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Murderville Episode 6 Clues, Killer and Ending Explained

‘Murderville’ season 1 concludes with an intriguing sixth and final episode. In the episode, Terry races across town to settle a cold case that holds profound personal meaning for him. Terry works with Ken Jeong (‘Community’) to solve the case and investigates fresh clues that emerge. Terry and Ken must negotiate a labyrinth of lies and improvise their way through bizarre situations in order to discover the identity of the killer. If you’re wondering if Terry and Ken will be able to solve the murder mystery, here’s all you need to know! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Murderville Episode 6

The sixth episode, titled ‘The Cold Case,’ begins with Terry ecstatically reporting the discovery of a new clue in the case of his former colleague Lori Griffin’s death. He informs Chief Rhonda of the anonymous call, which he later discovers was from Lori’s dry cleaner. Terry returns the garments Lori had given to dry cleaners years before. Terry discovers a diary among the clothes, which leads the police to a new lead in the cold case. Rhonda teams Terry up with actor, comedian, and host Ken Jeong to solve Lori Griffin’s murder.

Terry and Ken journey back in time to the back alley where Lori was murdered fifteen years ago. Amber Kang, a forensics specialist, recreates the crime scene and shows that Lori was stabbed twice in the back. On the crime scene, the killer left a piece of their prescription spectacles. A James Taylor concert ticket as well as four clover pins were discovered at the scene. Lori was murdered with a professional-grade hunting knife. Terry discovers a list of three suspects in Lori’s diary.

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Terry and Ken question the suspects one at a time. Seamus Doyle, a former mob enforcer who is currently incarcerated, is the first suspect on the list. Rebecca Hendricks, a real estate magnate turned reality television star, is the second suspect. Police Commissioner Barton is the third and final suspect. Ken must reach a decision regarding the identity of the killer after questioning all three suspects.

Who Killed Lori in Murderville Episode 6? Will Terry and Ken be able to solve the case?

Unlike in earlier episodes, none of the three suspects appear to have a reason for killing Lori. Lori was working on a case before she died, and her results may have jeopardized Commissioner Donald’s career. As a result, he is the only one who has any inkling of a reason to murder Lori. Finally, Ken explains his reasoning and accuses Barton of murdering Lori. His charge is based on Barton’s use of glasses, which links him to the lens discovered at the crime scene. He also possesses a professional hunting license, which connects him to the murder weapon. Furthermore, Lori was murdered in 2006, and the 2006 planner is missing from Barton’s office.

As a result, there is compelling proof that Barton is Lori’s assassin. Ken, on the other hand, makes a critical mistake in his judgement. Barton acknowledges early in the episode that he struggles with huge groups. As a result, the concert ticket discovered at the crime scene could not have belonged to him, and he has been removed from the list of suspects. As a former sniper, Seamus enjoys killing with a gun and has near-perfect eyesight. As a result, he is not the perpetrator.

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Rebecca Hendrick, who inherited a series of hunting gear stores, is of Irish origin (thus her connection to the clover), and has children named after the musician James Taylor, is revealed to be the murderer. However, before Rebecca can be captured, Terry has a new realization after Rebecca admits to having Lori murdered in order to save her ambitious real estate project.

Terry deduces from the interrogations that Rebecca paid Seamus to frighten the residents of a nearby community in order to gain their land for her project. She then bribed the police via Barton to keep the case quiet. Lori was aware of the scandal and was assassinated in order to keep the scheme hidden. Terry eventually discovers the truth, and all three suspects are found guilty. Thus, Terry finally avenges Lori’s death.

Rhonda and Terry reconcile?

Terry is going through a terrible time in his personal life in the first season. Terry and his wife, Rhonda, are divorcing. Terry’s fixation with Lori’s assassination has consumed the couple’s marriage. As a result, Rhonda wishes to divorce. While Terry tries to win Rhonda back, she has clearly moved on and is now seeing Detective Daz. After Lori’s murder case is solved, Terry sees a ray of hope for reconciliation. However, it is too little, too late as Rhonda expresses her desire to start over. Terry eventually accepts the circumstance, and the couple part ways amicably.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 33 min


TMDb: 5.8


Murderville Episode 6 Clues, Killer and Ending Explained
Murderville Episode 6 Clues, Killer and Ending Explained
Murderville Episode 6 Clues, Killer and Ending Explained
Murderville Episode 6 Clues, Killer and Ending Explained


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