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The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth,’ a Showtime original, tells the interesting story of an alien who crashes lands on Earth under unusual circumstances. His aim is to save his home world. Faraday (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the entity in issue, and the human woman who is critical to his purpose are introduced in Episode 1 of the sci-fi series. The first chapter throws a lot at us, describing Faraday’s initial arrival and a future where the fact that he’s an alien appears to be common knowledge. If you’re new to the show, we’ve got you covered with all the specifics of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ episode 1. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1

The first episode begins with Faraday delivering a speech to an enthusiastic audience in which he presents himself as an enigma and a person full of mysteries. The audience, who appears to be aware that Faraday is an alien disguised as a human, replies excitedly and listens to him relate his first moments on the planet. The story then returns to Faraday’s first minutes after landing, when he gets jailed for trespassing on private property while naked. At the police station, he asks for Justin Falls (Naomie Harris), who appears to be the only lady he knows for some reason.

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The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD
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Faraday begins to learn Earth English as a result of his interactions with police officers and his extraordinarily acute sense of hearing. When Justin comes and swears to have never seen him before, the cops let the extraterrestrial go. He then regurgitates a staggering amount of gold and, having pawned it, sets off on an unknown journey. Justin later encounters Faraday and, after rescuing him from two goons, is persuaded to assist him. The extraterrestrial, who demonstrates exceptional mathematical intelligence and awareness of Justin’s career as a physicist, claims that he needs to be at a location known as Shiprock to receive instructions.

Justin stops her route to Shiprock to pick up drugs for her ailing father, which she is compelled to buy illegally. Faraday is irritated by the diversion since he believes it is critical that he be at his location at the appointed time in order to receive his instructions. After a brief argument, Justin leaves Faraday down at Shiprock and drives away. However, a tremendous impending dust storm causes her to fear for his safety, and she returns to see Faraday going into a powerful pillar of dust.

The End of The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1: What’s in the Box?

Justin finds refuge in her car, helpless as Faraday vanishes into the dust storm. He then arrives in a peaceful forest that resembles Earth but appears to be a version of his home planet, Antheon. In the jungle, a dark guy in a black cap who looks to have influence over Faraday emerges and ominously informs the alien that he will be transformed into a god that people cannot ignore.

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The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

We are then transported back to the present day, where Faraday is lecturing in front of an audience and shows a small gray box. He acts as though he is ready to open the box while proclaiming that he is full of mysteries. The first episode’s cliffhanger left many unanswered concerns concerning the little box Faraday is carrying. According to the few scenes towards the conclusion, it may be the source of the mysterious power bestowed onto Faraday by the man in the black hat.

As a result, all we know is that opening the box will cause a spectacular effect, making our faraway hero appear to be a “god.” Faraday hasn’t exhibited any symptoms of malice thus far, and while he does warn his audience, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” it appears doubtful that he will damage them by unlocking the box. Of course, it’s possible that Faraday is unaware of what’s within the device or the impact it will have on others around him.

Where did Faraday come from? Does he return?

Faraday is from the distant planet Antheon, where his family awaits his homecoming. According to the scant details revealed in episode 1, Faraday’s home planet is extremely hot, which explains why he constantly drinking water. It looks that Antheon is having an existential crisis, and Faraday’s objective is to preserve his homeworld and family.

The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

At the end of episode 1, it appears that the alien has been taken to his home planet, which appears to be a forest similar to Earth’s (including spiders). Given that his planet has a very comparable environment, this could explain why Faraday can exist in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, as the man in the black hat asserts, the version of Antheon Faraday sees at the end of episode 1 is not the one he recalls, implying that Faraday was hallucinating after entering the dust column. The alien is most likely still on Earth, his job unfinished.

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What is the identity of the Man in the Hat?

The figure in the black hat appears to wield control over Faraday and could be one of the “Adepts” he discusses. Faraday explains to Justin that his people are divided between Adepts and Drones, with the former in charge of developing plans and the latter in charge of carrying them out.

The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

According to the brief interaction we witness between Faraday and the man in the black hat, the latter is the one making plans while Faraday is on the ground doing jobs. The man with the hat’s motivations are unknown, and his appearance, while human, is ominous. For the time being, it looks that the man in the hat, like Faraday, is an alien disguised as a human.

The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained
The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained


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