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The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?

‘The Call,’ directed by Brad Anderson of ‘The Machinist,’ is a 2013 abduction thriller film. Jordan (Halle Berry) is an emergency call operator at the Hive in the novel. Jordan becomes unsure of herself after receiving a phone call with fatal consequences. When another similar call emerges on her radar, she must take note and rush against the clock to apprehend a horrible murderer. A probable serial killer is loose, and he is not to be trifled with. Freeze shots heighten the tension, while the film depicts a bleak and grimy Los Angeles rarely seen on film. The finale is satisfying, but the director believes that some aspects are better left to speculation. Allow us to assist you if you want to learn more about the story’s ending. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the Call Plot

At the Hive, the day is frenetic as operators respond to distress calls. Jordan Turner is a seasoned operator who answers Leah Templeton’s call. When her parents are abroad, someone has broken into Leah’s house in Hancock Park. The intruder enters through the window, and Leah flees to her upstairs bedroom, the door to which does not latch. Jordan instructs Leah to exit the window and hide on the window sill. The burglar briefly flees, but an urgent return call from Jordan prompts him to return, revealing Leah’s identity.

The police continue to search for Leah the next morning, but Jordan cannot forgive herself for the error. They discover Leah’s body in a field in Lancaster. In a different event, Casey Nelson (Abigail Breslin) goes shopping with a companion at the downtown mall Shopping Plaza. The friend, on the other hand, needs to pick up her brother from school and must go early. Casey walks to the basement parking lot to bring the car out as a motorist abruptly reverses, breaking her phone. The next thing we know, the driver gets out of the car and stuffs Casey into the trunk.

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Casey dials 911, but the phone is an early throwaway device that the authorities are unable to locate. Jordan overhears her colleague on the crisis call while lecturing the apprentices. Jordan interrupts the conversation by asking Casey to remove a tail light. A passer-by reveals the location as Casey follows the directions and waves her hand. They travel north on Highway 170, turning left onto Fernando Boulevard. While Jordan is still on the phone, his romantic companion, Officer Paul Phillips, rushes to the girl’s aid. Meanwhile, they discover that Casey’s kidnapper was also responsible for Leah’s death.

The End of the Call: Who Is the Serial Killer?

To summarize what happens in the middle, Jordan first instructs Casey to use the white paint in the trunk to create a trail on the road. The eyes in the sky are unable to locate the trail, while a good Samaritan informs the murderer about the “leaking” paint. The assassin makes a sharp right turn and comes to a stop in a parking lot. The Samaritan (later identified as Alan Denado) approaches the killer and inquires if anything is wrong. While the killer assures him of the mess in the trunk, the man, still dubious, dials 911.

However, the killer abducts him and his automobile, abandoning the red Camry, which was formerly owned by an older adult. Alan then comes to his senses and begins screaming, prompting the predator to emerge and knife him numerous times while Jordan is on the phone. He then pulls off to the side of the road to fill up the tank. Casey emerges from the trunk through the front aperture, seeking assistance from the gas station employee. The killer, on the other hand, pours oil on the attendant and burns him alive.

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After murdering these two persons, he transports Casey to an unknown location. He says, “It’s already over,” as he hangs up the phone, reminding Jordan of Leah’s death. Paul, on the other hand, retrieves the coffee cup from the Camry and discovers a fingerprint ID on the murderer. Michael Lewis Foster, the assassin, was arrested for arson in 1995, when he allegedly burned down his own home at 1765 Oakcreek Lane in the Santa Clarita Hills. However, the barn next to it still stands, and it is possible that the attacker took his victim there.

How Does Jordan Locate the Killer’s Residence? Who Is the Girl in Michael’s House Photos?

Around the perimeter, police set up obstacles. Jordan, on the other hand, is unable to exit the Hive after hearing the message “It’s already over.” Her employer tells her that she has followed all protocol as she recalls Leah’s phone call. Some things appear to be out of control. Jordan, on the other hand, intensifies the recording of the talk just now, and she hears a slight clicking sound somewhere nearby. With the information, she sets the GPS for Michael’s Oakcreek Lane home, determined to save Casey from the killer’s grasp. In another occasion, Paul discovers the black Lincoln by the side of the road.

However, he is unaware that Jordan is at the killer’s lair. She walks over to the red-brick house, which appears to be deserted. Jordan, on the other hand, discovers multiple images of a girl that resembles the PR (person reporting), Casey. For the time being, the photographs are useless, but the US flag in the courtyard may provide a hint. Jordan discovers a metal disc attached to the flag that is creating the sound and discovers a path beneath it. Jordan peeps through a break in the closet and discovers the killer’s method of operation. The perpetrator removes the victims’ hair and follicles from their brains, most likely because his sister, the girl in the picture, had a malignant disease (perhaps cancer) that caused hair loss. For all we know, she could be dead. It is possible that the death of the sister causes the incestuous brother to go crazy.

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Is Michael going to die?

Jordan emerges from hiding with a cracking smack on Michael’s skull as Michael continues to do the surgery on Casey. Michael then drowns Jordan in an adjacent bathtub, but Casey stabs him with a medical scissor. Jordan flees for her life as a result of the distraction, and Michael pursues her. All three emerge from the basement dungeon, and before the assailant can harm Jordan, Casey inserts the scissor into his back.

Jordan ties Michael to a chair in the final scene, while Michael teases her that she lacks the guts to do awful things because she is the operator. Jordan and Casey, on the other hand, walk away after tying Michael, and Casey uses Michael’s punchline on him, resulting in poetic justice. As they shut the door, we doubt Michael will be able to endure the captivity for long without food and drink. If Jordan tells Paul about her journey, Michael could wind up in prison, which we believe is less likely.

The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?
The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?
The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?
The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?
The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?
The Call Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?


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