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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?

The ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022′ is a respectable addition to the classic slasher genre. The unwitting victims this time are a group of young, urban entrepreneurs trying to create a trendy community in a Texas ghost town. Unfortunately, their colorful arrival in Harlow wakes a violent old terror “affectionately” known as Leatherface.

Even though the blood and gore are expected, the details are stunning. The film, on the other hand, thrives on last-minute twists, and the third act appearance of an angry prior victim keeps the suspense rolling. Of course, most characters die, but it appears that Leatherface is occasionally outmatched by one of the tenacious survivors. Do you think you might have missed some of the film’s “bits and pieces” when some of its characters’ “bits and pieces” were flying around onscreen? Let’s take a deeper look at ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s violent climax.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Plot Synopsis for Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The film begins with a historical footage depicting a massacre outside Austin, Texas, in the summer of 1973, after which the lone survivor, Sally Hardesty, vanishes from public view. Then we meet Melody and Lila, two sisters who are on their way to the deserted town of Harlow with their friend Dante and his wife, Ruth. Dante and Melody are developing a plan to renovate the historic town and turn it into a trendy neighborhood for young urbanites searching for a respite. They travel to Harlow, where they expect a bus full of investors to arrive soon and make bids on several buildings.

When Dante arrives, he discovers an ancient orphanage occupied by an elderly woman named Virginia, who claims to still have rights to the land. After discovering a Confederate flag hanging on the building, the wealthy young entrepreneur calls the sheriff. Virginia falls as she is being escorted out of the building. Soon after, a huge person emerges from the top stories of the house and assists in carrying her into the waiting police van.

Melody is uneasy about the whole thing and wonders if Virginia’s predicament is a bad omen. She is partially correct, as Virginia dies on the route to the hospital, causing her quiet, giant companion to go on a rampage. If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s now plain that he is, in fact, Leatherface. To emphasize his point, the heinous man immediately takes a knife to the freshly slain Virginia and makes himself a mask out of her face. Ruth, who is stuck in the police car, makes futile attempts to flee but is quickly murdered.

As a result, the bloodshed begins. Even while the young investors cavort in the dead town, unknowing of the murders, Leatherface makes his way back to the abandoned orphanage. The ruthless murderer proceeds to prey on unsuspecting victims one by one. Dante is slain first, followed by Richter, the local contractor (and likely one of the few individuals who could have stopped Leatherface). Melody and Lila are soon pursued by Leatherface and crash into the investors’ bus, where the party is still in full flow.

Ending of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Is Leatherface Dead or Alive?

The lengthy killing of everyone on the bus except the two sisters, maybe one of the goriest moments in modern cinema, is gloriously slasher-friendly. After escaping the bus but still being pursued by Leatherface, the girls are helped by Sally, who appears to have been tracking the killer. Sally is brutally mangled by the signature chainsaw as well. Melody and Lila eventually corner Leatherface and shoot him, witnessing his gigantic figure sink into an industrial pool.

Image Credit: Yana Blajeva/Legendary

The next morning, the two sisters pack their belongings and prepare to leave town. They climb into their self-driven automobile, bruised and battered, but in good spirits, and punch in their home address. As the car begins to move, Leatherface comes beside it and takes Melody out. The brutal killer beheads her sister as Lila watches helplessly from the car. The picture concludes with the screams of the younger sister. After that, a quick post-credit sequence depicts Leatherface walking through the countryside towards a house.

Even though it appears on a few occasions that Leatherface has been defeated, the colossal mass murderer seems to survive everything thrown at him. Richter seemed to be bringing him down at first. One crushed skull later, the outlook becomes gloomy once more. Finally, Leatherface is shot once by Sally, twice by Lila, and then struck in the face by his own chainsaw (courtesy of Melody). However, the last shots of the film show that not only is Leatherface alive, but he also appears to have the remarkable ability to eventually murder everyone he targets.

Is Melody still alive or dead?

Melody has the most horrific story arc and is pursued by Leatherface for the longest period of time. Melody has been persistently pursued by the seemingly unstoppable killer since she enters the house with Dante in search of the property deed Virginia claimed to have (which she did). In the film’s climax, she finally fights Leatherface with his own weapon, the trusty, blood-stained chainsaw, which feels like a satisfying conclusion. Melody strikes the fatal blow, which seems appropriate.

That, of course, does not appear to be the case, and the film’s final twist is also the most stunning. Melody is finally in her car and on her way home when she is suddenly dragged out and beheaded by her tormentor, who, despite many bullet wounds and chainsaw injuries, does not die. Melody is so killed in the last scenes of the film, as her younger sister Lila looks on helplessly.

Is Lila still alive or dead?

Lila, the film’s darkly poetic heroine, is Melody’s younger sister who is dealing with the trauma of surviving a school massacre (and having the scars to prove it). On several occasions, she finds herself fully at Leatherface’s mercy and believes her doom is near. Every time, she is saved by the last-minute intervention of another, less fortunate individual, who distracts Leatherface and allows Lila to go.

People who save Lila, such as Sally and Melody, eventually die. Lila, on the other hand, makes it. The film, however, ends on a tragic note for her as well, as she helplessly sees her sister Melody beheaded. The entire situation is immensely, almost comedically, grim as Lila is driven away in her self-driving Tesla while looking back at her sister being slaughtered, providing us with pure horror cinema gold.

Is There Anyone Left Alive?

The picture effortlessly achieves the promise made by its title. The events that occur are nothing short of a bloodbath, and no one is spared. Even those who appear to have a decent chance of surviving, like Richter, are effectively mutilated and imprisoned. The deaths come thick and fast until the climax, with the horrific murder of Melody, the film’s key heroine, capping everything off.

Melody’s devastated younger sister Lila is the only one who survives. As previously said, the film lives true to the word “massacre,” and nearly everyone else is dead, including the vindictive Sally and the town’s few law enforcement authorities. The anonymous shopkeeper from the beginning of the film may be the only other figure seen in the film who is still alive.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained – Is Leatherface Dead?


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