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Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Originally named ‘Entrevas,’ Netflix’s crime series ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ revolves around the complicated relationship between ex-army captain Tirso Abantos and his granddaughter Irene, who becomes acquainted with local drug dealer Sandro. The Spanish series, set in the Entrevas neighborhood, follows Tirso, Irene, and their friends as they confront threats as the former soldier sets out with his allies to destroy Sandro’s empire. The show, created by David Bermejo, premiered in Spain in February 2022 before coming to the United States in May 2022.

The gripping action series received good feedback from reviewers and audiences alike, particularly for the outstanding performances of the main characters, societal critique, and fascinating narrative. The performance also attracted a sizable audience in Spain. Because the first season concludes with plenty of room for a narrative continuation, fans must be excited about the idea of a second season. So, here’s all you need to know about it!

Release Date for Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ will be available on Netflix in the United States on May 20, 2022. Season 1 started in Spain on February 1, 2022, and concluded on March 22, 2022, prior to its release in the United States. The first season consists of eight episodes, each lasting 69-80 minutes.

We have some great news about the upcoming second season. Season 2 of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ is now available in Spain, implying that a release in the United States is imminent. Even though Netflix hasn’t formally confirmed the arrival of the second round, it’s only a matter of time before the season’s release is declared.

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If the first season meets the streaming giant’s criteria for the release of season 2, which most likely includes season 1 viewership, the second season may launch sooner rather than later. Given these facts, we can anticipate the release of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ season 2 in Q4 2022.

Who is on Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2?

The majority of season 1’s main cast members returned for season 2, including Jose Coronado (Tirso Abantos), Nona Sobo (Irene), Felipe Londoo (Nelson), Laura Ramos (Gladys), Manolo Caro (Sanchs), Manuel Tallafé (Pepe), and Itziar Atienza (Amanda). The second season also stars Mara de Nati (Nata), Miguel Angel Jiménez (Santi), Luis Zahera (Ezequiel), and Maria Molins (Jimena). Despite the fact that Franky Martn’s character Sandro dies in season one, he appears in the sophomore round, presumably in flashback scenes. Jordi Sánchez was added to the season 2 roster as Guillermo Salgado, a prominent real estate businessman.

What is the plot of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2?

The first season concludes with Ezequiel and Amanda collaborating to learn more about the enigmatic “Phantom.” Amanda promises Ezequiel protection from prosecution in exchange for joining Sandro’s group as her spy. Sandro suspects Ezequiel is a spy and attempts to assassinate him. However, Nelson and Nata band together and kill Sandro before he harms the cop. Santi frees Sandro’s henchman from Tirso’s hardware store’s basement without knowing who he is, only for him to target Tirso. Gladys gets stabbed while attempting to save Tirso from the henchmen. She is taken to the hospital by ambulance. Irene arrives in Entrevas and reunites with her granddad.

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The second season chronicles Tirso’s life when Irene returns to her home and Santi takes over the hardware store. Guillermo Salgado, an investor, arrives in the area to buy assets. Ezequiel remains in Gladys’ company. Amanda investigates a string of rapes, while Tirso seeks to figure out who raped Irene. Salgado makes an attempt to purchase Tirso’s hardware store. Even though Irene and Nelson split up in the first season, they never get over each other. Nata becomes a big influence in the neighborhood’s drug culture after Sandro’s death.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?
Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?


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