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The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

With Netflix releasing one riveting reality dating series after another, it’s no surprise that ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ has gripped fans of the genre from the start. After all, while the basic concept is similar to ‘Temptation Island,’ its distinctness stems from the fact that the final goal for the majority of participants is the promise of forever — marriage.

This show follows already established couples over eight weeks as they decide whether to commit completely or split ways for good. It is produced by Kinetic Content, the same company that created ‘Love is Blind.’ So, now that we’ve been invested in ‘The Ultimatum’ season 1, let’s learn everything we can about the probable season 2, shall we?

Season 2 premiere date for The Ultimatum

‘The Ultimatum’ season 1 aired on Netflix on April 6, 2022, and concluded on April 13, 2022. It is divided into ten segments, each lasting between 38 and 58 minutes.

Here is everything we can tell you about Season 2! Less than two weeks after the series debuted on Netflix, the worldwide streaming service announced that it has already greenlit a second season. It did so via a boy band parody video including stars from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ and ‘Love is Blind,’ as well as Nick Lachey. “Marry or Move On,” the lyrics say, “it’s time to decide if the grass is greener on the other side.” It’s called ‘The Ultimatum,’ and it’ll be available in two seasons. One of which is LGBT, with a majority of women.”

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As a result, it is clear that the production process for the season in question is well started, if it hasn’t already been completed. With all of these details and Netflix’s track record, we may expect ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ season 2 to arrive in Q1 2023.

Season 2 Hosts and Cast of The Ultimatum

Since Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosted the first round of the event, we should expect the celebrity couple to return for the second round. They do, after all, appear to be the faces of Netflix’s relationship-based reality shows. Lauren and Nate, Rae and Zay, April and Jake, Alexis and Hunter, Shanique and Randall, and Madlyn and Colby were among the six straight couples featured in Season 1 of ‘The Ultimatum.’ However, the new film will include a gay, primarily female cast.

When asked about inclusivity, Variety recently quoted producer Chris Coelen as saying, “…we want to be representative in all kinds of ways, and we’re working out how to achieve that.” As a result, we may expect a whole new bunch of intriguing people to take part in the next season. Unfortunately, as of this writing, it is unknown who will take part in Season 2.

What will the second season of The Ultimatum be about?

Season 2 of ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ is expected to follow the same concept as season 1, with couples on the verge of marriage taking center stage. The show follows two people in a relationship, one of them is eager to take the next step and marry, while the other is hesitant. That is what prompts the former to issue an ultimatum.

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The experiment begins at this stage, when the initial pair separates and dates others from the pool of cast members. They reconcile with their initial sweetheart after a 3-week “trial marriage” with a possible new partner. As a result, the participants receive a peek of their two extremely conceivable futures, after which they must choose which one they want for good.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 50 min



The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?


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