Mike and discovers that the latter was informed that he had died. He did, however, know the truth about the assignment. He was aware that Salim had created a vaccination against the H5N1 virus. Their clients seek to release the sickness in order to profit billions by monopolizing its remedy. Mike eventually accepts to accompany James on his mission to assassinate Rusty. Mike is fatally wounded in the ensuing gunfight. James murders Rusty before fleeing in a car with Mike. After Mike dies, James sets fire to the truck and flees, eliminating all evidence of his presence.

Will James be reunited with his family?

Yes, James re-joins his family. In the final scene, James observes his family from a distance. It appears that the $50,000 he received before to the employment was well spent. The audience is led to believe for a brief moment that James will not make his presence known to his family and will leave. In the closing shot, though, James screams out to his son Jack as the camera focuses on him. He has most likely recognized that there are individuals who know what he has done and may come after him. He has exposed his family to the hazard by contacting them. This implies that the entire Harper family will have to go into hiding.

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Duration: 103 min



The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained
The Contractor Ending Explained


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