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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained

In the sixth and last episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,’ Ptolemy Grey visits Reggie at his apartment after confirming Alfred’s murder. Grey spends time reminiscing about his life before addressing Alfred. Robyn goes to court to protect Grey’s money and other assets from Grey’s niece Niecie. Recognizing that she must satisfy Coydog’s ambition, she makes every effort to safeguard Grey’s riches. The final episode concludes with various events and disclosures about Grey, which prompted us to take a closer look at the subject. On that topic, following a brief recap, let us share our ideas! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 6

Grey dreams about the night his childhood girlfriend Maude is trapped in a burning house in the sixth and final episode of the show, named ‘Ptolemy.’ He gets ready for the appointment with Alfred after waking up. When Shirley Wring requests to meet for lunch, he asks her to reschedule for the following day. To keep Robyn away from Alfred, he tells her not to return to the flat until late at night. He tells her he’ll be entertaining Shirley at his house after lunch. Grey takes a brief journey to a local lake after Robyn leaves to reflect on his life.

After a spiky-haired man enters the building, Grey returns to the apartment and instructs Hernandez, the car driver, to stay back and horn repeatedly. He uses a tape recorder to capture Alfred’s confession of murdering Reggie. When Alfred meets Grey, the latter convinces the former into confessing to Reggie’s murder in exchange for the doubloons he owns. Following the confession, Alfred admits that he had to kill Reggie for attempting to relocate Nina to Texas from Atlanta. Meanwhile, Hernandez horns and an agitated Alfred attempt to threaten Grey with a knife. During the fight, Grey pulls out his revolver and shoots Alfred.

Alfred escapes the apartment complex and seeks assistance from strangers on the streets. Grey also emerges from the residence, armed with a gun. The cops arrive on the scene and arrest Grey, but they are unable to save Alfred, who dies.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale: Will Grey’s Memory Fail Again? Will He Return Home?

Grey does, indeed, lose his memories. When Dr. Rubin suggests a therapy process for Grey to regain memory for a limited amount of time, he accepts it despite the fact that it will accelerate the rate of his memory loss after the designated timeframe. Grey discovers Coydog’s riches and Reggie’s killer after regaining his memory. He also desired that his memory be used to revenge the death of his great-nephew. His memory loss worsens during his encounter with Alfred, but he is able to end the life of Reggie’s murderer.

Grey’s memory loss did not occur over night. Grey becomes stuck and fails to finish his speech while delivering a eulogy to Reggie at a gathering held by Niecie. Dr. Rubin, who was there at the party, notices the abrupt shift in his patient and warns him about the amount of time he has before losing his memory. Grey’s memory loss, according to the doctor, will worsen at an alarming rate. Robyn assures him that she will take him home to care for him with Shirley after seeing his horrible condition. Grey’s dementia is steadily progressing, so taking care of him in his own home is the least she can do.

Even though Grey is in police custody, Robyn may try to find a method to get him back home with the help of their lawyer, Abromovitz. Grey’s deteriorating medical state could become a deciding factor if Robyn goes to court. The tape recorder, which captured Grey’s entire conversation with Alfred, including Alfred’s threats, could aid her and Abromovitz in proving that Grey killed Alfred in self-defense. Grey will most likely return home if they are successful in achieving the same.

Who Will Win the Grey’s Will Contest? Is it Robyn or Niecie? What Happened to Grey’s Money and Treasure?

When Grey believes that his days are few, he seeks Abromovitz’s help in writing a will. When he transfers all of his assets to a trust, he names Robyn as the trust’s responsible authority. When Niecie learns that her uncle’s assets will be handled by a third party, she challenges the will with her son Hilly and Nina. Despite Niecie’s lawyer’s best efforts to get the will annulled based on Grey’s current physical condition, Abromovitz submits video evidence to the judge in which Grey says that he authorized Robyn to control his assets when he was mentally capable of doing so.

The video evidence refutes Niecie’s lawyer’s claim that Robyn used Grey to take control of his assets. After viewing the footage, the judge rules in favor of Robyn. Niecie’s fight, on the other hand, is far from ended. Following the ruling, Niecie confronts Robyn and declares that she will continue her fight to get his blood relative’s assets after preventing her from laying hands on them. Niecie’s motivation for acquiring Grey’s possessions is totally selfish. Rather than adopting her uncle’s wish and vision, she prepares to contest the verdict in Robyn’s favor.

Robyn, on the other hand, has a vision that is compatible with Grey’s desire to spend money and wealth. She prefers to utilize the money to care for Reggie’s children and Hilly rather than enabling Niecie and others to do so. Most significantly, Robyn wishes for Grey’s money to be used for the benefit of their Black community, as Coydog desired. She does not want Coydog’s sacrifice to be in vain and hopes to establish a leadership scholarship for young Black people. Robyn chooses to form a foundation to use the money after being inspired by Grey and Coydog’s desire to better their town.

Niecie’s future return to court to contest the current verdict could affect the fate of Grey’s assets. If Robyn is triumphant again, we may expect her to spend it all on Grey’s family and their town. If Niecie wins the prospective argument, which is exceedingly doubtful, she and Nina may utilize it for their own personal gain, disregarding Grey’s dedication to his fellow-Black people.

Grey, did you really save Maude from the fire? Was Maude killed in the fire?

No, Grey did not save his childhood girlfriend Maude from the fire. Grey sees his younger self racing into Maude’s burning house and his older self rescuing her from the flames in his dream. Grey’s dream, on the other hand, is a representation of what he wished to happen rather than a recall of the experience. When Maude’s house caught fire, Grey did everything he could to run into the flames and save his sweetheart. His mother, however, forbade him from jeopardizing his own life, forcing him to witness Maude’s death in the fire.

Grey’s imagination, as a form of solace for his remorse over not rescuing Maude, generates nightmares in which he rescues her. In the show’s final scene, Grey, the child, communicates his anguish about Maude’s “leaving without a return” to Coydog. Grey’s uncle-figure emphasizes the certainty of death in order for him to accept Maude’s perpetual absence. Even after eighty years, the older Grey’s weak mind develops an other past for him to believe in rather than acknowledging Maude’s death.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending Explained


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