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Two Summers Ending Explained

‘Two Summers,’ also known as ‘Twee Zomers,’ is a Belgian thriller-drama series in Flemish. The plot centres around a group of friends who have known each other since they were kids. Eight friends spent the summer of 1992 in a house near Zandhoven, Belgium. One of them was raped while unconscious, while the other died. Thirty years later, on the eve of celebrating his wife’s birthday with his friends on an isolated island off the French Riviera, Peter (Tom Vermeir in 2022 and Lukas Bulteel in 1992) receives a video footage of the rape along with a demand for 100 Bitcoins.

After the gang arrives at their location, Peter informs the others in the room —-Stef or Mowgli (Koen De Bouw in 2022 and Vincent Van Sande in 1992) and Didier (Herwig Ilegems in 2002 and Bjarne Devolder in 1992). As the series progresses and the truth comes to emerge, relationships are shattered and lives are forever altered. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Two Summers’ conclusion. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Recap of Two Summers

In 1992, the pals congregate at Didier’s father’s house. Romée (An Miller in 2022 and Marieke Anthoni in 1992), Sofie (Inge Paulussen in 2022 and Louise Bergez in 1992), Saskia (Ruth Becquart in 2022 and Tine Roggeman in 1992), and Mark join Peter, Stef, and Didier (Felix Meyer). They are shortly joined by Peter’s brother Luk, a cancer survivor (Kevin Janssens in 2022 and Tijmen Govaerts in 1992). Mark, Peter, Stef, and Didier take Sofie to a room one night after extensive use of booze and medications. Stef uses Luk’s camera to record the entire affair. The next morning, Peter destroys a video, assuming it to be the previous night’s video. Mark is killed not long after when the house burns down due to an electrical fire.

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In 2022, Peter marries Romée, a highly successful software businesswoman. They dwell in California’s Silicon Valley. Didier and Sofie are both married and the parents of two children. Luk and Saskia are an estranged couple. Jens, their kid, has special needs. The former is currently involved with a much younger woman named Lia (Sanne-Samina Hanssen). Meanwhile, Stef works as a government secretary in Belgium.

Layers upon layers of reality begin to emerge as the pals convene on the lonely island. Luk blames himself for Mark’s death, despite the fact that it was not his responsibility. He was evidently enraged when Mark made fun of him and shut the door to the latter’s chamber. Luk believes this is why Mark was unable to escape his room when the fire broke out. However, as Peter informs him, Mark died on the bed and never made it to the doors, according to the autopsy.

Image Credit: Brecht Vanhoenacker/VRT

Lia used to be a prostitute. Didier was one of her clients around a decade ago. Didier and Sofie were experiencing problems at the time. They recognize one other instantaneously in 2022, but they both decide to keep it a secret at first. But, like with everything else in this show, the truth eventually comes out.

Peter realizes that the blackmailer must be one of the other persons on the island with him. He tells Stef and Didier since they were the ones who were with him in that room 30 years ago. Sofie was unconscious throughout the encounter, and the three guys believe she has no recollection of it. Sofie, on the other hand, has the footage on her phone. In episode 3, a video appears on the living room TV in the middle of the night. Peter runs to turn it off, but Romée notices. The next day, Mary declares her divorce from Peter.

Jens is also revealed to be Peter’s biological kid. On the night of the incident, Saskia and Luk met for the first time in a different room. She was previously involved with Peter. Despite telling Peter that her period was late, she later claimed it was a false alarm after Peter suggested that abortion would be the best option. Saskia becomes close to Stef in 2022.

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Aside from the two main narrative components set in 1992 and 2022, there is a third set two months after the events on the island. Salima Mitonga, an onderzoeksrechter, attempts to determine whether a crime was committed. The identity of the individual who provided the video is finally exposed in the season finale, and another tragedy follows. The remaining pals are reeling from loss and shock in the aftermath.

What Happened to Sofie After Two Summers?

That night in 1992, Sofie was raped. She was on the verge of passing out from the effects of alcohol and pills when Mark, Peter, Stef, and Didier escorted her upstairs. Stef had Luk’s camera and had captured the entire episode on video. He and Didier attempted to persuade the other two boys to leave Sofie alone, but they refused. However, through the cloud of drugs and drink, Peter recognized what he was doing and stopped. He pretended that penetration existed when there was none. Mark, on the other hand, raped an almost comatose Sofie until Didier and Peter interfered.

When confronted with the reality in 2022, Peter constantly tries to justify his actions by claiming there was no penetration, never mentioning that he, Stef, and Didier were participants in a gang rape. Sofie later informs Salima that she was aware of what had occurred to her, but she couldn’t recall anything. She didn’t tell anyone and began to feel embarrassed. She blamed herself for everything.

Who made the video? Who is the extortionist?

Despite the fact that Peter, Stef, and Didier believe they destroyed the videotape, Luk replaced it in his camera with another videotape without knowing what was on the previous one. He discovered it years later and informed Lia. He decided to blackmail his older brother after discovering Peter was Jens’ biological father. But he didn’t follow through. Lia later revealed the film to Sofie, who sought Romée’s advice. Saskia was then brought on board. The four women then put everything in place, but Romée devised the entire scheme.

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Image Credit: Brecht Vanhoenacker/VRT

Except for Sofia and Lia, all of the primary characters are ruthless, self-serving, and merciless. Romée is uninterested in Sofie. It is implied that she had some thoughts regarding what occurred in 1992. Everything that happened on the island is part of Romée’s twisted game, which she employs to torment and separate from her husband. Because of her budding friendship with Stef, Saskia tries to remove herself from what they were doing to the men. She has no qualms about abandoning her pals for selfish gain. The guys, on the other hand, had numerous opportunities to come clean but never did.

Is Stef no longer alive? Will a criminal trial be held?

Image Credit: Brecht Vanhoenacker/VRT

Yes, Stef is no longer alive. He kills himself after Romée alleges she sent the video to the press. Saskia enters his room to reassure him that Romée is lying, but he is not present. Following that, a gunshot is heard. Stef’s body is discovered on the seashore by Peter. The authorities are then notified in style. Two months later, Salima informs Romée and the other three ladies that they will be notified through letter whether a criminal prosecution for Stef’s death would take place. We just see Sofie’s reaction. She appears to be in tears after getting the letter, but she and Didier look to be thrilled as well. As a result, we can conclude that there will be no criminal trial. Sofie previously told Salima that she does not want to seek charges for what occurred to her 30 years ago. In the closing moment, the tears in her eyes are of relief.

Two Summers Ending Explained
Two Summers Ending Explained
Two Summers Ending Explained
Two Summers Ending Explained


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