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Now and Then Episode 6 Ending Explained

‘Now & Then’ keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its continually changing plot that shows a different aspect of the main protagonists with each episode. The sixth episode, titled ‘A Good Day to Give Thanks,’ finds Pedro dealing with the aftermath from the arrest of his campaign manager Ernesto.

Meanwhile, Ana pursues her own goal, which leads to an unexpected twist that alters viewers’ understanding of the blackmail plot. Viewers will undoubtedly be looking for an explanation for the episode’s game-changing ending. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Now & Then’ episode 6’s ending! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Now & Then Episode 6

The sixth episode, titled ‘A Good Day to Give Thanks,’ begins with a flashback to a Thanksgiving dinner at Alejandro’s house, which is attended by everyone of the friends except Dani and Sofia. In the present, Pedro visits Ernesto in jail and assures him that he will solve the problem. On his way home, Pedro expresses his displeasure with Ana’s involvement in the money laundering case. Sofia pays a visit to Hugo in the hospital, where she recalls her disagreement with Dani. Dani had ordered Hugo to send the blackmail text to her friends, it is revealed. Sofia, on the other hand, becomes irritated after finding that Dani has embroiled Hugo in the problem.

Now and Then Episode 6 Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Marcos is unable to deal with Isabel’s absence and is unable to contact her. He speaks with Arturo, his father, who tells him that Isabel will return. To cope with the emotional tension, Marcos turns to narcotics. Flora is summoned and suspended by her superior for illegally acquiring evidence by eavesdropping Marcos’ home without a warrant. While Flora accepts her suspension, she saves the job of her colleague Linda by taking responsibility for the issue. In a flashback, Flora investigates the fingerprints on the crime site and discovers an unidentifiable print that she suspects belongs to Jessica Thompson’s killer.

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Meanwhile, Pedro loses faith in his campaign and has a nervous breakdown in front of his family. Marcos attends Thanksgiving dinner with his father but departs early to contact Sofia. Sofia meets Marcos in a pub and tries to take advantage of the situation because she desperately needs money. However, Marcos collapses in the bar due to drug overuse. Ana and Marcos debate about their circumstances, as a flashback reveals Pedro accidently killed Jessica Thompson. Hugo eventually awakens from his coma, while Ana and Pedro work out their differences.

Now & Then Episode 6: Why Did Ana Pay a Visit to Dani? Did she murder Dani?

Ana and Pedro prepare to go out to dinner to talk about their problems in the episode’s concluding moments. However, Pedro learns through his babysitter that Ana had left the house a few weeks previously by handing the children to the babysitter. Pedro is unaware of the incident, and it becomes clear that Ana is concealing something from him. A flashback that picks up from a previous episode scene reveals that Ava met Dani before the latter’s death. Ava then returns home that night with a cut on her forearm. The episode concludes with Ana washing the blood from her hand.

Now and Then Episode 6 Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

The episode’s conclusion strongly suggests that Ana was involved in the blackmail plot. The flashback shows Ana visiting Dani at her home but does not reveal anything about their relationship. However, based on the flashback in the previous episode, Ana and Dani most likely had a disagreement that night. Furthermore, Ana’s forearm injury indicates a struggle, and the blood suggests that she may have had a physical altercation with Dani. As a result, Ana most certainly killed Dani in the heat of the moment.

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Ana’s activities are seen in a fresh light in this episode. So far, Ana and Pedro appeared to be a team, working together to avoid getting implicated in the blackmail and murder cases in which they are suspects. The sixth episode, however, implies that Ana has her own goal and is keeping a deadly secret from Pedro. What Ana’s exact goals and plans are, ultimately, unknown. Nonetheless, Ana is privy to more information concerning Dani’s unexplained death than she is revealing.

Now and Then Episode 6 Ending Explained
Now and Then Episode 6 Ending Explained


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