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The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained

The narrative of Roy Conrad III’s death is told in ‘The Girl from Plainville,’ which goes into the “texting-suicide” case. His friendship with Michelle Carter and her role in the catastrophe are explored in the Hulu miniseries. Michelle’s subsequent trial concludes the series, and the narrative ends on a mournful note that does not attempt to explain the protagonists’ actions in great detail. It essentially portrays what happened through dramatizations. Let’s take a deeper look at how ‘The Girl from Plainville’ ends. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Girl from Plainville Episode 8

On July 12, 2014, the miniseries finale begins with Michelle instructing Conrad not to think and to proceed with his planned suicide. He says he’ll do it after a walk, despite Michelle’s forceful insistence that he do it. Lynn, on the other hand, invites her son to join the family for a day at the beach, and he accepts. Conrad eats guacamole for the first time at the beach, a fact his bereaved mother recalls throughout Michelle Carter’s trial.

The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credit: Steve Dietl/Hulu

Following their closing comments, all sides at the trial await the verdict. The judge declares that the defense’s rationale, notably Dr. Breggin’s explanation of “involuntary drunkenness,” does not fully explain Michelle’s behavior. She is later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

We then show a more mature Michelle returning home for Christmas from California, where she is attending college. Her family is delighted to see her, and the young lady goes to a nearby pub to catch up with old school pals. She encounters Conrad at the pub, who informs her that her pals have dumped her. He then advises Michelle to stop living in her head and walks out of the pub when she doesn’t listen.

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The Ending of The Girl from Plainville: Does Michelle Carter Go to Prison?

We’re then transported to the fateful night of the catastrophe, when Conrad parks his pickup in a K Mart parking lot and turns on the generator he stole from his grandfather’s garage. He stumbles out and makes a phone call at one point. Michelle, experiencing another vision, stands back and weakly begs Conrad not to listen to her and not to get back into the truck.

The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credit: Steve Dietl/Hulu

In the episode’s last moments, Michelle gets a haircut before heading to court, where she is arrested. The final scene shows her in a jail uniform but does not reveal her face. We are then informed of Michelle’s punishment and information regarding legislation known as “Conrad’s Law” in post-scripts.

Michelle Carter is eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two and a half years in jail. Because a portion of her sentence is suspended, she is not brought into custody immediately following her trial. As a result, Michelle is not forced to spend the entirety of her prison sentence.

Michelle’s punishment is hinted at when, after the verdict, she is still able to go to the barbershop with her mother. Despite the imminent jail time, Michelle appears to be acting like any other adolescent. That is, until her hairdresser sees Michelle’s image in the newspaper and knows who she is, at which point all smiles vanish. The harsh realities of the verdict and Michelle’s past resurface.

The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credit: Steve Dietl/Hulu

The latter portion of the series finale focuses on the life Michelle could have had and, to some extent, desired. Michelle tells about how she always anticipated her life having these things, from going to college in California to meeting Conrad when they’re both significantly older.

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During her time in the hair salon before being arrested, it appears that she is once again attempting to live the life of a regular adolescent whose world has not been flipped upside down. Michelle, however, is brought into custody to fulfill her fifteen-month term while sporting her new hairstyle. The succeeding postscripts inform us that she was eventually released early due to good behavior.

Do Conrad and his parents reconcile?

Lynn and Conrad Roy Jr. began speaking to each other more affectionately than before during the final days of the trial. They spend time together talking about Conrad and checking in on one other. This is in stark contrast to the difficult relationship between them at most other periods in the story.

The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD
Image Credit: Steve Dietl/Hulu

The last scenes we see of Lynn and Co (as he is known) show them talking outside Lynn’s house before heading inside for a drink. They clearly enjoy one other’s company, and it appears that their son’s loss has brought them closer together. Conrad’s parents, on the other hand, are unlikely to get together.

Though they appear to have come together to support one another and their relationship appears to have become more caring, neither appears to be ready for a romantic engagement. This is especially true for Lynn, who continues to be dismissive of Co and is only now beginning to embrace him as a friend.

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The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained
The Girl from Plainville Finale Ending Explained


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