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Welcome to Eden Season 1 Ending Explained

The first season of Netflix’s Spanish thriller-drama series ‘Welcome to Eden’ begins in a Parker Pyne-like fashion. Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) receives a phone call from an unknown number inquiring if she is happy. She responds, quickly intrigued, and learns of a launch party for the energy drink Blue Eden. It is meant to take place on a beautiful island. Despite the fact that the invitation is only for her, Zoa decides to bring her best friend Judith (Ana Mena) with her. However, Zoa and the other newcomers quickly realize that not everything on Eden is as it appears, and they are most likely now in the grips of a sinister cult. Meanwhile, the young men and women’s families, especially Zoa’s sister Gab, begin searching for them on mainland Spain. Here’s all you need to know about the season 1 finale of ‘Welcome to Eden.’ SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Recap of Welcome to Eden Season 1

Zoa and the other newcomers spend the entire day partying after arriving on the distant island. Guests are given bracelets that only shine on specific people. Later, these people consume Blue Eden, which appears to contain a psychedelic. When Zoa wakes up the next morning, she discovers that only she and four other new visitors — frica (Belinda Peregrn), Aldo (Albert Baró), Charly (Tomy Aguilera), and Ibón (Diego Garisa) — remain on the island. The others have left, including Judith and David, the lad she was with at the start of the night. None of them have a clear memory of what transpired. Astrid (Amaia Salamanca), the apparent leader of a town, greets them with her partner Erick (Guillermo Pfening). They tell Zoa and the others that they have missed the boat. Astrid promises them that the boat will be back the next day. Until then, she extends the hospitality of the community.

Eden is allegedly the name of the community. They claim to give shelter for men and women who have nowhere else to turn. However, their evil aim is swiftly revealed. The promised boat never arrives, and the newcomers quickly learn they are being masterfully persuaded into joining the community. Aldo is the only one who suspects the Eden residents from the start. He attempts to flee the island and is slain in the process. Zoa discovers afterwards that Judith never left the island. She was murdered the next day after the party.

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Meanwhile, Gabi is concerned about her sister in Barcelona. She receives a message on her phone from what appears to be her sister, encouraging her not to worry. When the new arrivals boarded a boat to Eden, almost all of their phones were confiscated. Mayka, Astrid’s trusted IT guru, sends the message. Gabi discovers some messages David left on her sister’s social media by logging into Zoa’s account using one of her older phones. She travels to San Sebastián to visit David and discover more about Eden. In another story, Ibón’s affluent and abusive father hires a private investigator to find his son.

In the season one finale, Zoa and Charly make a desperate attempt to flee the island, with the assistance of Bel, the resistance commander and Zoa’s lover. Gabi promises to be on the next ferry to the island. We learn about Isaac, a mysterious young man endowed with special powers.

Who Is Isaac in Welcome to Eden Season 1?

Zoa believes she sees a young boy one night after drinking Blue Eden. She attempts to pursue the child but eventually loses him. She tries to find out who the boy is, but she is told that there are no children on the island. After Erick is gravely injured during a home invasion in the penultimate episode, Astrid drives him to a distant portion of the island, where we meet Isaac for the first time. Isaac appears to have healing talents, which he uses to treat Erick’s injuries. The show neither explains Isaac’s abilities nor delves into his identity.

Image Credit: Lucia Faraig/Netflix ​

However, there is a sketch of Isaac, Erick, and Astrid together in Isaac’s module. The Eden cult appears to center around Isaac, despite the fact that no one else in the cult is aware of him. When Isaac is first mentioned, the show implies that he is Astrid and Erick’s superior in the cult hierarchy. However, things prove to be more convoluted than first assumed. There’s a good likelihood Isaac is Erick and Astrid’s biological son. Even if he isn’t, it doesn’t matter in the end. They intend to visit the true Eden, implying that their sect believes that the true paradise exists elsewhere.

Do Zoa and the Others Depart from Eden? Is Ulises still alive?

Aldo, one of the new visitors, dies while attempting to flee the island. To survive, the rest are compelled to integrate into the community. They ultimately understand that the island’s interior is hollow, and that they may utilize it to leave when the next batch of aimless youngsters arrives. Ibón, who doesn’t want to see his father again, and frica, who has formed affections for Erick, are both hesitant to go.

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Eventually, Zoa and Charly are the two persons who seek to depart the island by taking advantage of the confusion caused by the newcomers’ arrival. Ulises, the head of Eden’s security, attacks Zoa, but Ibón saves the day and kills him. Charly successfully reaches the boat, and Mayka releases him. Zoa is about to board the boat when she observes Gabi disembarking. Her sister has arrived to save her and has skillfully thwarted her ambitions. Although the season ends there, we know Zoa is unable to leave. Charly may still go, but he doesn’t seem like the type to abandon his buddies. Both of them are likely to return to Eden, the hell they know.

What Is the Meaning of the Painting’s Secret Room?

Neither frica nor any other member of the community is aware of the attack on Astrid and Erick. The criminals employ the Lilith emblem. Lilith is Adam’s first wife in Mesopotamian and Jewish mythology. She was formed with him, but she was expelled from Eden for refusing to follow Adam. The rebels are clearly utilizing her insignia as a powerful weapon in their fight against Eden.

Image Credit: Lucia Faraig/Netflix ​

Erick can’t be found because he’s been relocated to Isaac’s module. Instead, she discovers a secret passage through a duplicate of the painting Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx by Flemish artist Joachim Patinier. On the other side, there is a big area that appears to hold the CPU of a supercomputer. Almost on a whim, frica pushes the “Open” button on the screen. The alarm goes off, and the satellite near Isaac’s module begins to move. Then an AI voice adds, “sending signal to outer space, waiting for reaction.”

And this is where the show’s true mystery lies. Whose answer is the computer anticipating here? ‘Welcome to Eden’ was a standard cult thriller until the final episode. However, with the addition of Isaac’s healing abilities, the program has expanded into new genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Eden worships whatever thing is thought to be on the other end of the signal as a community. The realm it inhabits in is the genuine Eden mentioned by Astrid.

Welcome to Eden Season 1 Ending Explained
Welcome to Eden Season 1 Ending Explained
Welcome to Eden Season 1 Ending Explained


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