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The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

Episode 5 is named ‘High School,’ and it transports our group of oddball suspects back in time 15 years to a tragic high school Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Walt, the party’s most soft-spoken and awkward guest, finally gets his moment in the spotlight, but it doesn’t do anything to boost his popularity.

The extended flashback shows us younger versions of the main protagonists as well as a totally different social dynamic. A lot happens at the party, and some explosive secrets are disclosed, producing even more conflict among the guests (which is exactly what they need!). Let’s take a deeper look at Episode 5 of ‘The Afterparty’ to discover what’s going on. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Episode 5 of The Afterparty

Detective Danner begins the episode by looking for Aniq, who spent episode 4 secretly eavesdropping on her interrogation. He eventually sneaks away and joins the others after giving the investigator a less-than-convincing alibi for where he was. Walt then begins describing the events of a Saint Patrick’s Day party he hosted 15 years ago, which people have a hard time remembering despite his constant reminders.

The flashback begins in senior year of high school, with younger versions of the primary protagonists excitedly discussing their college plans and the approaching party. Aniq ultimately decides to confess his feelings for Zoe that night and creates a mixed CD of her favorite music for her. Yasper and Xavier have a falling out as well, with the former disbanding their musical collaboration, claiming that the latter’s preferences are too mainstream.

Xavier throws Aniq into the water after realizing that he was the one who suggested to Yasper that the band be broken up. This sets off a chain of events that pulls Zoe toward Brett, who accepts the risk, and the two end up together.

Is Zoe the Killer in The Afterparty Episode 5?

Meanwhile, Xavier attempts to seduce Chelsea but is turned down. He, on the other hand, goes out and tells everyone (in not-so-flattering terms) that he and Chelsea slept together. Walt is also discovered in the room with them, which adds to the uproar. In the midst of the chaos, Xavier and Aniq fight after the latter wrecks the former’s automobile. The night concludes with the police arriving and escorting everyone home.

Back in the present, the guests are taken aback by the flashback’s disclosures and begin squabbling amongst themselves. Detective Danner points out that Aniq had a grudge towards Xavier based on the events of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. However, Zoe intervenes, claiming that she, too, harbored a vendetta against Xavier, and the detective summons her for questioning.

As a result, the episode that provides us with so many answers concludes with a question: what grudge did Zoe have against Xavier? The only hint we have is that Zoe’s rage against the late celebrity is recent, as she tells that the feud began that very evening. It’s possible Zoe is enraged at Xavier’s treatment of Aniq at the reunion. However, it is unlikely that she would murder someone over something so trivial. There could be another, as-yet-unknown reason for Zoe’s rage. But, once again, she doesn’t appear to despise Xavier enough to want to kill him. As a result, Zoe is unlikely to be the murderer.

What Happened at the Saint Patrick’s Day Party in 2006?

The story is conveyed objectively since the events of the fateful party are narrated by the socially inept Walt. He leaves nothing out, revealing some uncomfortable details as a result. As a result of all that happens during the chaotic high school party, there are a few long-term ramifications. Most notably, Aniq blows his opportunity with Zoe, who instead falls for (and marries!) Brett. Another significant tipping point is the popularity of Xavier and Chelsea.

Chelsea is the most popular girl in the grade before the St. Patrick’s Day party. However, as her classmates begin to suspect that she slept with both Xavier and Walt at the same time, her pals forsake her, and Chelsea’s popular girl period comes to an end. Xavier travels in the opposite direction. He was thought to be a foolish rich kid until the party, when he claims to have slept with Chelsea. In a way, the angry, loud-mouthed celebrity version of Xavier is born during the Saint Patrick’s Day Party.

As a result, the fateful party has far-reaching consequences for the principal people, influencing the routes their lives take. Though it does not directly tell us who is to blame for Xavier’s death, the events of the party essentially fill out the backstories of most of the important players, making it simpler to identify motives to kill Xavier.


The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
The Afterparty Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained


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