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The Baby Episode 2 Ending Explained

The second episode of HBO’s horror series ‘The Baby,’ titled ‘The Seduction,’ follows a surprised Natasha, who is forced to care for the baby. Fearful, she summons her friend Rita to her flat, only for the latter to mistake Natasha’s baby for her own. Natasha travels to the deceased woman’s workplace to hand over the infant to a family member. Meanwhile, a weird stranger is following her and the baby. The riveting episode concludes with astonishing discoveries regarding Natasha’s relationship to the kid. Let us be your ally if you want to take a closer look at the same. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Baby Episode 2

Before Lydia’s death, a woman arrives at Lydia’s business, a café, for a cup of coffee with the baby. The woman consumes biscuits, and one of them becomes lodged in her throat, resulting in her death. Rita approaches Natasha and offers to take the baby away for a while so that her friend can take a bath and snooze. She rejects the idea and wants Rita to leave because she is afraid the baby would kill her. Her friend’s mistaken belief that Natasha is the baby’s mother prompts a panicked Natasha to call Mags to check that she isn’t. To end her agony, she locates Lydia’s workplace and travels there with the baby.

Image Credit: Rekha Garton/HBO

Natasha inquires at the café about Lydia’s family’s willingness to hand over the baby, but she is unable to obtain any information. The waiter’s dog is always barking at the infant. To quiet the dog, the waiter gives it a ball to play with, which rolls down the street. While changing diapers, Natasha confirms that the baby is a male. Natasha and the waiter discuss the woman who died at the café, and they end up checking the CCTV tape to ensure that the infant in the footage and the baby with her are the same.

Meanwhile, the dog is hit by a car and dies on the side of the road. Natasha, terrified, returns to the apartment with the infant. She discovers a flash drive near her apartment door and begins going through the data. She discovers photographs of other women with him, including those of the woman who died in the café, Lydia, and herself.

Ending of The Baby Episode 2: Does Natasha Get Rid of the Baby? Is she able to find her way back to the car?

Natasha, on the other hand, does not get rid of the kid. Natasha’s terror goes beyond her ability to control after going through the photographs on the flash drive. She drives to adjacent fields in order to dispose of the baby. Natasha is deeply affected by the woman’s death in the café because she realizes that the baby can also kill the mother who nurtures him. The realization pushes her to get rid of him in some way, and she abandons the baby in the fields in a panic. She, on the other hand, is oblivious to the fact that her situation is deteriorating without the kid. She is unable to make her way back to her car in the absence of him.

Image Credit: Ross Ferguson/HBO

Natasha, helpless, returns to the baby, takes him up, and makes her way back. Natasha knows there is no way to escape the baby’s presence and effect. The more she tries, the more surprised she is to see him return to her. When Natasha tries to detach him from her, the baby’s strange power takes control of reality, putting an end to her efforts. Natasha believes that the only thing keeping her from dying is the baby’s need for her. She resolves not to leave the baby in the fields in order not to end up like the woman who died at the café.

What is the identity of the woman in Natasha’s car?

Natasha takes the baby back and finds her way back to her car after deciding not to get rid of him. She gets inside the car and is surprised to discover an elderly woman who tells her that they need to chat. Mrs. Eaves is the old woman who has accompanied Natasha and the baby to the café and the fields, indicating that she is related with the baby and has been following Natasha for a long time. Mrs. Eaves could possibly be the person who placed the flash drive with photographs of the baby and his caregivers by Natasha’s apartment door.

Image Credit: Ross Ferguson/HBO

Mrs. Eaves must be someone who is familiar with the baby’s past. The photographs on the flash drive imply that the woman has been tracking the strange kid in order to maybe assist Natasha in dealing with him, as she has done with previous women. Her willingness to assist is also demonstrated by the flash drive and the conversation she demands with Natasha. Mrs. Eaves’ survival despite years of following the kid is odd, especially because countless others have perished simply because they were in his presence.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the woman, like the kid, is more than just a human being. Mrs. Eaves, on the other hand, must have lost someone as a result of the baby, which undoubtedly pushes her to stop him from killing more people. She may join forces with Natasha to exterminate the evil force that may lurk within him in order to preserve themselves and everyone around them.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 30 min


TMDb: 9


The Baby Episode 2 Ending Explained
The Baby Episode 2 Ending Explained
The Baby Episode 2 Ending Explained


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