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Intimacy Ending Explained Who Leaked Malen’s Video?

‘Intimacy,’ or ‘Intimidad,’ a Spanish crime drama series on Netflix, is an honest story of revenge porn and its terrible impact on the victims’ life. Malen (Itziar Ituo) is likely to become her city’s next mayor. When a sexually explicit film of her is released without her permission, it threatens to devastate both her professional and personal life. Meanwhile, Bego (Patricia López Arnaiz), a high school teacher, discovers that her sister Ane (Verónica Echegui) has committed suicide. She meets Alicia (Ana Wagener), an inspector at the Central Information Technology Crimes Bunch, and is informed by the police officer that Ane’s sexually explicit photographs were being disseminated at the factory where she worked. Alicia informs Bego that these images may have had a role in her sister’s suicide. Malen and Bego find a faithful comrade in each other as they cross a dangerous environment to learn the truth about their current situation. Here’s all you need to know about ‘Intimacy’s’ first season finale. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Recap of Intimacy

The series begins with Ane drowning after strolling into the sea. Malen also meets with the city builders. Later, as she is leaving the pool after a swim, the news of her video breaks, forever changing her life. It was then reported that she met César through a dating app. Her marriage to her husband Alfredo has long been rocky. They live in separate rooms and appear to have made the decision to see other people. Malen is reserved and meets César in France. A whirlwind romance develops between the two. She discovers his full name is César Barretxeguren. He is the eldest son of a wealthy businessman. They had sex on the seashore on their last night together. That night’s footage is included in the released video.

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Malen faces a slew of problems in both her personal and professional life once the video goes viral. Alfredo feels emasculated as a result of what she did, and their daughter, Leire, suffers from despair. She knocks up her ex-boyfriend because she believes he posted their film together on the internet. She is discovered to have violent inclinations. She had already harmed her mother.

On the professional front, practically all of Malen’s male colleagues in the political party she represents have advised her to withdraw as a candidate for the upcoming mayoral election. Miren, her mentor, backs her up, but even he occasionally criticizes Malen’s conduct. Miren symbolizes an elder generation of political women. She subsequently discloses to Malen that she was sexually harassed by a high-ranking party member roughly 20 years ago. She was, nevertheless, compelled to remain silent. Malen, on the other hand, benefits from being active in public life in a more liberal culture.

Intimacy Ending Explained Who Leaked Malen’s Video? - ThiruttuVCD

Bego notifies Ane’s boyfriend, Kepa, of what happened to her sister and vows to go after the people who made her sister’s life a living nightmare – her factory colleagues. She contacts Malen, who connects Bego to her father, Juan Mari, a well-known lawyer. Bego spreads the word about her sister’s mistreatment with his and Malen’s assistance. Meanwhile, Alicia, a former victim of harassment, analyzes Malen and Ane’s cases. At home, her girlfriend is eager to become a mother, but Alicia is skeptical.

Alicia hunts down the person who leaked Malen’s video in the season finale, titled ‘A Decision.’ Bego makes an important decision regarding her future. Malen is thinking about leaving politics altogether.

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Who Leaked Malen’s Video at the End of Intimacy?

‘Intimacy’ is a show about humiliation and control at its foundation. Malen and Ane come from quite different social groups. Certain types of males, however, come at them with their claws out the instant they exercise their sexual freedom. Malen, a public figure, is subjected to this in different aspects of her life. For example, her socialist ideals are criticized not on their merits but on the grounds that she is the one expressing them. Malen, on the other hand, has a battling spirit and has no desire to give up.

César Barretxeguren is revealed to be a man in financial trouble. His family is wealthy, yet all of his endeavors to achieve success in life have failed. Malen meets with César shortly after his footage is revealed and accuses him of sharing the video. Although he pretends he had no knowledge of it in front of Malen, he phones someone after she departs and demands to know why the tape was leaked. The video was apparently intended to be sent just to Malen at first.

César is married with children. Later, he is beaten up by two unknown assailants. After he loses consciousness, his wife drives him to the hospital. She leaves César and takes her children with her after recognizing him by his tattoo. César seeks assistance from his father, but the latter effectively disowns him. Nonetheless, he assures César that his wife and children will be taken care of.

Intimacy Ending Explained Who Leaked Malen’s Video? - ThiruttuVCD

César never fully recovers from the beating’s injuries and dies after driving his automobile off the road. His wife discovers his most recent phone call. She dials the number, thinking it belongs to Malen. However, a man responds. He threatens her because he believes she is phoning him. César’s father and wife eventually decide to go to the police station with the phone.

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César’s father’s business competitor, Andoni Segurola, is revealed to be the one who leaked the footage. Malen wishes to regulate his real estate agencies. That was enough for a narcissist like Segurola to try to derail Malen’s career. The video was shot by a former partner in César’s production company. Segurola chose the surname César because he believed it would catch Malen’s attention. He also took warped delight in tormenting a rival’s son. After arresting Segurola, Alicia informs him that the injuries experienced by César during the beating were the cause of his accident, and that he will face jail time for this. This compels Segurola to expose the identities of the two attackers.

Who Disseminated Ane’s Photographs?

One of Ane’s past boyfriends, Jon Aldaola, previously published a sexually explicit film of himself, Ane, and two other people. When the images begin to circulate within the plant, he is the first person Anne contacts, expecting him to be the culprit yet again. Although Jon claims to Alicia that he did not email the images to anyone at the factory, this proves to be false. Jon is arrested, as is his workplace accomplice. Other employees who distributed the images were fined and sacked.

Intimacy Ending Explained Who Leaked Malen’s Video? - ThiruttuVCD

Bego’s life is given new meaning after the event, and she begins working with an organization that assists women who have been harassed. Malen and Alfredo reunite, and they take Leire to therapy. Malen accepts an unconditional apologies from the party’s leaders and is elected as the next mayoral candidate.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 50 min


TMDb: 5.6


Intimacy Ending Explained Who Leaked Malen’s Video?


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