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Vikings: Valhalla Ending Explained

‘Vikings: Valhalla,’ a successor to the History Channel’s famous series ‘Vikings,’ is a historical drama action-adventure series set during a pivotal period in Scandinavian and British history. The ancient pagan faith is gradually disappearing and being replaced by Christianity one hundred years after the days of Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, and Bjorn Ironside.

The drama follows the exploits of Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter), and others throughout the Viking Age. Historically, many of the individuals in the show never really meet, and the timing of some events appears to be incorrect, but that is the fictitious component of the story. Here’s all you need to know about the season 1 finale of ‘Vikings: Valhalla.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Vikings: Valhalla Season 1

Many Northern Europeans left their original territories in the 11th century and settled in other parts of the continent. A handful of villages have sprung up in England, notably one near London called Danelaw. The presence of these colonies makes the local Saxon populace uneasy, and King Aethelred II of England is persuaded to deal with the “Viking problem” by his nobles. On Saint Brice’s Day, the Saxons kill the Danelaw population. Harald, who is visiting his brother, barely escapes with his life. He returns and assists King Canute of Denmark in amassing a vast army in preparation for an invasion of England.

Meanwhile, Leif, his sister Freydis, and their pals face a storm on their way from Greenland to Kattegat. They, like the army that has gathered around them, are out for retribution, but of a different type. A Christian man raped Freydis and left a cross mark on her back some time ago. Initially, the episode hints that the individual responsible is Harald’s half-brother, Olaf Haraldsson (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson). Olaf, who assisted Aethelred in the construction of London’s defenses, is expected to play a significant role in Canute’s assault. Gunnar Magnusson, an Olaf close associate, is eventually revealed to be the rapist.

Freydis murders Gunnar in Jarl Haakon’s (Caroline Henderson) main hall, a magnificent female Viking warrior of African origin. Harald, who develops romantic emotions for Freydis, persuades Jarl Haakon and Canute to force Leif to fight for the Viking cause in order for his sister to survive, effectively saving Freydis from execution. Harald is aware that Leif has successfully steered his ship through a raging storm and is a skilled combatant. His inclusion in the Viking army can only be beneficial. And he is proven to be correct.

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

By the time the Vikings arrive on English shores, Aethelred is on his deathbed and his inexperienced young son, Edmund, is destined to succeed him. Emma of Normandy (Laura Berlin), Aethelred’s queen, assumes command of the English defenses. Godwin, Aethelred’s valued and ambitious counselor, is assisting her. During a skirmish, Leif comes dangerously close to death. While on the edge of death, he sees a vision of a young girl placing a cross in his hands. Harald comes to his aid and saves his life. However, following that occurrence, a shift in Leif’s faith begins.

The Vikings conquer London not long after Aethelred’s death. Leif is recognized as a hero after playing a critical role in his people’s victory. This is when Canute confesses his true intentions. He proclaims himself King of England. He announces to his people that he will govern with Edmund, and he begins an affair with Emma.

Meanwhile, Olaf returns to the North and notifies lfgifu (Pollyanna McIntosh), Canute’s first wife, about the situation. As a result, Canute marries Emma and sails back to Denmark. Sweyn Forkbeard, his father, takes over England while he is away. While her brother is fighting in England, Freydis visits Uppsala’s famous temple. There, she meets a strange Seer who informs her she would be “the Last,” potentially meaning she will be the last of the Vikings.

In the season one conclusion, dubbed ‘The End of the Beginning,’ Leif and Freydis, now reunited, face Olaf and his armies’ onslaught on Kattegat. In England, lfgifu gets an advantage against Forkbeard and Emma, causing the latter to return to Normandy.

Season 1 of Vikings: Valhalla concludes with Harald betraying Freydis and Kattegat.

Olaf wishes to be king of all of Norway, but the existence of a powerful Kattegat led by Jarl Haakon proves to be a barrier. He joins forces with the fanatical Jarl Kre, who burns Uppsala’s temple, has a grudge against Freydis, and attacks Kattegat. Harald aspires to be King of Norway as well. He restarts his connection with Freydis after returning from England and accepts to battle for Kattegat.

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

However, in the season’s penultimate episode, he departs Kattegat and reunites with Olaf. It was all a deception, as revealed in the season finale. He had no intention of betraying Leif and Freydis. During a discussion, he relays his half-plans brother’s to the Kattegat defenders. Olaf, on the other hand, saw through his play and provided him fake information.

Does Kattegat Sink?

Yes, Kattegat does fall. Olaf informs Harald, Kre, and the others that he will assault Kattegat by water during the wolf moon, when the high tides will carry the ships beyond the city defenses. Meanwhile, Kre will launch an attack from the land. They will smash Kattegat between two huge forces if they work together. During the battle, however, Harald realizes that this was not the true strategy. Olaf deduced that Harald would not switch sides and would find a way to inform Leif and Freydis of what he had learnt. Furthermore, he needed to get rid of Kre, who was completely mad.

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

Kattegat divides its men to fight on both fronts. Kre and his warriors launch an assault on Kattegat’s defenses. Freydis eventually kills the fanatic warlord. Olaf follows him and seizes control of the key city, realizing his aim of becoming King of Norway. This, however, was not meant to last. Emma and Forkbeard collaborate in England to seize control of the Danish naval from lfgifu.

Forkbeard then commandeers the fleet and sails to Kattegat to get revenge on the traitors. He arrives just as Olaf and his soldiers take control of the city. Olaf’s warriors desert him after realizing what is happening. He will soon be forced to depart as well. His attack on Kattegat makes it worse for him. With Canute and his family now in control of Kattegat, their dream of establishing a North Sea Empire has become a reality, and Olaf will most likely have to flee.

Is Liv no longer alive? Will Leif assassinate Canute’s son Svein?

Yes, Liv is no longer alive. The bond between Liv and Leif is similar to that between Harald and Freydis. Aside from Leif, she is the only Greenlander who returns from England alive. She is aware of his recent interest in Christianity and appears to be at a loss for words. While defending Kattegat, Liv is fatally wounded. She begs Leif to promise her that he will accompany her to Valhalla, trusting that he will not abandon his gods. She, however, dies before he can respond.

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

Leif becomes a berserker after Liv’s death and the subsequent assault of grief. He assassinates six hostile soldiers who were attempting to rape two ladies. Two of Forkbeard’s grandchildren have joined him. Svein, one of them, notices a woman come out of a shed and goes to investigate, where he meets Leif. As the episode concludes, it appears that Leif will murder Canute’s son.

Svein is unknown to Leif because he has never met him. That doesn’t imply he’ll murder a helpless young youngster. Cliffhangers are typically used as a hook to keep viewers interested in the next part or season. ‘Vikings: Valhalla’s first season is no exception. Svein will most likely survive the confrontation in season 2, and Leif may travel in pursuit of his sister, who departed the Kattegat with Harald.

Vikings: Valhalla Ending Explained
Vikings: Valhalla Ending Explained
Vikings: Valhalla Ending Explained
Vikings: Valhalla Ending Explained
Vikings: Valhalla Ending Explained


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