Shows Like Severance You Must See

7 Shows Like Severance You Must See – ‘Severance’ follows Lumon Industries employees who have undergone a scientific technique known as “severance.” The procedure separates their personal recollections from those connected to their jobs. As a result, employees are unable to access their personal memories while on the job and vice versa. However, Lumon employee Mark Scout runs into a former coworker, whose presence sends Mark on a path to uncover a conspiracy within Lumon and confront the true nature of his profession.

Dan Erickson devised the thrilling thriller series, which combines some astute social satire with a mind-bending notion that will appeal to a wide range of viewers. If you enjoyed the program and are looking for something similar, we have collected a list of shows that will keep you entertained. Most of these shows, including ‘Severance,’ are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!

7. Black Mirror (2011-2019)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD

Charlie Brooker created the anthology drama series ‘Black Mirror.’ Each episode follows its own distinct narrative thread and tells a mind-bending story that forces viewers to reflect on various elements of life, society, morality, and so on. Similar to how ‘Severance’ uses technology to remark on corporate life, the show employs technology to comment on numerous social issues. Viewers who appreciate shorter, bite-sized entertainment but enjoy the concept of ‘Severance’ will welcome the ability to explore various mind-bending topics in ‘Black Mirror.’

6. Beforeigners (2019-)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD

Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjrnstad developed the Norwegian serial ‘Beforeigners’ (also known as ‘Fremvandrerne’). It is centered on the unexplained reappearance of people from various eras in the present day. A riveting murder mystery is at the heart of the struggle, as two detectives attempt to comprehend the perplexing idea of “time migration.” In a similar vein to ‘Severance,’ the series introduces viewers to a complicated scientific idea with multiple angles, which is explored through the eyes of a group of compelling characters.

5. Counterpart (2017-2019)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD

‘Counterpart,’ created by Justin Marks, is a science fiction thriller series that follows Howard Silk, a bureaucrat who works for a United Nations institution stationed in Berlin. Silk soon recognizes the true nature of his employment and discovers a parallel universe where his “counterpart” inhabits. The complicated plot, similar to ‘Severance,’ takes the realm of bureaucracy and gives it a sci-fi twist. Both shows’ characters struggle to accept the true nature of their employment, raising moral and ethical concerns for the audience.

4. Corporate (2018-2020)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD

Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebretson, and Jake Weisman collaborated to create the satirical comedy ‘Corporate.’ The series chronicles the daily lives of two disgruntled employees of Hampton DeVille, a worldwide firm. The series employs dark comedy and satire to illustrate the anguish and unhappiness of corporate life. If you like the underlying humor in the plights of the characters in ‘Severance,’ but not the science fiction components, ‘Corporate’ will be more to your liking!

3. Westworld (2016-)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD

‘Westworld’ is a science fiction drama series set in the namesake Western-themed park, where advanced AI-powered androids entertain wealthy clients who fulfill their desires. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy devised the series, which is based on the 1973 film of the same name. It has gotten good reviews from critics and stars Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, and Anthony Hopkins in spellbinding performances. The high-concept sci-fi components, similar to ‘Severance,’ empower the heroes to discover the true nature of their employment and existence.

2. Upload (2020-)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD

‘Upload,’ created by Greg Daniels, is a comedy-drama series that follows computer programmer Nathan after his death, who gets uploaded to a form of digital heaven. The plot of the show, like that of ‘Severance,’ is powered by futuristic technology. It delves deeply into how humans engage with technology and its emotional impact. ‘Upload,’ in contrast to the self-serious plot of ‘Severance,’ gives light-hearted pleasure with the same underlying concerns. Furthermore, creator Greg Daniels’ experience weaving workplace comedy lends the show a distinct style.

1. Devs (2020-)

Shows Like Severance You Must See - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credit: Raymond Liu/FX

‘Devs’ is about Lily Chan, a young and clever software programmer who becomes involved in the murder investigation of her boyfriend’s death. Alex Garland created the show, which extensively subverts science fiction and thriller show cliches related to ‘Severance.’ In both episodes, a mysterious and shadowy organization conceals dark truths while the protagonist attempts to discover the truth. Aside from the storyline similarities, the two series have an aesthetic of corporate life and deal with subjects such as free will and determinism.