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Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Season 2 episode 2 of the period drama TV series ‘Gentleman Jack,’ titled ‘Two Jacks Don’t Suit,’ follows Anne and Ann on their exciting honeymoon across Europe. They unexpectedly run with Isabella “Tib” Norcliffe, Anne’s ex-lover who is known for being brutally honest with her comments. Tib ends up bringing up Mariana and Anne’s storied history in front of Ann, causing the newlyweds problems in paradise. Back at home, Ann’s relatives refuse to quit interfering in her life and begin plotting ways to reclaim control of her.

When the pair returns to Halifax, they are met with opposing reactions from their respective families. As Anne and Ann begin their married lives, they decide to visit Crow Nest together. Ben begins probing about and gets close to discovering the truth about Sam’s death. If you want to know more about these events and how ‘Gentleman Jack’ season 2 episode 2 ends, we’ve got all the answers. Let’s get started! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2

‘Two Jacks Don’t Suit’ opens with Anne and Ann starting their honeymoon in Paris, when they meet Isabella AKA Tib Norcliffe, Anne’s ex-girlfriend. Though she amuses Ann with her outspoken personality, she ends up blurting out Mariana’s name, much to Anne’s chagrin. Later, she asks Tib not to mention Mariana in front of her wife because it could cause problems in their marriage. Tib agrees but is surprised because she believes Ann is too timid for Anne and is concerned about Mariana’s reaction to the marriage.

Anne, too, is skeptical of Mariana’s actions in regards to her and Ann’s new friendship, but she shrugs it aside for the time being. Later, the pair chooses to prolong their honeymoon by a month and visit the Alps, where Anne hopes to climb Mont Blanc. Aunt Ann, on the other hand, is not pleased, and when Marian pays her a visit, she tells Marian about Anne’s character. This severely distresses Marian, and she expresses her concerns about her sister to Aunt Anne, who tells them to support Anne regardless of what society says.

In Geneva, Anne informs her wife briefly about Mariana and her background in order to reassure her, but she chooses to leave out key details in order to avoid confrontation. Meanwhile, the Washingtons relocate to Crow Nest under Anne’s directions, and Suzannah returns to see her family after her marriage. She expresses her dissatisfaction with living with the Sowdens, calling their behavior uncivilized. She goes on to say that Ben makes obscene remarks about her, and that despite Thomas’s support, she finds it difficult to acclimate to his family.

Samuel goes the Sowdens after hearing his daughter’s complaint and discovers that Thomas has severely beaten up his brother for misbehaving with Suzannah. Samuel tells the child to change his ways and be nicer to Suzannah, but he is dubious about Sam’s absence and the Sowdens’ version of events. Despite a snag with their carriage, Anne and Ann arrive safely from Geneva, and the Listers breathe a sigh of relief. While settling into Shibden Hall, Anne requests that Mariana be allowed to come so that they may all get to know each other properly, to which her wife agrees.

The couple subsequently travels to Crow Nest to relocate Ann’s stuff to Shibden Hall, where they share a passionate moment. Suzannah’s younger siblings, unbeknownst to them, wind up witnessing their intimacy and are humiliated by it, as it is unusual for them. After that, Anne returns home to receive a letter from Mariana in which she expresses her desire to move on and bids her farewell. Despite Anne’s decision to focus on her marriage with Ann, she is reluctant to let Mariana go, revealing that she is still in love with her former sweetheart deep down in her heart.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2: Will Ann’s Family Accept Her and Anne?

While Ann is away on her travels, Mr. and Mrs. Priestley gather all the cousins and organize everyone in opposition to her plan to live with Anne. The pair persuades everyone that Ann is frail owing to her illness and that she may be using her for her own profit. Furthermore, because Aunt Ann is becoming older, she may not be able to care for her niece for much longer. As a result, they all agree to find a suitable spouse for Ann and marry her off in order to save the family’s reputation.

After much debate, the Priestleys settle on an old family acquaintance, John Ingham. Furthermore, when Ann and Anne return from their honeymoon, they make one final attempt to reach an agreement with Aunt Ann and visit her at Lightcliffe with gifts. She, on the other hand, strongly chastises them and warns Ann of the dangers of living with Anne, including the possibility of isolating her from family and society. Even though Ann is furious by her aunt’s ridiculous behavior, she keeps her cool and leaves with her wife.

Ann resolves to expedite the process of amending their wills on Anne’s advise and writes to her sister regarding sharing the assets. While Elizabeth supports her intentions, her husband, Captain Sutherland, is skeptical because Ann refused to marry earlier. Though they approve of Anne’s influence on her, Elizabeth and the captain are unaware of their marriage, and as a result, he believes Ann’s half of the property should remain with them. To explore the situation, he instructs his wife to postpone responding to her sister, and he is unlikely to be pleased with the news of the marriage.

Does Ben learn about Sam’s death?

Ben becomes dubious about Sam’s reported vacation to America and begins prowling around the farm for leads. Soon after, he begins a sexual involvement with Sam’s wife and begins interrogating her about him. Ben is able to piece things together and knows that his brother is no longer alive as a result of this. He then tries to blackmail Thomas into letting him stay with them by implying that he is aware of how he murdered his father.

Later, Thomas walks in on his mother and uncle drinking excessively and becomes upset because he had previously disallowed alcohol in the house. As he beats up Ben and attempts to kick him out, his mother intervenes and defends their conduct. Not only that, but Ben threatens Thomas with informing Suzannah of Sam’s death, compelling the latter to remain silent about everything.

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Duration: 60 min


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Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained


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