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Inventing Anna Ending Explained: What Happens to Anna Delvey?

‘Inventing Anna,’ a Netflix miniseries, explores the incredible life of Anna Sorokin, aka Ana Delvey, a young socialite who rises to the upper levels of New York’s elite. Except that Anna Delvey is not the affluent German heiress she claims to be.

The titular character’s extravagant plans and affluent lifestyle create a social maelstrom that entraps numerous wealthy individuals and institutions who are unintentionally drawn in by her attractiveness. Anna’s stratospheric rise is mirrored by an equally dramatic fall, and an intriguing parallel narrative is formed by a tenacious journalist attempting to unearth the mystery socialite’s secrets. We thought we’d assist disentangle some of the finer elements of the ‘Inventing Anna’ finale because it’s a frenzy of activity at the conclusion. Let’s get started. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Inventing Anna

Anna Sorokin, 26, is convicted of various larceny counts in the beginning of the story. Vivian Kent, a Manhattan Magazine journalist, learns about the many New York financial institutions that Anna defrauded and becomes intrigued by the young socialite’s story. She finally meets Anna, who is being imprisoned at Rikers Correctional Facility, but the interview creates more questions than answers. Determined to learn more (rather than just complete the generic piece she’s been assigned at work), Vivian begins tracking down Anna’s closest connections using images posted on social media.

Image Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

The strange story gradually shows how Anna came close to receiving a $40 million loan from Fortress, one of the city’s finest banks. Through detailed flashbacks, we watch Anna Delvey’s frantic life in New York high society as Vivan interviews people and fits together her subject’s recent history. Her associates all attribute her family’s fortune to various sources, ranging from her father being a Russian oligarch to her family having numerous precious antiques. Surrounded by artists and celebrity acquaintances, and hosted by a wealthy designer, Anna develops the concept for a secret members-only art club in the center of New York. Soon after, she engages well-known restauranteurs, architects, and financial experts to make her enterprise appear impressively legitimate.

Those closest to Anna, on the other hand, become skeptical when she refuses to reveal her shady history, causing her to fall out with many of her former fashionista and celebrity acquaintances. Our heroine now turns her attention to the city’s bankers, requesting a sizable $40 million for her art club project. She recruits Alan Reed, a well-known face in the financial world, to increase her perceived credibility. However, a trail of unpaid bills follows Anna, and her pals Neff, Rachel, and Kacy all end up paying different amounts on separate occasions when the apparent German heiress’ wire transfers mysteriously fail to go through.

How Long Is Anna’s Jail Sentence? Inventing Anna’s Ending: How Long Is Anna’s Jail Sentence?

Slowly, Anna’s sophisticated web begins to unravel as an increasing number of debtors (including Alan Reed) discover she is a fraud. The banks are delaying the processing of her loan because they want to investigate her further. She is eventually caught after a hotel lodges a police report against her. Anna, who is awaiting trial, insists on hiring a stylist for the hearings. Todd Spodek, her lawyer, battles tirelessly for his client but is frequently frustrated by her excessive requests. Finally, the trial concludes, and despite the dismissal of several of the principal allegations against Anna, she is convicted and sentenced to prison.

Image Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

Vivian Kent receives well-deserved recognition and notoriety for her coverage of Anna’s story. Her supervisors at Manhattan Magazine, who were first doubtful of the story, congratulate her and enthusiastically discuss a follow-up feature, stating she can have an office if she wants. Vivian, on the other hand, is changed by her chats with Anna and the astonishing story she discovers. The series concludes with her bemoaning the fact that the enterprising young woman may now spend many years in prison.

As a result, Anna is sentenced to prison. Despite the fact that some of her significant allegations (including the bogus $40 million loan) have been withdrawn, she is still charged with theft and faces up to twelve years in prison if convicted. The final episode reveals an intriguing side of the main character. While her lawyer, Todd, tries to persuade the jury that Anna was nothing near being able to get the load, the young socialite wants everyone to know that she almost did. Anna seemed to be fine with going to prison as long as she is not labeled a “stupid socialite.”

As a result, Todd is able to clear Anna of her most serious allegation in the end. However, the judge and jury understand that the young woman is skilled at deceiving people, and she receives a lengthy prison sentence as a result. On the show, it is unclear if Anna receives the full twelve-year sentence or if her prison time is shortened — this is what truly happened. We do know for certain that Anna goes to prison, and Vivian even laments the fact that if the young woman is sentenced to twelve years in prison, she would be forty by the time she is freed.

What Befalls Vivian Kent?

For the most of the story, Vivian Kent works valiantly to avoid a scandal that appears to have tarnished her career. Vivian was sacked by Bloomberg after one of her interviewees alleged she provided him questions merely to get a juicy narrative, according to fragmented discussions. Vivian, who is relegated to reporting mundane stories, sees Anna’s story as an opportunity to repair her journalistic reputation, and she pursues the trail all the way to Germany.

Image Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

Vivian’s story about Anna receives four million unique impressions, the most ever for her magazine. In a lyrical and ironic twist, the show ends with her feeling worse than ever, despite the fact that her reputation remains intact. Despite her supervisors’ advice to write a sequel, Vivian is saddened by Anna’s fate. The journalist is disturbed by the wasted talent after seeing how capable the young woman is. Vivian, like Todd, believes Anna might have avoided prison and is devastated to learn that the young woman may be imprisoned for the next twelve years.

What Is the Future of the Anna Delvey Foundation?

Anna Delvey Foundation (or ADF) is the name she intends to give to her elite art club. She gathers a slew of well-known names to back her idea and is lauded for her foresight. When her suggested investors decide to visit Germany to verify the assets she claims to have, Anna changes her strategy and seeks for a loan. Of course, she also assures everyone that her (fictitious) 60 million euro trust fund will assist secure the project.

Anna gets arrested at the end, with bills piling up and after being abandoned by her friends. Of course, if it is shown that she is a phony, her programs and foundation as a whole lose all credibility. Anna created ADF out of thin air the first time, and she could do it again with another venture if given the chance. However, Anna’s catastrophic decline from popular favor has effectively dashed all aspirations for ADF in New York.

Inventing Anna Ending Explained: What Happens to Anna Delvey?
Inventing Anna Ending Explained: What Happens to Anna Delvey?
Inventing Anna Ending Explained: What Happens to Anna Delvey?


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