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The Girl from Plainville Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

The fifth episode of ‘The Girl from Plainville,’ titled ‘Mirrorball,’ gradually intensifies the intensity of the teenage lead characters’ emotions and explains how Conrad and Michelle find solace in each other before the former’s terrible demise. Meanwhile, in the present narrative, Michelle is immersed by tragedy as journalists speculate about her role in her boyfriend’s death. The episode concludes with a less-than-perfect prom. Let’s take a closer look at ‘The Girl from Plainville’ episode 5 to ensure we’ve caught up on all of its subtleties. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Girl from Plainville Episode 5

Michelle is in the eye of the storm in Episode 5 after a newspaper publishes a story about her maybe being involved in Conrad’s death. The headline, which includes an image of her with the phrase “manslaughter” above, creates quite a commotion, and Michelle immediately becomes the social outcast at her school. Meanwhile, Michelle’s lawyer interrogates her about the messages she sent to her boyfriend, namely one encouraging him to drink bleach. Her parents are taken aback by the letter and question if Michelle had anything to do with Conrad’s death.

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In flashbacks, Conrad’s father tries to get him to join the family business, which runs their boat, while his mother encourages him to attend college on his scholarship. Stuck in the middle, Conrad struggles to deal with the pressure on him and talks it with Michelle. He is approached by a classmate named May at a high school party and ends up sleeping with her. Conrad, on the other hand, feels bad and quits the party soon after the meeting.

Michelle and Conrad subsequently meet during her grandmother’s funeral and sneak away. This is the first time the two have met in person since Florida, and they will spend time working on a baseball pitch. When Conrad attempts to take things further, Michelle stops him, stating that she isn’t ready.

What Happens to Michelle at Prom in The Girl from Plainville Episode 5?

Back in the current day, Michelle finds her educational atmosphere becoming increasingly hostile, with sarcastic remarks coming from all sides. Michelle’s friendship with Susie is also over, and as a last-ditch effort, she leaves a letter in Susie’s car. Michelle agrees to


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Michelle leaves the school dance exhausted and, upon returning home, begins to run on her treadmill with a crazy expression on her face. Michelle is at her lowest point by the end of the episode. It is evident from the beginning of the episode how essential it is for her to be welcomed by her classmates. The high school senior is now completely defenseless, with the entire school, including her closest friends, shunning her. She goes to prom because a classmate persuaded her to, despite knowing how other students will react to her. However, it appears that things are even worse than Michelle anticipates.

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Michelle imagines Conrad at the dance with her when she feels like an outcast at the high school party. This is significant because, like her partner, she now feels like a complete outsider among her classmates. Michelle abandons prom due to her inability to control her emotions. The encounter may simply make her more empathetic to Conrad’s plight. Michelle returns home and begins jogging on the treadmill incessantly, demonstrating how traumatized she is.

Dr. Breggin is assisting Michelle for what reason?

Dr. Peter Breggin shows up unannounced at Michelle’s lawyer Joseph Cataldo’s office and offers his services for free. The lawyer initially dismisses the doctor until he begins listing off a list of ways in which Michelle’s prescription may have “intoxicated” her, resulting in impaired judgment. The more Joseph hears, the more impressed he is by the doctor’s reasoning, especially when Dr. Breggin says that his testimony has already resulted in acquittals in several cases.

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Dr. Breggin’s offer to assist is invaluable at a time when the prosecution has constructed a solid case and Michelle appears to be increasingly guilty for Conrad’s death. The doctor clarifies that he does not want to be paid and that he believes it is his responsibility to raise awareness about the risks of big pharma. Thus, he claims that by assisting Michelle, he is simply performing his civic duty by demonstrating how specific drugs can impact people’s actions. Surprisingly, the prosecution does not feel frightened by Dr. Breggin’s presence, therefore it remains to be seen how much his medical testimony benefits Michelle.

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TMDb: 7.6


The Girl from Plainville Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
The Girl from Plainville Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained


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