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Hippocrates: What Netflix release date and time?

Discover all the information about the release of Hippocrates on Netflix! Release date and time etc.

Hippocrates will soon be available on Netflix! If you want to know when will hippocrates come out, read on! Benjamin is the new intern at a cramped, overcrowded and rundown hospital, where bureaucratic needs trump patient care, in the hippocrates movie. For all the latest on Netflix releases, read this.

Benjamin is eager to do good for patients and for his doctor father, who works at the same hospital. But an unfortunate mistake in caring for a drunken homeless man overnight exposes Benjamin to the ugly, career-seeking side of an underfunded, understaffed, and profit-seeking healthcare industry.

Director and co-writer Thomas Lilti’s mistake, however, is to think that Benjamin’s coming-of-age worries deserve so much screen time. The Strongest Character Study of Hippocrates is that of Abdel, of Algerian origin, a doctor in his own right whose status as a foreigner relegates him to the role of junior intern alongside the much less experienced Benjamin. We tell you everything about the release of Hippocrates on Netflix!

What release date and time for the release of Hippocrates on Netflix?

The wait is no longer very long, the hippocrates release date was set for May 1, 2022 on netflix. For the most impatient who wish to binge-watch the film, Hippocrates exit time has been set for midnight on Netflix in France.

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What is the film about ?

The official synopsis of Hippocrates tells us this: “Benjamin is going to be a great doctor, he is sure of it. But for his first internship in his father’s service, nothing goes as planned. Practice turns out to be tougher than theory.

The responsibility is overwhelming, his father is absent and his co-intern, Abdel, is a foreign doctor more experienced than him. Benjamin will brutally confront his limits, his fears, those of his patients, families, doctors and staff.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 50 min


TMDb: 7.6


Hippocrates: What Netflix release date and time?
Hippocrates: What Netflix release date and time?


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