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Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending Explained

Netflix’s crime thriller ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks,’ created by David Bermejo, revolves around ex-army captain Tirso Abantos, who becomes engaged with local drug lord Sandro after his granddaughter Irene is injured by Sandro’s men. The Spanish series, originally named ‘Entrevas,’ follows Tirso’s efforts to defend Irene and her boyfriend Nelson from Sandro’s gang.

The show, which stars Jose Coronado as Tirso and Nona Sobo as Irene, is an exciting experience with an astounding climax. We took a close look at the events that conclude the first season of the show because they are intriguing. Let us exchange ideas! SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Recap of Wrong Side of the Tracks

The story of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ begins on Tirso Abantos’ birthday. His son, daughter, and their families gather, only for the event to end in a feud over Tirso’s possessions. Later, Tirso’s daughter Jimena’s adoptive daughter Irene summons him to rescue her from “the block,” a notorious section of Tirso’s neighborhood known as Entrevas. In rage, the ex-army captain discovers a pack of heroin in Irene’s bag and disposes of it. His granddaughter informs him that she and her lover Nelson are being pursued by Sandro, a local drug lord. If Nelson does not return the pack, the drug lord orders Ezequiel, a cop who works for him, to kill him.

Irene goes to see Sandro to settle the dispute, but she is raped by his men. Nelson is threatened to flee the neighborhood by Ezequiel, who adores Nelson’s mother Gladys. When Sandro finds Nelson is still alive, he demands money from Ezequiel to settle the matter. The cop pays Sandro to stop him from injuring Nelson for Gladys’ sake. However, the latter learns that Sandro’s men assaulted his girlfriend. He joins forces with Tirso and two of his friends, Pepe and Sanchs, to destroy Sandro’s drug distribution hub.

Sandro, enraged, strips Ezequiel and has him walk through the neighborhood as a protest. Ezequiel persuades Tirso to work with him to bring down Sandro. Amanda, Ezequiel’s superior, is successful in temporarily arresting Sandro in order to make him realize that he is not untouchable. Tirso and his two buddies want to find Sandro’s drugs in order to destroy them in order to wreak revenge on him for wounding Irene. During their search, they find across a large amount of money, which they discard in front of a food bank without revealing their names. To deal with her experiences, Irene begins to use oxycodone.

Nata and her lover Loko join forces with Ezequiel to destroy Sandro’s drug supply. Even though Loko is hesitant at first, he recognizes that he must compete with Sandro to become the next drug lord. They find the alleged site of the supply, and Loko goes there but is slain by Sandro’s men. Nelson ends their relationship because he believes he is to blame for all of Irene’s troubles. He tells Irene that he alerted Tirso about her drug addiction and advises her to keep away from him and the hazards he has created in order for her to recover.

When Yeyo discovers the true identities of the Robin Hood gang and that Ezequiel is with them, Ezequiel attempts to flee from Entrevas. He eventually decides against eloping and goes to Amanda to confess to assisting Sandro. Amanda promises him freedom from prosecution if he joins Sandro’s gang as a spy to find “the Phantom,” an unidentified drug king who is more powerful than Sandro.

Is Sandro Dead at the End of Wrong Side of the Tracks? Who murdered him?

Yes, Sandro is no longer alive. Nata decides to get vengeance on Sandro after his soldiers murder Loko. She begs Nelson’s assistance, but he informs her that he cannot get engaged in any more difficulties. He understands that he must be with Irene during this difficult moment. Nelson’s mind is changed by the breakup of Nelson and Irene. When his sweetheart departs with her mother, out of Sandro’s reach, he joins forces with Nata. She disguises herself and goes to La Rosa to assassinate the drug lord, but she abandons her plot when the latter’s bodyguard recognizes her. She flees, leaving her gun in a suitcase at the club.

Meanwhile, Nelson enters the club wearing a hoodie. When Sandro becomes involved with Ezequiel, he murders him. Sandro has been nothing but a life destroyer in Nelson’s eyes. He is responsible for Irene’s sexual assault, which leads to her drug addiction and, eventually, Nelson’s split with her. Nelson’s rage against the drug lord is heightened by Loko’s death. When he realizes that Irene is far away from him and Sandro, safe with her mother, he helps Nata in her quest to bring the drug lord down.

Nata is able to rebuild her friendship with Loko before Sandro orders his death. Loko even tells her that he is prepared to dream big and become the future Lord of Entrevas. Sandro undermines both her relationship and her ambitions by killing Loko. Killing Sandro is more than just her decision to exact revenge on her boyfriend’s killer. She wants Sandro’s throne to govern the neighborhood’s drug culture, as she dreamed with her partner. Nata, with the assistance of Nelson, ensures that Sandro’s kingship is not unreachable.

Is Gladys still alive or dead? Do Gladys and Tirso Get Along?

Gladys is still alive. Tirso hands Santi the key to his hardware business without looking at Yeyo. Santi enters the store and proceeds downstairs, only to find Yeyo bound to a chair. He releases Yeyo without realizing who he is. A freed Yeyo binds Tirso’s son to the chair and flees to find Sandro in order to learn the identities of the Robin Hood members. When he meets Tirso in Pepe’s pub, he tries to kill him with a knife. When Gladys sees him, she rushes to save Tirso but is wounded by Yeyo. Gladys is saved because an ambulance arrives quickly on the scene.

Meanwhile, Tirso is gentle with Gladys, who adores him. She hesitates when Ezequiel tells her that they can escape from the neighborhood with a large sum of money to a country of her choice. Despite her protests, Ezequiel knows she is in love with someone else. Tirso, on the other hand, begins to show her more respect and attention. He stops calling her “Panchito” and spends a touching moment with her before the ambulance arrives. Even if they do not get together, Tirso’s mind is changing enough for him to consider Gladys as a partner.

Is Tirso and Irene reuniting?

Yes, Tirso and Irene reunite. When Tirso learns that his granddaughter is using drugs, he loses faith in himself. He believes he can no longer care for her. He summons Jimena to take Irene away from him, believing that all of her tragedies, from sexual assault to drug addiction, occurred while she was under his supervision. Irene, who will be forced to go for a boarding school in Switzerland, attempts but fails to oppose Tirso’s choice. She leaves with her mother, severing her relations with Tirso.

Irene is shaken by the news that someone is attempting to murder Tirso. She rushes to her granddad to check on him. Irene is aware that her grandfather has always supported her. The extent he has gone to punish Sandro for causing her pain, including burning down the latter’s drug distribution facility and stealing his money, soothes her resentment of Tirso. Irene’s fury is further melted by Yeyo’s attempt to assassinate Tirso, and she rushes toward her grandfather to reconcile.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending Explained
Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending Explained


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